Candidate for LiquidityDAO Governor: Max!

Hello, Harmony x Hummingbot community!

I am excited to put my name in the hat for a role as governor of Liquidity DAO. I am really excited by the Hummingbot project since it aligns so well with the web3 ethos by allowing anyone to use open-source software to compete with hedge funds and large rent-seeking liquidity providers. I knew from the first time I used Hummingbot that, with some work, Hummingbot can provide a feature-rich platform for developers to make markets, no matter the capital base they’re starting with. Hummingbot’s mission could not align better with Harmony’s, and I assure you that I can make a valuable addition to the team of governors to push the Liquidity DAO forward in bringing hummingbot’s thriving community of liquidity providers onto the Harmony chain. Here’s some of my experience in the space.

Web3 and Trading Experience
I have experience in Web3 and quant trading, having programmed quantitative strategies to discover and execute DeFi arbitrages. This past summer, I ran a hedge fund proof-of-concept, raised $100,000 of seed capital, and used algorithmic trading strategies to grow the fund from $100,000 to $150,000 with no drawdown. I learned more about the ever-changing DeFi landscape, and I specialized on hedged liquidity providing on illiquid DEX pairs. We managed trading between multiple chains and exchanges, and we built bespoke systems that enabled our crypto to move through different avenues to find the highest yield. My experience building software that allows people to move money cross-chain and hedge on-chain positions with off-chain trades is one of the things that makes me a good fit for a governor position at Liquidity DAO.

Software Engineering Experience
Outside of trading, I have also worked as a data engineering intern for Etsy, where I wrote production-grade data pipelines and worked with a team of machine learning engineers to improve their search and discovery algorithms. While this work was not blockchain related, I did learn software engineering fundamentals, and I exceeded at delivering well-documented code in a timely manner.

The Liquidity DAO will be an important part of the Harmony and Hummingbot ecosystems, and I would love the opportunity to utilize my software engineering background to build out the Harmony x Hummingbot connection as a governor.

Here are some links!
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