Candidate - Liquidity DAO Governor: Hoang La, 2nd Term

Hi everyone!

My name is Hoang La.

For the past three months, I have been fortunate to be given the role of a governor for the Liquidity DAO. It was a great experience for me to work with other governors on building a DAO from scratch. We managed to achieve some goals and made the DAO operate at the basic level. However, there are many tasks to be done before the DAO could reach its true potential, to efficiently promote liquidity on Harmony Protocol and redefine the definition of “liquidity”.

As for my role in the DAO, I have worked on the following tasks:

  • Help other governors outside the Hummingbot community onboard how Hummingbot market-making bot work.
  • Help build tools to make the DAO operate at a basic level.
  • Help market making the ONE token on OKX exchange.
  • Build the Harmony network base connector for Hummingbot gateway version 2.
  • Facilitate the communication between the Hummingbot community and the DAO.
  • Handle the bounties for building connectors for DEXs on the Harmony chain.

So I would like to apply for the governor role in the second term, there are many tasks to be done before the DAO could fly to the moon especially the tasks about building the connectors since it requires technical skills which I am actually quite efficient. Another advantage for me is that I have been elected as a member of Technical Review DAO, a sub DAO from Hummingbot Foundation that is in charge of reviewing Pull Requests to the Hummingbot codebase. Therefore I could say that overseeing the connector bounties and reviewing the submissions would be the best fit for me.

My other qualifications and experiences:

  • 9 Years+ in software development. Worked on both web and mobile application projects
  • Have a master’s degree in econometrics
  • Have been providing liquidity on the Hummingbot miner platform since April of 2021
  • Have experience in writing custom scripts and modifying Hummingbot’s strategies to maintain top position in the Hummingbot leaderboard
  • Have been actively making discussions and helping newcomers on Hummingbot’s Discord server using the username “wojak”

My notable works:

My links:

Thank you for your consideration.


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