Candidate - Liquidity DAO Governor: Hoang La

Hi everyone!

My name is Hoang La.

I have been active in the cryptocurrency scene since the beginning of this year and have experienced many aspects of this exciting crypto world, such as:

  • Trading tokens on centralized exchanges like Binance, Kucoin,, Bybit, etc.

  • Yield farming on Defi projects

  • Taking part in many meme token waves

  • Witnessing many huge crypto events such as the great market crash that happened in May of this year, the implosion of TITAN token on IRON Finance, multiple big crypto heists on many blockchains which worth from millions to hundred millions of dollars, etc.

  • etc.

I am also a full-stack software developer. I have worked in the software industry for more than eight years and have good knowledge of developing websites and mobile applications.

Although I’m a software developer, I have been taking a break from writing code to find something new. Fortunately for me, I found Hummingbot and its mission on bringing market-making to the public. Immediately I’m hooked on this idea and have committed quite an amount of my time into its liquidity mining campaigns and learning how to use hummingbot and market-making in general.

And from Hummingbot, I learned about this great opportunity of becoming a governor for the ONE Liquidity DAO which furthers the mission of Hummingbot and could be a once-in-the-lifetime chance for me to contribute using my skills in software development and practical experiences from the crypto space.

Therefore, I would like to submit myself for the governor role in the ONE Liquidity DAO. My view and standpoint for the role would be technical as I’m a software developer and also would be practical as an everyday crypto trader/investor. I hope from this view which combines the standpoints from technical and practical views, could be a great contribution in building this DAO and promoting success for token projects on the Harmorny blockchain in the future.

Below, I have listed my background qualifications and experiences, I hope these will be a good fit for the role of governor in the ONE Liquidity DAO.

My qualifications and experiences:

  • 8 Years+ in software development. Worked on both web and mobile application projects

  • Have a master’s degree in econometrics

  • Have been trading and investing in crypto actively since the beginning of this year

  • Have been providing liquidity on the Hummingbot platform since April of 2021

  • Have experience in writing custom scripts and modifying Hummingbot’s strategies to maintain top position in the Hummingbot leaderboard

  • Have been actively making discussions and helping newcomers on Hummingbot’s Discord server using the username “wojak”

My notable works:

My links:

Thank you for your consideration.