Can't access correct harmony wallet on harmony mainnet

Hi there,
If anyone can help me with my issue, I’d be very grateful! My ledger nano has stopped working and I previously used it to access my harmony tokens on harmony mainnet. I’ve since set up a new metamask wallet and imported the seed phrase from my ledger. I’ve used this to access other cryptos that I have stored in wallets elsewhere without a problem. But this method isn’t taking me to my correct harmony address where my coins should still be stored. I can see the address they were sent to on the exchange I sent them from but the address I am now taken to is different and has a zero balance - which I guess means is a new address, not used before. Can anyone offer suggestions? Is there something I am not doing correctly?
Thank you so much in advance for any help/suggestions that can be offered :slight_smile:


Buy another ledger nano and import your existing seed phrase. Use the harmony app once again. Also move ALL your crypto to another wallet and then back a NEW ledger account. Right now your security element of a ledger has been removed.

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