Can I recover my Harmony One? Please Help!

Hi Everyone,

I had some Harmony One in, I wanted it on my Legder Nano X, I thought it was a ERC20 token so I sent it to my ledger Eth2 address. The transaction was successful but obviously when I checked I realised Ledger does not have the app and not sure if its the right chain.

Is it possible for me to recover my Harmony One?

Many thanks for any help :blush:

Crypto.,com should not allow you to send to ONE via ERC-20 but I do not use them so I cannot comment. It would be strange as Harmony ONe is not an ERC-20 token.

You CAN use ERC20 addresses 0xabcd… for transfers but at the moment, The Ledger X is not supported by Harmony One only the S.

That being said, if it has been sent to the Harmony One chain, it will not be lost and you can check using ERC20 or HRC20 addresses in the Harmony Explorer here:

If for some bizarre reason, allowed you to send ONE via ERC20, then they will be stuck in the Eth Chain and I would contact them and ask them what they are playing at!

Thank you I will check with again, they just said it was successful so there was nothing they can do, I sent it to the following address, not sure how to check if it’s on there:


It does show up when I use the explorer, will I just have to wait till the app comes out for Ledger to be able to move it?

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That’s great news. You can wait until the app comes out but if you get desperate you can create a software wallet but that of course comes with its own risks so you might not want to do that right now.

Fantastic, thanks for your help Maffaz! Much appreciated :smiley:


No problem. Happy to oblige.