Can I recover my Harmony One? Please Help!

Hi Everyone,

I had some Harmony One in, I wanted it on my Legder Nano X, I thought it was a ERC20 token so I sent it to my ledger Eth2 address. The transaction was successful but obviously when I checked I realised Ledger does not have the app and not sure if its the right chain.

Is it possible for me to recover my Harmony One?

Many thanks for any help :blush:

Crypto.,com should not allow you to send to ONE via ERC-20 but I do not use them so I cannot comment. It would be strange as Harmony ONe is not an ERC-20 token.

You CAN use ERC20 addresses 0xabcd… for transfers but at the moment, The Ledger X is not supported by Harmony One only the S.

That being said, if it has been sent to the Harmony One chain, it will not be lost and you can check using ERC20 or HRC20 addresses in the Harmony Explorer here:

If for some bizarre reason, allowed you to send ONE via ERC20, then they will be stuck in the Eth Chain and I would contact them and ask them what they are playing at!

Thank you I will check with again, they just said it was successful so there was nothing they can do, I sent it to the following address, not sure how to check if it’s on there:


It does show up when I use the explorer, will I just have to wait till the app comes out for Ledger to be able to move it?

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That’s great news. You can wait until the app comes out but if you get desperate you can create a software wallet but that of course comes with its own risks so you might not want to do that right now.

Fantastic, thanks for your help Maffaz! Much appreciated :smiley:


No problem. Happy to oblige.

Good day,
I have a similar problem as DebbieJ. I sent the purchased Harmony (One) coins to my Ledger Nano X. I thought I would find them under the BNB, where they are not. Advise me on how to get my coins. Thank you very much.

The nano x does not support harmony one currently but the coins are not lost. If you put your nano x address into you will see them there.

If you wish to access them, you will need to put your seed phrase into a soft wallet or the nano s which is supported.

Never give out your seed phrase to anyone. Only you should ever know it, like a pin number or password.

Thank you very much for your help.

No problem at all. Happy you are sorted

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I’m the latest victim of allowing harmony one to be send with 0x address .
I send 1000
Ones to my ethereum address on my nano S the token never arrived and the transaction it’s completed as per
How can I try to recover the 1000 ones :disappointed:
I’m relatively new and should not let ones ride on ERC20

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Sounds like you’re accessing the wrong network with your nano. If it sent thru to your 0x address on your nano then you have access to the funds on the harmony blockchain. If you use MetaMask with the nano you just have to add the Harmony Network. Link to Docs

Thanks for the reply.!
I’m new in the space and see the potential in Harmony One. I decided to store in cold for sometime; so I sent my One from wallet to ethereum wallet in ledger nano S. Transaction was successful as per the One tokens don’t show anywhere.
Contact they said right away it’s gone;
Contact ledger support and there it’s the possibility of recover by linking ledger to matemask and accessing Harmony wallet.
To see if the funds are there. It’s possible to recuperate.
Like I said new to the space Don’t know exactly how things work.
It’s there anyone with a situation similar and what was the outcome?
By the way I still DCA Harmony One
Just won’t move for now.

I have no ledger, but as I understand you must install the harmony app on the ledger device and then you can access your funds. I call BS on their claim the funds are gone, as with the ledger you own the private key of that address.

tburon9 were you ever able to retrieve your funds? It seems like found a new way to suck money out of the users. They KNOW about this issue, they know many users are making this mistake and yet, they still allow those transfers. Then when we ask for help they offer to “locate and bridge the funds” for a fee of $100. That’s just wrong. I hope there is a different way to resolve this as I just transferred over 5000 One and can’t seem to get it back. Frustrating, to say the least!

The same issue happened to me. I transferred my harmony one coins from to my ledger . My ledger nano x made me create a BINANCE SMART CHAIN account but with an address showing my ethereum address. It was accepted by crypto but shows successfully withdrawn but never showed up in my ledger nano x. It appears in the and remains there.

How to I transfer my coins from harmony block explorer to a meta mask wallet that I just created?

I’m stumped. Thank you.

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Hi Maffaz! Hope you can help! I’m pretty much asking the same as above in that I tried to transfer harmony from to the Binance Smart Chain. It left like a dream but sadly as you’ll Guess it didn’t appear in the ledger app!

When I search for the address i got given in the ledger app to send it too I can see the harmony sat there but how do you get it from being stuck in limbo to either a wallet or back to an exchange?

I downloaded MetaMask but when I tried to search for it I couldn’t find the code needed to drag it in? I was popping the receiver code given by the ledger but it was asking for an address of where it is

In laymen’s terms how can I sort it? New to all this and the crypto market :frowning: or do I just buy what I lost to replace it and call off as a bad job wasn’t much at all only 1k in coins

Cheers buddy appreciate the help!

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did you get reply to this query? i am in exactly the same boat.

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Alright buddy! No nothing got sorted no one came back. Mines still stuck in limbo :weary::weary: