Collectable NFT Game NOW live on Mainnet! (AMA)

We have been discussing this publicly within the Harmony community but haven’t outright announced it yet on Talk.Harmony is NOW live on Mainnet!

FishFight is a Collectable NFT Game powered by Harmony built by !

We believe FishFight serves as an easy to understand concept, which aims to allow players to easily join in and intrinsically understand the basic idea for how the game might work.

That’s because #FishFight is centered around the age-old tradition of Fishing and aims to create a humane way to allow people to entertain themselves at the cost of the lives of Digital creatures.

FishFight is rooted in the world of competitive fishing with aspects of prize fighting, and we have begun to outline how we’ll be able to have different kinds of competitions, beauty/ugly contests, Winner take all cage matches and bracketed tournaments in the future.

FishFight also has a lower barrier to entry (150 $ONE during FISHING Season ) and long term vision that aims to rewards player participation and developers fairly! Without making unrealistic promises about massive returns, but primarily a fun and playful experience.

FishFight is also dedicated to donating a portion of funds raised from the project to the #OceanCleanUpProject and believe that projects like FishFight can serve to reshape the narrative in Crypto that it’s full of scams and abuse.

Please take a moment and check out FishFight today!

Consider taking a moment to read our white paper / initial Design Document

AND PLEASE join the discord to help us discuss and decide on the future of the game from here!

with our FishFight DAO

We will continue to update this post as the project develops and consider this an AMA!
Thank you for reading this post and see you on the internets!

Yours sincerely!
@eddnorris & @schwab16


I wanted to take this opportunity to outline the mandates of our newly formed FishFight DAO.

The DAO is expected to oversee the funds collected from minting $FISH on FishFight & directing these funds for the long term success of the game; including sponsored tournaments, community outreach promotions, software development request, art production requests and anything the FishFight community collectively requests.

The DAO is also expected to control and spend a DAO Vote approved amount of funds generated for charitable donations aimed at cleaning up the oceans of toxic plastics.

To insure that these Charitable funds are used to deliver on the goals of the project, which is to clean up the non-digital oceans of plastics using the power of our digital oceans, and to make sure the project funds are managed safely until the game’s community can show up organically; TrustlessTeam will be securing 6 of 9 Wallets, detailed below.

This is just for a limited amount of time, while we build up the game further and work to build up a strong community that can come together and eventually take full control of this DAO and it’s treasury.

The current schedule is to begin a with a governor election for the FishFight DAO during Q4 2022.

You can read more about it on our Public Design Document / White Paper

To be 100% clear because we’ve had this question come up:
The only way to earn $FISHFOOD tokens is via gameplay.

TrustlessTeam and the FishFight DAO received zero pre-mint or initial coin minting when the game launched.

Our Dev Team is funded from a portion of the minting/catching/breeding price and the team is in no way setup to receive $FISHFOOD emissions, $FISHFOOD is a 100% Publicly allocated token and meant to be bought back from the FishFood DAO Treasury to give out for in-game competitions.

This means the supply of $FISHFOOD is very low but it correlates to it’s demand in game, as we continue to develop the game, the goal is to make this asset and it’s availability drive how the game is played; and we think it will be very interesting for players and aim to be mindful that if anyone is winning, that someone else would have to be losing.

While the supply and user-base is still very low, we ask that player be very considerate of the funds they choose to use to play our game.

FishFight is intended to be a video game, we have no plans to become a DEX and while we wish to be respectful to the funds our players choose to insert into our game, we ask that players do not consider this an investment product but for entertainment purposes only.

Thank you!

Here is the multisig for the DAO

Here are the current Governor/signatures assigned with keeping the funds safe:

EddNorris ( @eddnorris , )

  • Co-founder at TrustlessTeam + FishFight
  • Game Development Lead
  • Art Production Lead
  1. 0x33C533D80F0490E24C01AFEf25C0a057c74AfD87
  2. 0x26ca577Ea3F6289403fa6738Ea03b5ffD2Bd9258
  3. 0xe032dBD0CF31259d2BbDEe7F94d3F0821Fa84db2

Isaac Schwab ( @schwab16 , )

  • Co-founder at TrustlessTeam + FishFight
  • Solidity Development Lead
  • Full-Stack Development Lead
  1. 0xFd9827c7d1B067C181fab88F28B824974Fbfd14B
  2. 0xf5c3164C451D4e78d53a445B83c8233F4858c69e
  3. 0xf4eD3d97a0024C58Eb98D8b37fb3AF13bDD6F327

Sev ( @Severin , )

  • Blockchain Developer
  • Long time Harmony Dev Dao Governor
  1. 0x0B17C102b8a8d9EA9e4EC9042857e7815Ca75C97

HazeyOneKenobi ( , )

  • Blockchain Developer
  • trusted collaborator on previous projects (
  1. 0x05fC8fBc35a4aA529dcDAFec67fdFbB5E296A65E

WoodERGz (, )

  • Blockchain enthusiast / NFT Collector
  • Trusted community member on previous projects (
  • Current Moderator on FishFight discord
  1. ** 0xf393B37b0ad33A48cF7038fFf153c145eeCC6552** [edit, incorrectly listed]
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There’s many beautiful $FISH #NFT ready to be bought from the secondary markets!

FishFight is now listed on NFTKey

and TofuNFT!

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We’re introducing Weight-Classes so that more players can fight in a more fair way!

We’re voting to introduce the elected role of MOST UGLY $FISH

So that even weak and less attractive $FISH have a place to shine! :sun_with_face:

Getting my first $FISH!

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Bought my first fish! :slight_smile:

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I love fish! Long live fish fight!

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