New DAO Election: `MOST UGLY $FISH`

Greetings FishFighters :skull_and_crossbones: :fishing_pole_and_fish: and Harmonauts :astronaut:

As the first of many FishFight DAO proposals to utilize the FishFight DAO Treasury to reward FishFighters, we will be holding an election to decide if we should elect our first : MOST UGLY $FISH

This particular election is not to actually vote for our less attractive $FISH out there but to decide if the community agrees that we should show these special $FISH some love.

To do this, we will be holding a FishFight DAO election to decide!

This election will only be accessible to $FISH & $DEADFISH holders.

This $FISH would be proclaimed as exceptional for it’s remarkable quality of being … UGLY…
There was community support for this and we feel like it’s a fun way to celebrate all our FishFighters in a fun and unexpected way!

It could be weak or strong, ancient or common, but all that matters is that the community will vote to elect it as the MOST UGLY $FISH for no less than 3 months.

Any $FISH which is intended to become a candidate for this election must use Twitter or Discord to declare your candidacy.

You do not have to own the $FISH which you are suggesting for candidacy.

In addition to deciding if this election should happen, the vote will also decide how much $FISHFOOD should be awarded through this election!

Voting Details

Voting with an Affirmative “YES” vote for THIS VOTE will result in the following outcomes:

YES to the creation of a new official title of “MOST UGLY $FISH”

YES to the opening for submissions for said “MOST UGLY $FISH”
(details regarding submissions featured below)

YES to the allocation of FishFight DAO treasury funds to send a reward to the holder of the “MOST UGLY $FISH”
(details regarding how much treasury funds featured below)

YES to the allocation of FishFight DAO treasury funds to burn, so as to reward all FishFood Holders from this event.
(details regarding how treasury funds will be burned featured below)

YES to the creation of a follow up election for the FishFight Community to vote to collectively decide upon the “MOST UGLY $FISH” to be held on this page 30 Days after the conclusion of THIS VOTE; to which will elect a $FISH to the role of MOST UGLY $FISH

Voting with an Refusal “NO” vote for THIS VOTE will result in the following outcomes:

Nothing will happen.

Submission Information:

Anyone can submit a TokenID on for consideration in the “MOST UGLY $FISH” election on Twitter or Discord.

On Twitter:
Tag @FishFight1NFT & use the Hashtags:
#FishFight #MOSTUGLYFISH #FISHFOOD $FISH and the ID of the fish.

On Discord:
Go to the Channel #:mermaid:most-ugly-fish​:japanese_goblin:
Post your favorite Ugly $FISH with the ID Number listed as follows:

Feel free to add a short reason why this $FISH is the MOST UGLY $FISH.
Feel free to add the video/photo of your fish when you post it.


Treasury Funds Information:

  1. FishFight DAO Governors will send transactions to send FishFight DAO Treasury Funds to receive $FISHFOOD from the open market.

  2. FishFight DAO Governors will send $FISHFOOD directly to the current wallet which holds the $FISH which wins the “MOST UGLY $FISH” election, this send will happen only once per election & the address will be decided when the election vote is closed.

  3. FishFight DAO Governors will ALSO collect and burn an ADDITIONAL 10% of the amount of $FISHFOOD awarded via THIS VOTE.
    Example 10k $FISHFOOD Awarded + 1k $FISHFOOD Burned

  4. Amount to be awarded to the holder of the “MOST UGLY $FISH” will be included in the voting mechanism for THIS VOTE:

A. YES (10,000 $FISHFOOD + 10% Burned)

B. YES (8,500 $FISHFOOD + 10% Burned)

C. YES (6,900 $FISHFOOD + 10% Burned)

D. YES (5,000 $FISHFOOD + 10% Burned)


Only $FISH & $DEADFISH holders can vote on this proposal.

Please, if you have any $FISH NFT or $DEADFISH NFT, join the DAO and vote for this initiative!

Voting begins in approximately 4 Hour.

Thank you!
@eddnorris & @schwab16 of

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 11.53.13 AM

1 $FISH == 1 VOTE

Get out there and shape the future of the game!

Continuing the discussion…

We’re excited to [FINALLY] celebrate the random nature of some of our $FISH


While it is remarkable that some $FISH definitely look more appealing than others, we wanted to celebrate the $FISH that don’t and lift up the MOST UGLY $FISH among them.

Here are your MOST UGLY $FISH Candidates:
FISH #1065

FISH #1004

FISH #612

FISH #618

FISH #13

FISH #1086

FISH #163

FISH #1066

FISH #1117

FISH #1055

FISH #1125

FISH #563

FISH #1067

FISH #952

Upon the conclusion of the vote, the wallet address which holds the $FISH which is elected MOST UGLY $FISH will receive 6900 $FISHFOOD!

This 6900 $FISHFOOD has been purchased and is ready to deploy…

(Check discord for secret update…)