Dearest Harmony Community!

If you’ve been in our FishFight Discord
or following our TrustlessTeam Twitter or FishFight Twitter

Then you already know we’ve been planning to launch our new NON-LETHAL FIGHTING POOL on!

Guess what… :mechanical_arm:


In many ways the NON-LETHAL FIGHTING POOL is similar to our traditional LETHAL FIGHTING POOLS (FREE FOR ALL & STATS UNDER 50 ), especially regarding the UI, with a few exciting changes.

What exactly is new about NON-LETHAL FIGHTING POOL:

  1. FishFighters☠️ now have an option to FIGHT without having to risk the life of their $FISH

  2. ALPHA $FISH can now initiate a FIGHT without finding a BREEDING mate; thus turning their ALPHA $FISH back into a BETTA $FISH (unlike the LETHAL FIGHTING POOLS )

  3. BETTA $FISH can still initiate a FIGHT but ALL $FISH must be deposited into the NON-LETHAL FIGHTING POOL before they can FIGHT (unlike the LETHAL FIGHTING POOLS )

  4. It costs 100 $FISHFOOD to deposit a $FISH into the NON-LETHAL FIGHTING POOL and this is BURNED🔥 immediately upon deposit.

  5. All Deposited $FISH can attack any other deposited $FISH in the NON-LETHAL FIGHTING POOL, there is a short 2 minute cool-down between successful attacks before a $FISH can attack again.

  6. All deposited $FISH can remain in the NON-LETHAL FIGHTING POOL until they lose a FIGHT or they choose to withdraw.

  7. Every successful FIGHT won in the NON-LETHAL FIGHTING POOL results in that $FISH earning 90 $FISHFOOD (During FIGHTING Season) or 70 $FISHFOOD (During FISHING/BREEDING Seasons)

  8. All $FISH receive their earned $FISHFOOD when that $FISH is withdrawn or loses a fight and is thus removed from the NON-LETHAL FIGHTING POOL.

  9. To incentivize FishFighters☠️ to join in on the NON-LETHAL FIGHTING POOL, 100 $FISHFOOD will be offered per day to all $FISH which are deposited into the NON-LETHAL FIGHTING POOL; this 100 $FISHFOOD per day is equally distributed between all deposited $FISH, so the more $FISH deposited the fewer each $FISH earns per day.

That seems like a lot of information to process…
but that’s pretty much everything about NON-LETHAL FIGHTING POOLS!

However, There’s 1 more thing…

Honor, ever heard of it?

The NON-LETHAL FIGHTING POOL will introduce one additional change:


To make these matches more interesting for all involved, we’ve decided to create a rule where attacks in the NON-LETHAL FIGHTING POOLS cannot successfully send unless both $FISH have at least 1 base stat which gives them a fighting chance to win the match!

This means that if a $FISH’s stats are ALL better than the $FISH they attack, then the attack transaction will FAIL.
Only when the $FISH they attack has at least a small chance to win will the attack be successfully processed and a winner will be decided.

Please take note: [EDIT! ]

This applies to the base stats and also BUFFs (related to feeding tokens to your $FISH) & DEBUFFs (related to having a negative POWER level on your $FISH) are ALSO accounted for with regard to this HONOR SYSTEM, so $FISH with POWER-UPS are accounted for when the contract executes.

If the odds are effectively 100% for any 1 FISH in the fight, the contract will not execute. This is currently only for NON-LETHAL FIGHTING.

The way POWER-UPS are calculated is during the FIGHTING Contract Execution, so that it’s the most up to date, and so currently the front end does not know exactly what your BUFFs & DEBUFFS will amount to at the moment of the Fight; so we don’t stop anyone from attempting to Fight if the current base stats suggest that it is a fair fight.

Now THAT’s it!

There’s still lots more that we are building behind the scenes for FishFight, but we really hope this helps create new and exciting ways to play FishFight!

We especially hope this brings more fun & challenge to FishFight as well as more utility to our primarily token $FISHFOOD.

We believe this new game mode will give more reasons to decide to risk your $FISH in the Traditional LETHAL FIGHTING POOLS as they remain the primarily way to earn $FISHFOOD in FishFight.

Good luck to all FishFighters☠️

Thank you! :blue_heart: