Community Conference Latam - $ONE

Dueños digitales - Community Conference Latam $ONE

A community-organized conference taking place in Cartagena, Colombia in August 8-10, 2022 ($ONE, Metapurse & Latinverse)

Proposal overview


The goal is to fund a conference to promote the Harmony ecosystem in Latin America. This event will have workshops on Defi, NFTs, smart contracts, DAOs, and Blockchain. This could become the largest conference in the region showcasing the potential for projects using the Harmony ONE blockchain.

We presented the event at NFT NYC, we have been preparing and now we want to partner with the $ONE community and make it bigger.

The Conference will take place on August 8-10, 2022 in the Estelar Cartagena de Indias Hotel and convention center` in Cartagena, Colombia. It is a fantastic hotel located in front of the sea where we have reserved for 3 days so we can host 5 workshops simultaneously.

We plan to host 300-400 people. The attendees will experience Live workshops that demonstrate the creative process and focus on improving your business through NFTs, featuring Latin American artists. Network with talented creators from all around the world. Discover new projects and opportunities for building the Metaverse alongside worldwide experts. Acquire new skills and further your blockchain education to launch successful crypto projects.

We are inviting more than 20 speakers who will lead 90 minutes workshops to create an unforgettable experience for participants. The event will be in Spanish and all the content will be recorded and uploaded to the Latinverse Youtube channel.

We are creating an online course as an intro to the $ONE ecosystem, where we expect at least 1,000 participants.

During the event we will held 3 workshops focused on the $ONE blockchain.

Proposal ask

Option 1: $10,000 in $ONE (Event sponsored by $ONE)
Option 2: $35,000 in $ONE (Event presented by $ONE)

With the other sponsors such as Tokenpartner and Metapurse we are covering the rest of the event. We are partnering with local universities to invite computer science engineer students and graduates.

Metrics for success

  • 300-400 people knowing about the $ONE ecosystem
  • Attract 100 developers to the $ONE ecosystem
  • Publication of the event at major crypto magazines such as DiarioBitcoin and BeinCrypto
  • More than 1,000 participants completed the $ONE online course

External links

Visit the official page of the event Dueños Digitales - Cartagena 2022

Experience the Metaverse in BOGOTA event

Official video published by [Metapurse here]


LATINVERSE: Get paid to Learn Web3. Founded in February, 2022 by Pachoman. Users access a virtual library to learn about Crypto, NFTs, and Web3. By completing the courses the user obtains tokens that could claim each trimester.

Pachoman was awarded the Metapurse fellowship to promote Latin American talent and the NFT Latino Art community was born. From that point, more than 70 artists became crypto artists and more than 40 young people participated as Play to earn scholars.

Content producer specializing in growth. Was part of the banking sector and decided to move to change the world with Web3.

Crypto artists have been acting as curators for the NFT Latino collection. Check the collection.

Computer science engineer, full-stack developer, and founder of a gaming community. Spends a lot of his time building blockchain products and handling his gaming guild. Check the Github.

Look forward to chat with you for more ideas and make the project awesome!!




I really like this idea… But my question here is , Is there any conference taking place in Latin America that used to have such kind of presentation.
If there is well, Harmony can just be part of the sponsors that will reduce the cost for harmony. And alot of people attending from diffrent areas will appreciate what harmony is all about

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You can share with the community the pictures of the previous event

It will be a plus to Harmony community. Actually am good with this proposal

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Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. Assigning @Mattyontap to be your representative on behalf of the Grants committee. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread. We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.


Thanks a lot,
If you have in mind specific topics we should include in the conference, that will be great

I’m attaching some pics in different posts

Here is another pic

We are so excited to participate with the $ONE community

As part of the strategy we are creating an online course free to access for everyone, the course will be in Spanish and it will focus on creating Dapps with $ONE
We expect 1,000 people to complete it before the conference.

Also each week we will publish $ONE videos on our TikTok channel with more than 15,800 followers so people can get used to $ONE

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Okay this really look great.

This is a good initiative. I wish i can understand spanish.
I will have participate in the course.
But can you form the course in such a way those that can understand English can benefit from it.
Thank you

Hi @Pachoman! Happy to have you with us, and very excited about the LatAm community. Our team just returned from ETHRio, and it was an incredible experience connecting with local devs, event organizers, and passionate people in web3 to learn how Harmony can support LatAm web3 adoption and growth.

Regarding your proposal, I have a few questions:

  1. Can you detail the difference between both sponsorship tiers?

  2. Can you share more about the workshops you have planned? Topics, speakers already booked, etc? Perhaps you can also build an ROI directly tied to a workshop and/or the online course - i.e. 1wallet downloads or something to that effect

  3. Signage and merch - will you be including these items in the proposed budget? Would love to see some signage (or QR codes at bare minimum) that direct attendees to the Harmony ecosystem, our DAO/grant funding initiatives, etc

I look forward to hearing back from you, and love seeing the Harmony presence growing in LatAm!

Hi Matty and ONE Community,
here is more info

You are right, we have decided to add $ONE merch, we have built a community of more than 70 latin American artists and we will design an exclusive TSHIRT and CAP with the $ONE logo for the event participants.
Check the artists here

Also, check some of the t-shirts we have previously designed.

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Thank you for your response, @Pachoman.

I have a couple of additional questions:

Will each of these workshops be included with each of the sponsorship tiers, or just the 35K tier?
Do you have a measurable ROI metric for each workshop?
Will merch be included in the 10K tier, or just the 2 higher tiers?

Thank you!


Hi Matty,

Will each of these workshops be included with each of the sponsorship tiers, or just the 35K tier?
10k Tier: 3 Workshops
20k Tier: 5 Workshops
35k Tier: 6 workshops
Do you have a measurable ROI metric for each workshop?
App downloads, number of $ONE tokens sent to wallets.

Will merch be included in the 10K tier, or just the 2 higher tiers?
Thinking about Merch, we can modify towards this:
10k Tier: 50 shirts and Caps with the $ONE logo designed by one of our local artists.
20k Tier: 100 shirts and Caps with the $ONE logo designed by one of our local artists.
35k Tier: 300 shirts and Caps with the $ONE logo designed by one of our local artists.

Remember that we are also creating an online course in Spanish for each Tier.


Can I ask you again if speakers are already booked, etc?

Yes, we have many booked and are adding more:

And more every week

We want speakers from Harmony :wink:

It would be awesome to have @jbeltran and @dcarranza
as a speakers for the conference :wink:

Thank you for the updates, @Pachoman
Unfortunately, we are not sponsoring events at this time. We sincerely apologize for the dilemma and wish you the best in your initiatives.
We welcome you to check back on the forum for more updates regarding events funding status. :blue_heart: