Harmony London International event

Name of Event/Project

Harmony London International event

The idea to have a Harmony event in London has been discussed for a while with members of the
in- progress forming UKDAO even before the DAO was proposed.

This is a pre-proposal and up for discussion. The full event will form after a discussion in this page and the UKDAO’s Telegram: Contact @harmonyUKDAO.

On my own initiative I did a bit of research to see how feasible an event like this is and how big it can be. I arranged a meeting to view a venue in London (see below), Contacted a local (Nottingham) non-crypto creative collective and presented the idea to the Greek community on London.

The Idea

The idea is to do an event in London that is international and invite as many people as possible from the crypto and non-crypto spaces.

To take over an area or a large building or even a street.

Duration of 5-7 days

Initially it was discussed to have an event in May 2022 However it is most likely to happen during
Summer 2022.

One of the purposes of this event (see metrics of success below) is to either use this event to onboard people and form the UKDAO or if the UK DAO is formed to use this event as DAO launch.

Solana Just announced their Solana Miami event Solana Miami | Solana: Build crypto apps that scale taking over a hole street block for 5 days this April. They will also be using their inhouse made Solana Pay to offer high street retailers and market traders the opportunity to trade with crypto.

We were earlier discussing a similar concept in the UK Telegram and we can be better in London.

Event Format / Location / Pre-events

To take over a building or a collective or an area with multiple buildings and run the Harmony UK international event.

I have identified and had a meeting and viewed a space in London.

I am thinking very big here that will include sponsors and span over a 5-7 days event with a massive DJ/ NFT party at the end.

The space that I found is in the city centre next to a metro stop. A super cool area with loads of cafes, shops, restaurants and hotels.

The venue is an old metalworks factory and has been converted to an events and creative space.
Next door there is also a Gallery, arts collective and exhibition space.

The Venue has many rooms and is very versatile. The team there supply all lighting, sound system, have a licence for late nights and serving drinks. They also have an in-house kitchen and can supply catering.

During the meeting, I mentioned NFTs and offering workshops. They were very keen on the idea.

The idea is to make this an engaging and educational event that will onboard hundreds of artists, Crypto enthusiasts, retail business, also construction and property development people.

The other aspect is to engage with London’s businesses and investors as well as coders and programmers not necessary from the WEB3 space.

Also give some engaging talks to business and financial companies, property developers, investors and crypto exchanges people.

I say let’s forget for a second the Web3 crowds. Who ever comes is fine but let’s think bigger and see what we can achieve and who we can onboard from the wider communities.

This (https://bit.ly/3M3Plki ) is an artist I used to drink beers in Nottingham in 2007. There are thousands like him but lacking of web3 knowledge and many are very keen to learn about NFTs. I know a few less famous and can find many more to invite them at the event.

Also, let’s use Harmony Pay in a simple format and offer all transitions to happen via a simple system using a mobile phone, tablet etc. E.g purchase of NFT or pay for a T-Shirt and more. The app will require some work thought but can discuss further regarding the development.

Also have happening events NFT auctions business engagements and themed booths.

I suggest 2-4 months of planning the event and engaging with the community, building the hype and start inviting participants, collaborators, artists and businesses. Do marketing, and seek partners.

Also, a venue will need to be booked in advance and negotiate a good price.

I suggest booking this event somewhere between June and beginning of August with some prior pre-event events.

Some pretty images of the London venue

It might be a good idea to have a 1-3 pre-event events to test the waters and also form a relationship among members of the UK DAO and use it as an opportunity to learn and promote the London event.

London Greek Community.

This community has over 64K followers on FB and has very active participation and engagement.

I presented the idea to them and asked if they would be interested to participate. A few already onboarded the Telegram channel.

The main consensus and ask was if we can deliver an online workshop/ event where we can introduce Harmony and give a full tutorial on how to set up wallets, mint NFTs and sell them. Generally, have a chat so they can know us and explain what NFTs are and demystify crypto.

MIMM Collective - Nottingham

I have contacted the MIMM collective in Nottingham. They are a creative collective and very active group of professional artist and creatives. They also run a restaurant in Nottingham city centre. They have an events space that can potentially be used - see below.

I know the founder and we have collaborated many times doing underground music session at a warehouse I used to run a creative hub for 10 years.

They expressed an interest for a workshop and leaning about NFTs and Web3.

Other Pre-Events

We can run other smaller workshops e.g. at Nottingham University or any other UK universities or galleries, prior to the international event. TBD


This event to happen regardless the formation of the UK DAO. The event will either help form or expand a formed UKDAO.
This to be Harmony International event the first of its kind and to be used as a launchpad for more.


After some research it is recommend in the region of £100K (GBP £)

It my sound a lot however it is an average low budget. I had a meeting with an events company and they asked me what is our ballpark budget. I tested them and said £35K and they never responded back.

This does not mean we have to blow all the budget. Infect my suggestion is to be very entrepreneurial from as simple as selling some T-shirts to asking publicly available funding to match ours. Also seek for matched corporate sponsorships or sponsorships from other successful Harmony projects.

I recommend to use the Mitlisig wallet set for the UKDAO however add 5 cosignatories out of total 9 and one to be a Harmony One core team member.

UK DAO Wallet address: 0x322A8e46eDFC65f32680E59555Ec66C825c69Eb2

Suggestion: Let’s aim for and after finishing this event to have £100K replenished in the treasury for the UK DAO. Let’s make the event pay for its self and Harmony’s initial investment recovered or event better increased.

There is no specific breakdown of the budget however it will be used for:

  • Venue hire

  • Marketing and promotion. Merchandise creation.

  • Salaries and general labour

  • Matched Funding proposals

  • NFT airdrops

  • 1-10 $ONE air drops to kickstart each participant wallet in tutorials ad workshops

  • Some Hotel and transport for the core event team.

  • DJ hire (I have a very cool one in mind already send a request no reply yet)

  • Some basic tools and equipment hire or purchase TBD

  • Meetings and organisation.

Metrics of success:

  • Forming of the UK DAO or expanding the UK DAO if already formed.

  • Deliver an example how to do events and act as an experiment to learn and do more international Harmony Events.

  • Min 1000 followers on each channel Discord Telegram and Twitter for the UK DAO.

  • Official formation of the Discord channel for the UK DAO.

  • Via Entrepreneurial activates get some or all the budget back for use in the UK DAO Treasury.

  • Support of UK based Apps such as MAD NFTs, Harmony Pay and more to be added on their way

  • Invitation and in person participation of International Apps and DAOs such as Tranquil, DaVinci, DFK, FIRA, ArchiDAO and much more.

  • One corporate sponsor

  • Find Matched funding.

  • Generate abundance of content for at least 4moths promotions, Video photos, music, commemorative NFTs, blog and social media content, Medium content, magazine and interviews content

  • Live event coverage streaming with on the fly edited coverage and interviews, adverts of sponsors

In Conclusion

An international London based event over 5-7 days with 1-3 pre-events will bring Harmony not only in the UK but help boost adoption internationally.

The event’s purpose it to increase awareness and adoption to Harmony ecosystem and trigger excitement to and onboarding from the creative as well as business and codding communities.

Also offer a fun yet professional avenue for onboarding, acting as a catalyst for more similar events

Communities in UK have shown interest on NFTs and Web3/ Crypto. This event will be the perfect opportunity for Harmony to bring a cohesive professional message to the non-crypto people

Let’s build that spaceship :rocket:


This is great and I and also mad NFT’S would help support this being situated in the uk and thinks it would be great for harmony as a whole and growth /engagement in United Kingdom :rocket:

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To add to this we can do maybe some educational workshops , NFT’S , sustainability ,validators and general educational videos learning the space and buzzwords

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Hey there. This is great and love the idea! I am actually one of the organizers of Zebu Live, a large Web 3 international conference coming to London September 22-23. You can learn more about the event here:

If you’d like to partner up we can help out with your event or even run it alongside our event. We are already in touch with a load of big companies and partners to do side event during the week, we want to call London Web3 Week September 19-25. Lmk your thoughts and if we can connect!


Wow looks very professional and well organized. Definitely we will consider this. Let’s keep in touch.

Can you DM me some information of the setup location (s) logistics of partnerships and who is invited (if you are allowed to share)
Any other information you might think we find useful.
I would like to study everything and present it to the community

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Hey man, not sure I know how to DM on here, I’m still new to this community platform. Was invited by Li today to share more info on my event. Can you please send me your telegram? Will message you there.

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Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. Assigning @Mattyontap to be your representative on behalf of the Grants committee. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread. We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

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You can click someone’s profile image and it says message I just messaged you.
My telegram is the same username as here

@cashton I had a full look on the event and also watched all the videos from the 2021 event
Very well presented and a good panel of speakers.

I believe there is a 1/3 of my full proposal with what we wish to do for Harmony UK event, so i can see there is an opportunity to work together.

At some point i think it will be a good idea my self and 2-3 to other meet in London or have a zoom call.

in the mean time can you please give me as much information as possible to how you will be delivering your event? Any information on how you see we can participate or do you want us to give suggestions. How open to suggestions are you, within your event format of course?

Hi All

I see the potential of collaborating with the ZEBUILIVE above and also noticed they proposing a WEB3 week on 19-25 September 2022.

Also the London design festival is happening on the 17-25th
This is prefect as I was planning to invite the Design community to come and visit us.
This is ideal and I can recommend to them to be part of their trail since LDF has multiple locations.

The UK design community is massive and very diverse and covers a broad spectrum of disciplines .

So I suggest the 18-24 of September to be pencilled in as possible dates.

Other pre-event events can happen until then.

What does everyone think. Comments opinion and anything else you think we can through in the pot?

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As a community member living in UK I really want to see Harmony team in London! Offer seems very detailed and I assume can be adjusted in order to fulfill the requirements of the team.

I always envied to Harmony events that take place in USA. It would be amazing to have an event in London. I am sure that lots of community member may come easily to UK from Europe. Come to London :slight_smile:


I am really excited about this project. Is there any provision to the community members that are willing to attend the London event.
It will really be massive

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Hey Dr
Dr here as well :smile:
Everyone will be welcome and also there will be room for collaboration.
so far the idea is to be free to attend apart from possibly some VIP or special events but those will be discussed at he Planning stage.



Thank you.
I will be following the event.I will be really excited to meet London Harmony community

Hi all

At this concept stage please add any ideas you may have no matted how strange they might sound, forget the budget for the moment (within reason). Be creative and through anything in the pot.
Best to follow the UKDAO’s Telegram: Contact @harmonyUKDAO
for latest chats and can join a proposed meeting over zoom on the 30th of March 7pm GMT - TBC

Hi All

An exiting update. After contacting London Design Festival (LDF ) they read the full proposal above and are very keen to work with us on this project.

They have some partnership offers that include dedicated inhouse creative lab that can help bring people to our event. Also we can work with their team to create a story to explain the Web3, NFT and blockchain to the non crypto people.

Furthermore there is an opportunity to sponsor a day at their Global Design Forum, a flagship event at the V&A Museum. It can be a themed talk presentation or even some NFT artwork.

There are some costs involved and I can present them at a later stage once I study their event information.

We do not have to work with them however I feel there is a great opportunity for Harmony.

This Year is their 20th anniversary and Harmony can be the first network that will create a bridge to the Design sector.

I believe with good planning and detailed work we will have a lot of onboarding!

These are feasible concept ideas atm and I will present you with a proposed framework after we chat at the UK DAO meeting on the 30th. All welcome to join. I will share a zoom invite link soon.

Have a good weekend :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi All

Just want to make it a bit clearer the London International event proposal is different form the formation of the UKDAO. The event proposal is to make the biggest impact for Harmony and the utility of Harmony by showcasing projects and partnerships etc. The bigger possible the better. Also achieve sponsorships and partnerships. Also onboard loads of non-web3 people including artists, developers and business.

Think Denver but even better !! :sunglasses:

The proposed event to have the maximum impact needs to run as if a group of us was a PR events company. I suggest the mulisig wallet to be the same as the UKDAO so at the end the DAO will inherit any funds made as well as any partnerships and influx of inquiries and people onboarding. Then the UKDAO will manage all that and process it. The DAO then can do what is best.

Anything that anyone else wishes to add dm me or just reply

Hi @drspinosa, thank you for your proposal! It’s great to see the formation of UKDAO gaining so much traction - I am excited to see Harmony’s presence grow in the UK.

I am seeing a lot of overlap between the formation of the UKDAO and this event. I see, in your most recent comment, that you are intending on these to be separate proposals. The metrics in this event proposal are primarily focused on the formation of the DAO, its socials, and its treasury - those need to be 100% separate from this event proposal and included in the UKDAO grant proposal. I understand this proposal was intending on creating a dialogue, so totally understand there.

For an event budget, you would need to create a proposal specific to the event, and it would need to include quantifiable metrics/ROI that serve Harmony and the ecosystem as a whole. Onboarding new people into Harmony, 1wallet downloads, bringing new projects into Harmony, etc. UKDAO can benefit by co-sponsoring the event with Harmony - and establish metrics to serve the growth of UKDAO in addition to those that serve the Harmony ecosystem. I see areas in the proposal that discuss this, but no specific metric was given to support the 131K USD ask.

As far as the sponsorship level, 131K (USD) is a very high ask. As diamond tier sponsors for the major ETH conferences, we are often quite far below that number.

As a launchpad event, it may be a good practice to start with a 1-day event and then build up as more traction is gained.

Agree with you here. We can do a multi-way partnership with several ecosystem projects and UKDAO - to build a full day event that satisfies everyone. With multiple sponsorship partners, it starts to make more sense, bringing the cost down for everyone.

I am going to decline this request (for now), but look forward to seeing a new proposal as more items get sorted out.

I look forward to seeing your progress with UKDAO!



Hello Matty

Thanks for the reply. I will reply “briefly” for now. Please do not close this post. As you correctly pointed out this is to create a dialogue and see how far we can go.

The main reason this is linked with the UKDAO is to crate a focal point when talking to people eg Here is Harmony and here is the UK branch. People do not understand Web3 and it will be easier to digest with someone to talk to in UK. Also increase participation for the DAO and kickstart operations as well as test teams and their performance delivering Harmony Projects.

Regards to Treasury I more envisaging a miltisig that works with the core Harmony marketing cosignatories, however make sure there is a return funding that proposed to go and fund the UKDAO.
At the end of the event the UKDAO takes over.

Anyway, they need to be separate to deal with possible local laws and insurance.

Regards to the ask, a £50K-£100K budget is the cost of a good 2-5-day exhibition or a corporate event. What I opposed it actually would cost £300K-£500K if you had to hire a PR events company. However, I am very familiar delivering projects at very tight budget projects such as this Gallery ,also video METAMORPHIC LIGHT, The Rock, Bury, Lancs - YouTube

That project real cost was around £400K. I delivered it at £150K with a profit of £27K and that was only because of a hiccup otherwise it would have been £35K. To this day is a focal point of the city senter and used as a tourist attraction part of their art trail.

Mind you when I won the contract I didn’t have a clue about construction laws, site safety, I didn’t even know what grade steels where out there.

However, I designed on AUTOCAD every single nut and bolt, learned on the fly SketchUp do do 3D renderings and gave precise designs and instructions to the makers and installers.

I even had to register a new company and learned how an LLP (LLC in US) functions so I can deal with the budget and legal.

The Client gave me £90K payment in advance to star the project!

What I am trying to say is Think big. Solana started their International Solana tour by taking a whole street in Miami.

This is a journey and you don’t know what we will find inform of us.

You also need to think beyond WEB3. The proposal is to invite all.

This year and right now is the correct time and UK is the correct place for an international event.

There are a lot of o factors that bring this together (yes course we need to list and analyse all of them). Factors such us:

Covid Unlock

People desperate to find something new in the creative & Design industries that where hit worst,

Property occupancy is still low – room for WEB3 and tokenisation
Crypto and new payment system using Blockchain networks.
There is ample room for negotiations at all levels to get best deals for this event.

The buzz words are NFT and crypto investments

People looking for something to do new business

September London Is packed with events.

London Design Festival has their 20th Anniversary. You don’t realise how big this event is and being the first ever Network presenting WEB3 in partnership with them. Just a lecture at the V&A museum and an NFT exhibition worth all the sponsorship funding.

There is much more that I need to mention.

What you are asking is to present you a feasibility study and a plan. That is a full-time job and something like that would cost £10K - £15 from a marketing company. I am not asking for money at this stage. I am asking for a continues dialogue.

I just decided to put my candidacy for the Creative DAO. I hope I will be part of that and then I can spend more time this proposal.

Please don’t focus on the £100K but rather on the how can this be done as from my experience i believe it’s a great idea and opportunity for Harmony. You never know I might be able to find you a free building or manage a collaboration but I am not feeling incentivised if a rejection is on and a dialogue is off.

This is not FOMO and of course there will be other opportunities in the future however this particular one I believe from my experience is really great for Harmony.

Of course, the main focus is 1Wallet and mass exposure/ adoption. I can’t give you exact ROI because it will require to study many parameters and I will require to be paid for this.

Also, the main goal is to onboard as many people as possible from all sort of sectors including software engineers.

The idea it to create a plethora of content and adoption that we will be processing for months to make the most of the event and grow Harmony.

Let’s separate this event form the UKDAO for a sec. Let’s do this as part of an official Harmony Marketing strategy and happy to lead the UK side.

Kind Regard


This to be looked into.
However I am not incentivised if the dialogue is closed. This requires a marketing budget but payment in “satisfaction token” is acceptable up to a reasonable point

I can estimate in a brief but not in a marketing Research and project implementation proposal way.