University Event - FUTURE PROOF HU

University Event - FUTURE PROOF HU

Proposal Overview:

We believe members of the Howard University community will leverage their immense talent and legendary hustle, to create content and develop applications that will help drive the onboarding of 1 billion people into Web3. HU DAO Labs connects the fast-growing community of HU builders with the expanding community of Web3 startups and venture firms shaping the new internet and the ownership economy.

On April 19th, HU DAO Labs will produce its first annual FUTURE PROOF HU event. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect, interview, and build with the most promising projects in crypto, DeFi, and NFTs.

We expect 100-150 students, alumni, family and friends to attend in person and an additional 100+ to tune in virtually. There will be a wide range of experience levels from crypto curious - experienced engineers. Our budget breakdown:

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 5.55.37 PM

Proposal Ask: $10k (We already have 1 co-sponsor at $5k. They’ve also offered to send reps to present a “Get Started in Crypto” guide to the members of the community new to the space)

I believe in the power of network effects. I met the Harmony team in Lisbon. Since then I’ve invested in $ONE, staked network validators, and used many applications built on Harmony. I’ve grown to respect and admire the network Harmony is building. I’d like to level up my contribution by introducing the Harmony network to another network I also respect and admire: my university’s. I believe a relationship between the Harmony network and the budding community of HU web3 builders will result in tremendously powerful network effects. FUTURE PROOF HU is the perfect way to begin this relationship.

Metrics for success:

  • 10,000+ social media impressions on content featuring “Sponsored by Harmony”
  • 100+ $ONE wallet downloads
  • Distribution of Harmony swag??
  • 10 builders attracted to the Harmony Ecosystem - Could a Harmony ambassador or core member be on-site to offer $10K spot-grants to builders in the HU community?

Supplemental Ask:

In addition to sponsorship, we’re asking for Harmony’s presence at the event. Would love for an ambassador or core member to give a short presentation on the Harmony ecosystem, its culture, and advantages for builders. If you’re not in the DMV area or unable to attend in person, we can organize a virtual presentation.

HU DAO Labs Team:

John Slade - Project Lead,
Senior, Philosophy Major, Computer Science Minor
Slade Spring 2022 Resume

Michael Scholis - Content/Marketing Lead
Sophomore, Investigative Photojournalism Major, Philosophy Minor
Scholis Spring 2022 Resume

Ayinde Green - Event Coordinator
Sophomore, Civil and Environmental Major, Business Administration Minor
Green Spring 2022 Resume

Tanner Utzell - Partner Org Relationship Coordinator
Sophmore, Computer Information Systems Major, Computer Science Minor
Utzell Spring 2022 Resume

Syera Dunlap - University Org Relationship Coordinator
Senior, Marketing Major
Dunlap Spring 2022 Resume

Thank you for your consideration. Welcoming feedback and ideas.

John Slade


After meeting John in Lisbon and again in NYC, I can confirm that Harmony is in good hands with this. I think the idea of potentially offering spot grants to builders is a good one. I’m curious if we have ambassadors in the area that would like to provide support for this kind of event…


Thank you, Adrian. Would love to collab on this @dpagan-harmony


Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:


Welcome, @JohnSlade.dao! I love your vision and growth within the Harmony ecosystem. It’s great to see you have made strong connections with the Harmony team in Lisbon, and I hope to connect with you in Lisbon this year.

I think this event looks solid, but I would like to detail the metrics a bit deeper.

Can we look to improve upon metrics #2 & 4? Let’s say, conservatively, that 200 total people attend (in person and virtual). 100 1wallet downloads is a nice start to this metric. How will this be achieved? Will there be a workshop dedicated to teaching/onboarding the wallet?

For #4 (I really love this idea btw), this metric may be difficult to hit if we don’t have a Harmony team member physically present, and a large part of the ROI is attracting builders/projects to Harmony. I am still looking into finding someone to attend. I would love to revise the metrics to include a contingency plan. A potential contingency could be:

  1. A virtual presentation by someone from the Harmony team, ending in call to action
  2. Branded signage displaying a QR code for our grants program
  3. Activating someone from Howard (or community) in an ambassador role for Harmony to be able to respond to the call to action for #1, who can possibly lead a workshop and onboard people into the Harmony ecosystem, wallet downloads, etc.

Perhaps there are other metrics you may have in mind?

I look forward to your response!


Thank you for your feedback, @Mattyontap

Our team now has a much better understanding of what moves the needle for Harmony. We spent the weekend developing 2 partnership strategies.


Harmony is one of 3 sponsors of the event. Harmony’s programming:

  1. A 15-20min virtual presentation on the broader Harmony ecosystem, led by a Harmony ambassador or core team member.

  2. A 15 min hands-on, Harmony onboarding workshop, led by HU DAO Labs

Resulting in at least:

  • 100 HU students and alumni onboarding and becoming $ONE token holders
  • 10 builders from the HU community, registering to participate in a virtual workshop Intro to the Harmony grant program


  1. Produce virtual live stream event and workshop Harmony Presents Future Proof HU
  • 100 students attending in person and becoming $ONE token holders
  • Participation of 250 HU students and alumni online also becoming $ONE token holders
  • 25 builders registering for a “HARMONY / HU DAO Labs special web3 builder workshop”.
  1. Student led media production team from the HU School of Communications will produce the live streaming event

  2. Paid marketing campaign targeting the HU Community on Facebook, IG and Twitter.

  • Run campaign for 1 week prior to the event to drive virtual registrations and attendance
  • Run campaign for 2 weeks after the event to distribute Harmony workshop content and drive additional onboarding

The budget for sponsorship A is $10K,

The budget for sponsorship B is $20K

Obviously time is a factor. To make these dates and to deliver these results will require we begin producing almost immediately. Our team is organized and ready to start executing.


Just arrived in NYC with the HU DAO Labs team! We’re competing in Blockchain@Columbia’s LionHACK this weekend. Hope to hear from you guys soon @Mattyontap @adrianrobison

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Thank you for a great response, @JohnSlade.dao

The things that move the needle heavily for us are things that stand to benefit the ecosystem as a whole (Timeless 1wallet downloads, attracting strong projects to receive a launch grant, new DAOs)

With that in mind, I want to clarify a couple things:

Will this onboarding workshop be focused on Timeless 1wallet downloads, or is there another metric in addition to that?

We would prefer as many builders join this workshop as possible, with the intention of bootstrapping several of the best projects. Who will lead this workshop? I can provide the tools you need to educate on our grants process (for DAOs, spot grants, and launch grants). That metric would be the most impactful of the above.


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Thank you for your response, @Mattyontap.

That is correct. 100 Timeless 1wallet downloads is the metric.

Bootstrapping web3 projects and supporting web3 builders within the HU Community is why HU DAO Labs exists. We are 100% aligned with you on this objective.


  • Tools necessary to educate on grant process

HU DAO Labs:

  • Produce and lead the workshop
  • Promote Harmony and the workshop across multiple channels to targeted audiences within HU Community
  • Develop effective messaging that will engage builders within the community and compel them to participate.

The HU DAO Labs is a relatively new organization, however we have the ear of the 150 year old HU community. We can craft messaging that will excite HU students, alumni and family about a relationship with Harmony.

Excited to get started.


Please check out our LionHACK recap @Mattyontap @giv

Two weeks until showtime for FUTURE PROOF HU. HU DAO Labs is ready to move. Please let us know if there’s anything else needed on our end

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Revised Metrics for $10K:

  • 200 attendees (In person & Virtual)
  • 100 Timeless 1wallet downloads
  • 15 min hands-on, Harmony onboarding workshop, led by HU DAO Labs
  • 25 builders registering for a “HARMONY / HU DAO Labs special web3 builder workshop”.

Needs from Harmony:

  • Sponsorship
  • A 15-20min virtual presentation on the broader Harmony ecosystem, led by a Harmony ambassador or core team member.
  • Tools for workshop for builders to educate on grants process (for DAOs, spot grants, and launch grants)
  • Swag?? Signage??

Approved for an event grant of $10K! I will connect with you to provide the materials needed to execute your event.

Make sure to share photos, videos, and achievements from the event to this forum post so that community can see the amazing work you’ve done!


AWESOME! Thank you @Mattyontap and the Harmony team!

The HU DAO Labs is excited to work with you guys. We’ll make sure to keep the Harmonauts looped in on our progress!

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funded: 0x22e0cbe9157f833be9aef08cd3e1abd1a7dc796eb9b6572774cfac56e2decf6a

Thank you all so much for supporting us. I’m Tanner Uzzell, a sophomore at Howard University and the Partner Org Coordinator for Future Proof HU. Check out this recording of @OgreAbroad presenting at our event.
Harmony at Future Proof

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Dear Harmony Community,

It gives us all at HU DAO Labs immense pleasure to let you know FUTURE PROOF HU was a success. With your sponsorship and brand name, we were able to get participation of over 150 students, alumni, family and friends in person and virtually. FUTURE PROOF HU was the largest blockchain event in the history of our university. We appreciate your contribution, not just financially, but also culturally. Endorsement from the Harmony community has earned us the respect of the broader crypto community.

FUTURE PROOF HU participants heard from and connected with, Jehu Graham and Francis Kway of Cheat Code, Vlad Jidkov of Terra, Lindsay Keyfauver of Wyre, Caleb Boise of Dapper Labs, and Harmony’s own - Matt Donnellan aka @OgreAbroad

In addition to our Web3 programming, the hottest DJ on campus, SHAWN DON, hosted the FUTURE PROOF HU after party. We required all guests to participate in a DJ SHAWN DON NFT airdrop via the 1wallet @z_timeless.

See a video recap of the event here:

The Builders at HU are one step closer to embracing our rightful roles as leaders in this space. We take this opportunity to thank you and your entire team for the support. We look forward to working closely with you again in the future.

Yours sincerely,

John Slade