Community DAO Charter Ratification

Summary : This proposal is to ratify the Community DAO Charter.

Background : The Harmony Community DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that represents all holders of ONE.

Motivation : To provide official rules and governance by the community for the Community DAO

Specification : Please click on this link to review the proposed charter: Harmony Community DAO Charter

Suggested voting options : yes or no for ratification.

The attached charter includes some annexes to be immediately included within the charter, but are fungible and subject to change at the discretion of future councils by way of HCIP proposal. Only the annexes are fungible. The charter is non fungible and cannot be changed.

  • Yes, I support the ratification of the proposed Community DAO charter
  • No, I do not support the ratification of the proposed Community DAO charter.

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That’s a nice looking charter!


Solid document, have seen the inception of this and although I have not had much involvement it is essential to the foundation of DAO governance! Happy to see this is up!

Solid. Good work. Appreciate your hard work.