Harmony Community DAO: Introduction & Funding Request

Dear Harmonauts & Harmony Community,
We address you today to share some exciting news and developments within the Community DAO.

1. The outcome of the election

64 people took part in the voting over a period of one week. Voters could choose between 11 candidates, voting for up to 9 candidates. Results can be seen below or at Snapshot

2. Elected Governors for Term 3 & their roles

The elected governors for Term 3 (Saturday, April 2nd, 2022 until Saturday, July 02, 2022) are:

3. Overview of the DAO’s mandates & Deliverables for Q1 2022

The Harmony Community DAO are tasked with the goals of representing, expanding and strengthening the Harmony community.

The Harmony Community DAO Mandates

  • Growth : board users on missions and culture, pollinate values across communities
  • Engagement : Amplify content of roadmap and milestones, creative campaigns of products
  • Diversity : Solicit voices and votes in forums, reinforce strong governance participation

The Harmony Community DAO Deliverables for Q2 2022

  • Growth: Grow Discord to 1000 users, Twitter to 8,000, 100 active users in town halls and working groups
  • Engagement: Complete Package A of Crazy.one domain proposal and begin work of Package B. Identify and enact 2 additional sources of dao income
  • Diversity: Grow Snapshot user registrations by 50% month over month. With April’s target being 100 registrants, this gives us a rough overall target of 225 registered users by the end of Q2. Establish a clearly defined and user-friendly method to initiate an HCIP proposal for snapshot governance. Explore options for the creation of a token for governance and system for integration to dissuade counterfeit votes, such as a voter registration system to receive a voting token/nft

The Harmony Community DAO will also use Monthly Deliverables to track the path for quarterly Deliverables. The review of the month and set deliverables for the next month will happen during the last Town Hall Meeting on the Discord Server.

April 2022 Deliverables

  • Get 350 Member’s on Discords & 20 active Members on Town Hall’s & Working Groups – Completed
  • Get 200 Listener on Twitter Spaces – Completed
  • Get 100 Member joined on Snapshot – Completed
  • Fix the Multi-Sig issue to set up DAO Tools like DeWork for bounties – Completed

May 2022 Deliverables

  • Get 500 Member’s on Discords & 40 active Members on Town Hall’s & Working Groups
  • Get 500 Listener on Twitter Spaces
  • Get 150 Member joined on Snapshot
  • Begin with work of Package A for crazy.one HNS
  • Implementing two new DAO’s Tools

4. Multisig Wallet & Payment structure

Harmony Community DAO Treasury Address:

Harmony ONE Format:
one1fvum2qpg65f3u8uwm3xthxvc52kr7jy5esygxm (one1zw4yd6xgx79af3z5d93tke5ntemrqdjd4qpjfl old Wallet)

ETH Format:
(0x13aa46e8c8378bd4c4546962bb66935e7630364d old Wallet)

You can navigate to multisig.Harmony.ONE and add the above address to view and follow along with all future funding/proposal spend.

Owner of Multi-Sig:

Access 0x284073Bbdd7d44c697Fd793F66C4b0270Af78920
Al Pal 0xD2EACB491B2fFd95b7ecB8A5E2040b6A07153d0C
Beeks Vybe 0xB954509c305fe02b088E8f55a1210Cc35DFA075F
Bricktop_ONE 0x8F6f89178a94D2ebc921Edee84D8989a5Ac0029b
Harmonious Dude 0x7d91726d37fa9caf6baFDF4a03F3C55642e866b2
Jon Paull 0x5d15252f75AB25fB30818a965B2782F5e93205ba
Peace oveHarmony 0x53d2ae319920Cf1Ea1Ef754e91150d6C356a815d
Phranny 0x8e2b9abF50bC87e59E7Def49ae19371e9698889c
Stakeridoo 0x542422766519CE9cb6D6206b5013FD21b38F02e4

The new governors will track their working hours through clockify and publish the Timesheet and Payroll here on talk.
We will use $75/hr, 10hr/week on a 4 week average, we will pay out monthly and with a monthly ONE/USDT average to avoid volatility.

The old Wallet 0x13aa46e8c8378bd4c4546962bb66935e7630364d is broken and no more usable. Fund have been transferred to this new Mulit-Sig

## 5. Proposal ask

$75,000 (1’595’441.89 ONE)

6. Accounts

Twitter: Harmony Community DAO
Talk: Harmony Community DAO
Discord: Harmony Community DAO Server
Telegram: Harmony Community DAO Group
Snapshot: Harmony Community DAO

7. Previous Term Report

Term 2 Report


Not sure if this got any attention from DAO ops or if there is just no reply because funding is still paused :thinking:
@Sam @DevinMarty @frwrdslosh @ElixirofLife

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Looking forward to seeing the direction of this project!

I’ve assigned this to @frwrdslosh to review.


This funding request is under review. Thanks Community DAO :blue_heart:


CommunityDAO is a very good DAO. I love Community DAO!


Hi there! Just checking in to see if there is anything required on our end after having had some time to review the request? Thanks.


What is the latest on this CDAO funding?

As a potential future governor of CDAO, it would be nice if I could get a grasp on what our funding is going to look like over the next few months.

How does the Harmony team expect me to create a working self sustainable project out of nothing?

thanks alot!