Community DAO Council Q4 2022 Candidate: White Hat

Greeting and Salutations to you all here in Harmony Community DAO.

I’m putting my hat in the election for Community DAO Council Q4 2022.

Name: White Hat ( Whitehatdao.eth )
Discord ID: White Hat :male_detective:#4323

Reason For Applying

I believe that I can take a diligent role towards Community DAO governance and other aspect of the DAO functions, I will work toward introducing path & proposals for revenue generation for the current DAO treasury, utilize the available resources and creating utility for the DAO. As well as helping existing team members to create better way to organize DAO activities and management.

Allocations of tasks and responsibilities among the community members will be also on the agenda and creating incentives / bounties for the community members to engage & completing tasks in the benefit of the DAO growth, which will contribute to revitalize the Community.

I would also like to introduce DAO ambassadorship to reaching out to other decentralized communities to introduce them to Harmony eco-system. and build meaningful partnership and maintain collaboration through mutual beneficial activities.

Please feel free to reach out for more details via discord or leave your comments below. I will be happy to respond. Thanks everyone for your support :pray:

Harmony DAO Strong !!

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This is fantastic! You’re contributions have already benefited the DAO. Thank you so much for running and I 100% support your candidacy :raised_hands: I am happy to support you throughout the term as well!!

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What would you do to resolve AAVE problem?

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Well to be honest I have little knowledge about this incident & read a few articles about it. I feel sorry for everyone lost their assets for Harmony bridge exploitation. It is very unfortunate, All parties involved should have taken robust security measure to begin with. This is one of the reason people in high level should have done proper due-diligence and security audits.

If I had opportunity to take part in any high level discussion on the topic with Harmony core team to remedy the situation, then I would . And a agenda could be on the table to bring much needed clarity on the situation.

At this moment I am not sure what Community DAO can do about this as the Harmony bride deployment or administration was never under the Community DAO umbrella of operation. Community DAO has very little influence / if any influence at all over what goes on in Harmony eco-system. ( This is my personal observation )

I promise to engage in discussion with Harmony Core team to bring proper change to empower Community member through DAO governance. I invite everyone who wants to see changes should engage in DAO activities. As it’s not a one man’s job. We can solve many situation if we stand collectively united.

Here is Harmony DAO Discord - Harmony Community DAO
Please feel free to join us there.

Peace !!

@WhiteHat , situation with AAVE is an ongoing incident. AAVE governance voted to freeze all reserves on the AAVE V3 deployment on Harmony, preventing users from depositing or borrowing assets. At the moment value of frozen assets is ~$2.16M. Also victims are unable to vote in Harmony Governance, since their tokens are not in the wallets.

Well said @WhiteHat!! I 100% agree with your points!

The Community DAO produced a couple videos as well to inform the community on recovery process and solutions to future bridges and general cross chain applications with layer zero.

@UnArge4 I was thinking recovering depegged assets was #1 priority :thinking: Maybe we can make a video on AAVE? Would you be willing to help write the script on that? We are all about the community taking charge and empowering people to make stuff :muscle: :hammer_and_wrench:

Yes @sherajr, you are absolutely right. This is very important topic and I will be more than happy to help you, please send me a PM and we can agree on the details. Thanks