Community DAO Governor Candidate: Biznustime.ONE


My name is Nicholas (aka Biznustime). I am officially again announcing my candidacy for the Harmony Community Dao Council for the next term.

The initial council laid quite a bit of the groundwork needed for the Community DAO, but much more work is still needed. I am fully dedicated to the future of the community and want to help us grow.

DAO’s are something to I believe are going to shape the future of organizations globally and something that will change people’s perspectives on how an organization can be run.

If I were to be elected to the council my agenda would be:

  • Full transparency
  • Continue establishing the values and mandates of the Community DAO
  • Help build the foundation of the community principles to help Harmony grow
  • Moral and Ethical foundations to share with potential developers on the protocol
  • Establish the full governance model of the DAO

I have also had the privilege to recently attend MCON in Denver and assist the Harmony team and learn about DAO best practices and how to help a community prosper.

I appreciate your support and won’t let the community down if given the opportunity to represent the Harmony C-DAO again. I am passionate about the future of the Harmony Community and welcome your support.

Please reach out to me directly on Twitter if you have ANY questions!

@BiznustimeONE on Twitter



I want to wish you the best of luck for the election Sir Biznustime. :guardsman:


Wish you all the best!


Thank you Bruno! I appreciate the well wishes!


Nick I think you’d be a good fit on this one. You spend a lot of time in the community and try to help people, if you get this position, I am sure you will continue to work for the benefit of all harmonauts.


Nick is ready to take Harmony to the next level!


Good luck for the election :+1:t3: