Community DAO Council Candidate: Biznustime.ONE

Hello Fellow Harmonauts,

My name is Nicholas (aka Biznustime). I am officially announcing my candidacy for the Harmony Community Dao Council.

I have had the privilege to be a part of the Harmony Community as an investor and loyal community member for quite some time. I truly believe this project is going to go places and change things for the future in many ways for blockchain/crypto.

I am currently one of the founders and admins of the (unofficial) Harmonauts HODL and Trade chat on Telegram. In this channel we strive to have the best user experience and keep things clean and professional. We continuously help people to learn more about ONE and help them on the path. We have bigger plan for the community in the near future as well.

If I were to be elected to the council my agenda would be:
- Full transparency
- Establishing the values and mandates for future councils
- Help build the foundation of the community principles to help Harmony grow
- Moral and Ethical foundations to share with potential developers on the protocol

This initial council is more of a steering committee to establish the persistent council after the first three months. I hope to be apart of setting forth a purpose and support initiatives the community brings to the team.

I appreciate your support and won’t let the community down if given the opportunity.

-Nicholas aka Biznustime.ONE


All the best mate :heart:


Biznustime is a firm but fair admin. He deserves your vote. Good luck sir.