Community DAO: Multi-sig Governance Candidate @OgreAbroad



Nominated for their contributions to the Harmony community

Role & Responsibilities

The Community DAO will be governed by multi-sig owners. Amongst other responsibilities, the multi-sig owners will be responsible for deploying the 1M ONE token Community DAO to best grow the Harmony community.


Voting will take place on the Harmony Governance app:


I’d like to try voting but not sure how to do that following Snapshot
I can see testnet proposals and votes but it’s not clear how to choose mentioned options for yes or no?

Thank you for the nomination! I hope to help ensure that the community is well represented.


I am not sure that there are any which are current and ready for voting. I believe that the proposals on testnet have closed.

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thanks @OgreAbroad for giving an answer.

i’m 100% sure you fit well to execute a multi-sig ownership!


hey guys, the general governance part is not out yet, but we are working on it, so that we can get these candidates for election then. Please wait patiently till then.


I’m new to the Harmony One community, but not new to crypto nor programing. And I see there are 156 repos here. That said, if I wanted to contribute to the code base for governance, or just to familiarize myself with it, which one is it?


I am not much of a programmer, and only passingly familiar with GitHub.

If I had to guess, I would say that it is for governance… as we began our first decentralized vote earlier this week!

@leo @mindstyle @rongjian @JB273 may be able to answer your questions that are code based.

Mike, thanks for your interest in contribution. You may check out our main repo, GitHub - harmony-one/harmony: The core protocol of harmony

And our bounty program to start, GitHub - harmony-one/bounties: Bounty program is to help the community take part in the development of the Harmony blockchain. It covers from core feature to validator tooling, from dApp development to DeFi integration.

Which specific part of governance you are interested in contributing?

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