Harmony Community DAO Term 2 Election Results and Multisig information

Hello All Harmonauts!

We are writing this post today to provide a update on the most recent community DAO election, and we want to congratulate and welcome







Along with previous council members





We saw increased participation, enthusiasm and learned many lessons along the way using our on chain tools to organically organize and carryout an election completely without the input of the core Harmony team.

This presented a fantastic example of the power of self organization, though we also realize there are many improvements to be made in the process going forward for all DAOs.

Our governors will be publicly tracking their hours worked (though tooling is still in development, so the method may change over time) and that’s the overall message as a community we believe to be the most important.

The process of governance via DAOs is new, exciting, and absolutely can be incredibly frustrating. That is part of what makes it so special though, we as a community have the ability to organize, and carry out elections, and shape the future of our protocol with this DAO.

Our asks to the community is a simple one; Engage!

Interact with the newly formed DAO and the governors because ultimately you are the sole decision makers of how the DAO operates and scales over time. Our governors will adhere to their obligation to ensure funds are appropriated in a transparent manner through the use of the following GNOSIS Multisig safe:

Harmony Community DAO Multisig Address:

Harmony ONE Format:

ETH Format:

(You can navigate to multisig.Harmony.ONE and add the above address to view and follow along with all future funding/proposal spend.)

We will be providing links to the timesheets for the initial council and will populate new tracking sheets for the current governors in a follow up in this thread.


Funded with $50,000 (304,501 ONEs)!


For calculating the amount of ONE tokens as payment in USD, Harmony uses the 24-hour volume-weighted average price using the Binance API (“weightedAvgPrice”) around the time of transfer.



I’m not crying.
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YAY! Great job, guys! Great job indeed!


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