Community Managers Guild DAO

Community Managers Guild

Proposal overview

In order to understand the importance of community managers one must first understand how relevant online communities of people have become over the past decade. Online communities often manifest themselves around social platforms that are globally accessible and where a wide diversity of people congregate. There is an ever growing population of online communities, engaging constantly in real-time, that has only become more prevalent since the COVID pandemic starting in 2019.

With the movement into web 3.0 and the ever-changing digital landscape towards the Metaverse, these borderless online communities continue to grow in both number and size. In order for these communities to sustain themselves through maintenance, growth and active engagement, communities need quality community managers.

Leveraging internet communities is equally as important as leveraging internet marketing and should be considered a key part of any internet-based business.

Industry-wide Problems:

Internet Community Management is an inherently dynamic profession and takes from a large spectrum of existing skill sets. It has no clear definitive definition yet.

Internet community management has no standardization nor formal representation by any entities defending and maintaining that standard.

  • There is an increasing demand for competent & trustworthy community managers.

Problems for businesses:

  • Absent any standardization, certification for that standard nor a governing entity - there is decreased trust and increased risk in finding and acquiring community managers.

Problems for community managers:

  • Community Managers have difficulty leveraging themselves.
  • Community Managers may not get appropriate compensation.
  • Professionalizing is difficult to achieve without accessible education and certification

The Solution: The Community Managers Guild

A wealth of undiscovered talent is generating in the internet age.

The Community Managers Guild seeks to make entry into the profession more accessible; and aid professionals in meeting the increased demands and standards from the internet industry spanning from web 2.0 to web 3.0.

This community provides support for the individuals that put themselves in servitude to others as they perform every day to keep platforms safe and clean. We enable communities to grow and continuously engage their audiences.

CMG is a hub for community managers of all varieties and experience levels, where they can unwind in a safe area with peers and others in the Community Management sphere. It is a place for sharing experiences and learning together in an open-source format. Enabling talented community managers opportunities to learn to leverage themselves, network with others, and learn new skills.

The Community Managers Guild aspires to become a platform and beacon representing the profession and those that practice it, providing a place of learning and opportunity for talent to manifest and be utilized. We seek to enable professionalism in the space.

CMG Mission Statement

“The mission of CMG is to improve the working conditions of community managers and provide opportunities to engage, educate, and empower them and their peers. ”

CMG Community Goals

  • Advocacy for Fair Treatment for Community Managers by the Industry;
  • Enabling Accessible Professionalism for Internet Community Managers;
  • Provide an open-source wiki about Internet Community Management;
  • Provide an industry-wide acknowledged standard and certificate;
  • Maintain a place of professional networking and opportunities for those involved.

Why shift to a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO)

The ambition of the founders of the Community Managers Guild was to create a DAO. This method of decentralized governance allows for the organization to become self-sufficient and equitable. The DAO and related bootstrap funding will enable CMG to start providing information, products and services that help Community Managers professionalize and create a professional network.

The Dao will operate off of 3 founding mandates:

CMG DAO is a professional organization centered around community management in all its various forms as a profession. The organization will support initiatives, projects & individuals through free open source education and certification. It will also provide networking opportunities between professionals and businesses through its infrastructure.

The DAO will have a website with key features:

  • Governance Voting Platform;
  • Open Source Wiki on Internet Community Management in all its forms;
  • Free Courses and Certification for Community Management Industry;
  • Job boards for Professionals, Projects & Businesses;
  • Forums & Social features.

This will enable CMGxDAO to become an industry-wide accepted authority on professional online community management conduct. Growing beyond the initial scope through funding, endorsement, collaboration and partnerships.

CMGxDAO Mandates

Mandate I: Professional DAO

CMG DAO is a professional organization centered around community management in all its various forms as a profession.

  • The DAO will set and maintain a standard for appropriate industry conduct;
  • The DAO will enable a professional network to manifest.

Mandate II: Support & Enable

CMG DAO will support initiatives, projects & individuals.

  • The DAO will provide grant funding;
  • The DAO will enable professionalism through education by providing an open-source wiki on community management, courses and certification.

Mandate III: Networking & Opportunities

CMG DAO provides networking opportunities between professionals and businesses.

  • The DAO will have job boards and work opportunities;
  • The DAO will provide infrastructure and activities that enable networking.

Brand Identity

The Community Managers Guild is a for-profit educational entity that runs like a non-profit. Education is the primary concern; monetization efforts are aimed solely at maintaining all infrastructure, growing exposure, fair compensation of contributors and pursuing the primary educational goals.

Deliverables & Requirements

Product 1: CMGxDAO & CMG/CMGx Token

Outline: The CMGxDAO will be governed and operated through the use of its own token. This token is used for both governance and treasury.


  • Liquidity Pool - where the standard CMG token is placed and staked. Initially funded with a set-aside amount of the Harmony grant funding.
  • Governance Token (CMGx) - from staking the standard CMG token. Allows stakers to vote while also gaining yield from protocol.
  • Governance vote types & delimitation, vote pass / fail requirements.
  • Governor election cycles.

Governance proposal definition & delimitation

The CMGxDAO endeavors to be a fully decentralized entity with governance voting enabling the organization to make decisions on a variety of things. The infrastructure enabling governance will be accessible through the CMG website.

As the application of a DAO in such a manner is limitless and so the variety of proposal types are delimited. There are three categories of proposals that can be made, with specificity stated as to which matters will be incentivised to shape proposals around.

Organizational changes:

  • CMG policy & feature changes or additions;
  • Adjusting certification standards;
  • Governor election cycles;
  • Formalizing collaborations & partnerships;
  • Initializing audits of communities / DAOs to apply a CMG Certificate to.

Allocation of funds as investment:

  • Supporting Initiatives & professionals through grant funding;
  • Asset acquisition / investing.

Allocation of funds as compensation:

  • Wiki contributor compensation;
  • Team member compensation;
  • Bounties.

Passing vote requirements will be dynamic, and determined during the development process.

Governor election cycles will take place every 3 months, this cycle duration is dynamic and can be changed through a DAO governance vote.

Product 2: CMGxDAO Website

Outline: The CMGxDAO Website will be the primary platform for the organization where its services are delivered to the community and where DAO Governance is performed.


  • DAO Governance Portal
    • Where proposals are made, votes are cast and reported
  • Open-Source Education
    • A community-enabled wiki on community management
    • Article creation
    • Article feedback (commentary section & upvotes)
  • Free courses & certification enabling professionalism for talented individuals
    • The courses and certification will manifest when a standard for required knowledge and conduct is set by the organization.
    • The Discord Moderator Academy and related testing are used as an example of how this will take shape
  • Job boards
    • enables individuals, projects & businesses to connect and acquire talent
    • This will initially take the shape of a forum-like structure with threads and comments

Additional web-features:

  • Forums & Social:customizable forum profiles, threads & direct messaging;
  • Browser & Mobile compatibility;
  • About Us section on CMG;
  • Mission Statement and Goals | Roadmap and Milestones section;
  • CMG Team section /w founding governor introductions;
  • News and Social section;
  • Links to social media & community platforms;
  • Listing formalized collaborations, partnerships & endorsements.

Product 3: CMG Professional Community

Outline: The CMG Professional Community is the total member base that utilizes and engages through CMG platforms and socials. The two main places of discourse and congregation will be on Discord and Telegram for real-time engagement and twitter for daily and weekly updates.


  • Discord Community Platform
  • Telegram Community Groups
  • Twitter Account


  • Social media management and community engagement / moderation
  • Discord and Telegram both need bot-enabled automation of moderation
  • Discord and Telegram both need bot-enabled gamification of engagement
  • Discord dedicated community and engagement strategy
  • Telegram dedicated community and engagement strategy
  • Twitter engagement strategy
  • growth-related roadmap and milestones


Proposal ask

$75,000 in initial grant funding

Initial Metrics for Success

  • Discord: 1000 members post-bootstrap phase
  • Telegram 1000 members post-bootstrap phase
  • Twitter: 1000 followers post-bootstrap phase
  • Self-sustaining revenue stream

Governance Team

Palpable | Project Manager & Community Manager

EmperorPalpable on Twitter

Experienced Community Manager

Discord Platform Optimizer

Community Strategist

Technical & PR Documentation

The Senate (™)

Goblin | Project Manager & Community Manager

SocietyGremlin on Twitter

Experienced Community Manager

Discord Platform Optimizer

Community Strategist

Operations Officer (COO)

Experienced Financial Professional & Accountant

Goblin under the Bridge (™)

Royal | Marketing Strategist

CcollectionNFT on Twitter

Web 2.0 Sales Experience

Marketing Analyst & Researcher

Experienced Social Media Marketer & Analyst

Marketing & Sales Experience in (fine) Art

Technical & Marketing Documentation

Always Unsure(™)

Scrumby | Website Technician

GrembloProjects on Twitter

Experience in Web-Development & Infrastructure (Front-End & Back-End)

Court Jester (™)

Synapse | Advisor Tokenomics

PolarEyesNFT on Twitter

Experienced NFT Artist & Photographer

Founder of PolarEyesNation

Experienced Crypto Investor & Tokenomics Expert

Crypto Cranes (™)

Thicctor | Graphic Design & Branding

_Thicctor on Twitter

Experienced Graphic & Product Designer

Living the Blebas life (™)

Lucie | Social Media Manager & Engagement

Lucib00 on Twitter

Experienced Social Media Manager

Learning Community Manager & Engager

Chickie Nuggies(™)

Cachemonet | Technical Advisor

gaslimitreached on Twitter

Experienced Software Engineer

Web 2.0 Professional Software Development & Automation

Web 3.0 Thinker & Innovator

Smart Contract Guru & Gas Optimization

“Hear me out…” (™)

Blanq LLC | Technical Development

blanqstudio on Twitter

Blanq is the development engine behind the digital gold rush. Functional, scalable, web 2 and web 3 applications built to your specification and vision with rapid delivery. We service all major blockchains. No funny business, no mess. Just clean, functional projects inspired by you.


I like the concept! Well-rounded and well-formulated.

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This is a lovely concept

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Hello @CMGxDAO

Thank you for submitting your proposal for a DAO grant.

I wanted to reach out and let you know that we are reviewing your proposal.

Our review process is fairly straight-forward. All grants come into our pipeline as Uncategorized. Once we have established what sort of grant they are (i.e. Launch Grant, Partnership, DAO, etc) we move them to the In Review stage.

The following stage is Need Info and this is where the community and the Funding Team and/or DAO Operations team asks for further information and makes sure that the proposal is in the proper format. This is usually the stage that takes the longest so, if you are looking to accelerate your grant process, ensuring that your request is in the proper format is the best advice we can give.

Once the proper information is gathered, the proposal moves into the To Approve category where the Funding Team and/or DAO Operations team gathers three "Strong Yes"s for approval.

Once those votes of confidence have been gathered, we announce the approval and request that the grantee fills out the Grant Funding form.

Currently, your proposal has been moved from Uncategorized to In Review and @frwrdslosh is assigned to your particular project.


Great project…really excited


following up with this @CMGxDAO

The Harmony DAO Ops team will resume approvals and funding on May, 1st. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we learn best practices and navigate the proposal process. In the meantime, please take a look at the updated DAO Funding Guidelines.

note: this comment is not an approval of the proposal


Hello, @CMGxDAO

Following up on this proposal with another update from Harmony. . .

All approvals and proposals for DAO Bootstrap Funding are still paused. This is a temporary measure. Please do not let this dissuade you and your team from building. Stay tuned for another update regarding DAO Bootstrap Funding :soon:

note: this comment is not an approval of this proposal.


Hello @CMGxDAO

Due to the lack of activity on this thread I am going to assume this proposal has been abandoned.

New DAO Funding Guidelines will be available soon on the forum. I will decline this proposal without prejudice and close the thread.

Thank you :blue_heart: