Contributors Program – VDAO / Titus, Video Contribution

Contributors Program – Validator DAO

Validator DAO First step into bounties / contributors program has been made by Term3.

We asked Titus Validator directly to create a video about the VDAO. We wanted to explain our mandates, contacts, and other stuff.

For this time, 8 out of 9 Validators agreed to pay for the video and that the rate should be of 75$ per hour spent in the content creation. This information wasn’t released to the Contributor until he finished the deliverable. The Contributor Spent 5.5 Hours elaborating the video (which also included all the modifications we requested for)

We Propose to Pay 2,475.99 ONE (412.5 USD; at today’s average Exchage Rate of 0.1666 ONE/USD) which would be sent from the VDAO Treasury Wallet in April 10th if no objections are expressed.

Here´s the link to the Youtube video:

And the link to the Twitter Post:

Please let us know your thoughts.


I understand the DAO is early days and this is a step in the right direction, but some thoughts on improving this process:

  • The decision to commission work should start as a proposal voted on by members including the bounty reward value.
  • The bounty should be open to the community to participate.