Validator DAO Council Q2 2022 Candidate: Titus.ONE

Greetings! My name is Titus and I hereby announce my candidacy for the Q2 2022 Validator DAO.

I’ve been a $ONE validator since late July 2021 and I’ve already served as a VDAO governor during the Q4 2021 term. That tenure was my first experience ever as a governor in a DAO. Although I was completely lost at the beginning, I quickly learned the ropes thanks to the assistance and support of the other more seasoned governors. Before I knew it, I was participating in proposal discussions, promoting community validators, troubleshooting wallet and staking issues of $ONE delegators, interacting with the Harmony Team, spreading relevant information about the Harmony Protocol and, most importantly, I became an active part in the VDAO’s effort of onboarding new validators into the ecosystem.

If I get elected, I intend to bring what I learned back then to this tenure so that I can provision the VDAO’s mandates of decentralization, security and participation more efficiently. I will continue to help validators, whether elected or unelected, manage and secure their nodes to best serve their delegators and the protocol as a whole; I will work to keep, or even improve, the inclusiveness, affinity and camaraderie that the Harmony community is already known for; and I will promote more participation amongst holders and DAOs, which I believe has dwindled, by encouraging more inputs from the community when proposals are proffered and by making sure that new, pertinent information is properly broadcasted.

As I mentioned when I submitted my first candidacy last year, delegators tend to see their validators as their point of contact when issues arise. More often than not we’re the face of Harmony, and it is imperative that all validators keep abreast of the needs of the holders. I believe that this isn’t changing any time soon and that a well-governed validator organization with strong ties with the community is a force for good that can certainly serve this aspect of being a validator.

So, I beseech all validators to vote in the Q2 2022 Validator DAO Council Election. Regardless of who you vote for, the validator community is full of intelligent and skillful individuals eager to support the protocol. Vote!

Thank you very much for your attention,

P.S. I little bit about myself: I’m a weather forecaster and analyst based in Washington, DC. I’m currently completing a bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, which I started due to a newfound interest kindled by my interaction with blockchain technology and the crypto community. I’m also an amateur bodybuilder that would rather sell my entire portfolio than to skip leg day.


Well said! Glad to see you running.


:wink: :blue_heart:

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lol, I see you have some affinity in finding affinity in the affinities.

Good to see your candidacy, thanks for running! :blue_heart:

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So that’s why you didn’t talk in the Twitter Spaces!!! Thanks for applying!!

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Here we GO! Why I´m not surprised? Glad that you applied bro! Thanks for all the amazing job that you had done so far, and looking forward for what you can achieve! Many validators had their spirits lifted in troubled times because of you :slight_smile:

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I just wanna let everyone know that working with Titus in VDAO2 saw a period of exponential growth of the VDAO, great team work and happy vibes, and now he got a degree in cybersecurity, the VDAO needs him even more now than before.

You will have my support, my friend.

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This man needs no introduction. So great to see you run again sir!

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Thank you for the kind words! Hopefully I’ll be able to continue helping the other guys

Thanks, man! Seems like a good time to run now!

And you’re running again, too! Would be great to work with you again if we get elected. Also, I don’t have my degree yet, lol. But working on it!

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