Cosmic Universe - A Play-to-Earn Fantasy Adventure RPG Game

Name of Project

Cosmic Universe

Proposal overview

Cosmic Universe is a fantasy-themed multi-planetary adventure-based role-playing game being developed on the Harmony blockchain. It is play-to-earn and integrates exclusive character and land NFT collections, focusing heavily on buying and developing land, harvesting and mining resources, acquiring skills and magic, and forging alliances, all while developing increasingly advanced plots and settlements on the home planet of Crypton and beyond. Following the play-to-earn model, anyone can earn token rewards through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.

$COSMIC and $MAGIC, the Cosmic umbrella project’s utility and governance tokens, will be integrated into the game, as well as the native NFT marketplace that will be created for game assets like characters, land, items, and playable magic cards.

Cosmic Universe will be a metaverse and the first land maps released will be on the homeworld planet, Crypton, which will consist of 7 land maps. Cosmic Island will be the central and largest land map, existing as the source of all magic on the planet. It will be surrounded by 6 other smaller islands/land maps, one for each root race.

Core Concepts

-Play-to-earn blockchain gaming

-Explore planets, gather and mine resources, develop land and settlements to become increasingly futuristic and advanced. Progress and level-up to unlock more building assets, as well as gain more magical powers and in-game rewards.

-Players can explore the world of Crypton as peaceful gatherers, harvesters, and miners while being a magic-endowed game character, while finding resources, rare artifacts and magic potions, and making a name for themselves as talented master builders and enchanters.

-As players progress in the game, their settlements will become larger and they will be given access to newer and more complex technology, magic, and structures. There will initially be over 100 unique structures that can be built, with more added in further upgrades to the game.

-Players get tokenized rewards for their time, effort, and skill.

-Owning land that has advanced and leveled-up structures on it will result in greater land NFT staking rewards being earned, as well as lead to land appreciating in value.

-Fun in-game events like festivals, minigames, and showcases.

Land NFTs

The Cosmic Universe game world is divided into tokenized plots of Land, which act as homes and bases of operation for players and their structures and settlements. Plots can be upgraded over time using a variety of resources and items that can be found within the game. Plots of land are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and can be freely traded by players.

Certain land, according to their location, is more desirable and valuable than others based on what resources can be harvested, gathered, and mined on them. The more land a player has, and a higher degree of value the land has given their location, resources, and level of architectural advancement, the more $MAGIC a player can get for them when staked and sold on the marketplace. Additional to staking rewards, landholders will have first rights to any resources that spawn on their land.

We have a long-term roadmap that will consist of several planets within the game that can be portaled to, and each having its own unique root race and land map, but we will be focusing on the homeworld initially.

There will be 5 different types of usable land within the game, all represented by NFTs:
• Elysian Fields
• Mystic Alpines
• Enchanted Forest
• Forest of Whimsy
• Cosmic Enchanters

This list is in order of the fewest resources located on the land plots within these regions to the most resources.

Every player who has at least 1 plot of land (at least 1 land NFT) will receive staking rewards. Players will receive an additional amount (Ex. 1 MAGIC/day for each level-up). For example, a player who has leveled-up to Level 3 (explained later) will receive 3 MAGIC/day per land plot. If they have 10 land NFTs, they will receive 30 MAGIC/day.

Character NFTs

Every one of the 7 root races on the planet Crypton will have its own unique NFT algorithmically-generated NFT collection. These will be usable as avatars within Cosmic Universe and may or may not be tied to user accounts and their levels (Ex. Lvl 9 Wizard #777), or players will have the option to do so.

  • Wizards
  • Felines
  • Elves
  • Yetis
  • Gnomes
  • Ravers
  • Apes


The levels in the level-up Cosmic Universe Ascension Ladder are:
• Level 1 – Gatherer
• Level 2 – Explorer
• Level 3 – Master Explorer
• Level 4 – Lore Master
• Level 5 – Ambassador
• Level 6 – Planetary Ambassador
• Level 7 – Galactic Ambassador
• Level 8 – Galactic Legend
• Level 9 – Cosmic Enchanter
• Level 10 – Mystic Master
• Level 11 – Mythic Luminary
• Level 12 – Ascended Celestial
• Level 13 – Etherea Lumina

-The more a player levels-up, the more magical abilities they have to wield control over the natural environment. This means they will be able to at first use magic to grow plants and trees, and then crystals and boulders, and more. A player’s magic will be able to create natural features of the environment that will all produce some type of resources, providing them with a new source of resources on their land (essentially, conjuring new resource nodes on their land).

-In further upgrades to the game, players will be able to use their magic to create brand new environmental features that will turn their land plots into completely unique and even alien environments.


Experience Points (XP) are amassed the more time that goes by, the more resources someone harvests, gathers, and mines, and the more structures someone builds, as well as the more advanced the structures become. Here is what this could look like as far as how much XP is needed to level-up:

• Level 1 – 0 XP
• Level 2 – 144,000 XP
• Level 3 – 377,000 XP
• Level 4 – 987,000 XP
• Level 5 – 2,584,000 XP
• Level 6 – 6,765,000 XP
• Level 7 – 17,711,000 XP
• Level 8 – 46,368,000 XP
• Level 9 – 121,393,000 XP
• Level 10 – 167,761,000 XP
• Level 11 – 289,154,000 XP
• Level 12 – 456,915,000 XP
• Level 13 – 746,069,000 XP

-More XP is provided to players who develop more advanced structures, helping them level-up.

-Players will receive receive a certain amount of COSMIC per 1 XP (ex. 0.01 COSMIC per 1 XP), and will receive the accumulated XP once they level-up. Players will also receive a specific amount of COSMIC as a reward for leveling up. These amounts are subject to change in accordance with the value of COSMIC upon the game’s launch and are provided as an example following the Fibonacci sequence:

• Level 1 – N/A
• Level 2 – 1,000 COSMIC 
• Level 3 – 2,000 COSMIC
• Level 4 – 3,000 COSMIC
• Level 5 – 5,000 COSMIC
• Level 6 – 8,000 COSMIC
• Level 7 – 13,000 COSMIC
• Level 8 – 21,000 COSMIC
• Level 9 – 34,000 COSMIC
• Level 10 – 54,000 COSMIC
• Level 11 – 88,000 COSMIC
• Level 12 – 142,000 COSMIC
• Level 12 – 230,000 COSMIC

-Players begin to become eligible to explore other land maps on the planet Crypton once they level-up to Lvl 5.

-Leveling-up occurs when a player spends a certain amount of time harvesting, exploring, and mining. The more a player does these, the more they gain XP and level-up. Players will also earn a certain amount of COSMIC whenever they level-up, and will also unlock exclusive NFTs they will have the option to use within the game for access into certain VIP areas.

-Player stats go higher while they progress in the game, unlocking more opportunities as they progress. Players will want to upgrade their plots of land to become the most advanced possible, while leveling-up and receiving in-game COSMIC rewards.

NFT Marketplace

There will be a native NFT marketplace for all assets usable within Cosmic Universe. The marketplace would be on and be integrated into the MetaMask wallet. $MAGIC and $COSMIC, the native tokens of Cosmic Universe, will be used to buy Land NFTs, equipment, speed up build and travel times, and also be distributed for daily check-in rewards, level-up rewards, and various other rewards.


$COSMIC and $MAGIC are already in existence and have a combined market cap of $3.65M, with approximately $250K in liquidity and yield farms across 5 exchanges. Their use as utility and governance tokens will be similar to how AXS and SLP provide a dual-token function in Axie Infinity.

$COSMIC – Used to reach certain thresholds and levels that will allow for more opportunities within Cosmic Universe, such as having enough $COSMIC to unlock advanced artifacts, structures, and magic. The required $COSMIC to unlock these elements within the game will then be burned, while the rest can be kept by the player. Players can also simply gain more XP and level-up to unlock in-game assets, meaning paying $COSMIC is definitely never required, but it will speed up the process of acquiring assets. $COSMIC can be earned through various in-game sidequests, promotions or tournaments.

$MAGIC – Governance, yield farming, land staking and NFT purchasing token. To buy land NFTs, $MAGIC will be needed. Players will accrue $MAGIC revenue every 24 hrs for each plot of land have.


Cosmic Universe will be an evolving and expanding metaverse that will add new land maps and character races over time. There will also be new structure assets that will be added to the game as time goes on, as well as other upgrades. The core features of the game include gathering, harvesting, and mining resources, building structures, and developing land plots and settlements to as advanced of a state as possible, thereby increasing the land’s value, which can then be sold on the marketplace. The game is also strongly tied to the algorithmically-generated NFT character collections for each one of the playable races in the metaverse.

What We’ve Accomplished Already

Cosmic Universe falls under the Cosmic project, which was launched on June 20, 2021, and has since then grown to become one of the largest native Harmony projects thanks to its grassroots efforts and vibrant and active community.

The game’s logic and design blueprint (50+ pages’ worth) has been completed and delivered to our selected game development company, which will consist of a team of 12 developers, designers, and a project manager.

The first 10K character NFT collection has been completed and is projected to be released via our own minting site in approximately one week.

A recent minigame gaming tournament a little over a week ago that we held using one of our own games called Wizard Run has seen 321 players participate within the past 2 weeks.

Current Telegram member count: 786
Current Twitter follower count: 2,487
Current # of $COSMIC holders: 245
Current # of $MAGIC holders: 438

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

1K daily active users upon the beta release
5-10K (3-6 months) to 25-50K (6-12 months) daily active users upon full release launch
$100M-$300M total project market cap within 12 months of release

Essentially, our team envisions Cosmic Universe being the main attractor for people from the larger cryptospace to enter the Harmony ecosystem.

External links


Cosmic Island Map

Cosmic Universe Blueprint





A project of this calibre is exactly what Harmony needs and would be unique to our community. Imagine the attention this would attract and all the new people it would bring to the blockchain.

I completely support the idea and urge others to do the same and spread the word, this is something very special.


Very nice proposal and will bring a lot more adoption to Harmony. Good luck and I look forward to playing the game.


I have been blown away by the growth of the community so far… The possibilities with this nft-driven blockchain game seem endless… Very excited for this!


One more thing to add!

As of right now, our focus is on using Unreal Engine 4 to create an immersive low poly 3rd person world that also has a top-down camera view, like when building structures.

This will make it much more appealing and graphically advanced than the majority of blockchain games, which are top-down game and 2D like Axie Infinity, and will make it much more feasible and immersive for events like epic open-world exploration and quests, raves & festivals, scavenger hunts, and things that are possible in games like The Sandbox, including the main aspects of exploring and building.


Wow, this has very good potential. The tokenomics are well planned. All the best


It’s a very exciting project.
Many of them are played alone, but can this game be played with friends?

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Thanks! Yes, this will essentially be an MMO that will be playable with friends like in The Sandbox in certain ways. Harvesting, mining, and building will generally be solo activities but there will also be in-game events like festivals, competitions, and other special events that will involve interactive interaction and engagement with other players.

I should also add that while there won’t be a “breed and battle” component like Axie Infinity, there will be a various PVP competitions within the game, as well as a breeding element when you combine male and female NFT characters together. This will be possible once players gain enough XP to reach level 2 or 3, at which point they will have the option to breed use their character NFTs to breed a “child” version that will also be playable in the game. We’ll have more details about this aspect of the game down the road but that’s a little taste!


this reminds me of heroes of might and magic.


I had to look that up and it looks like a glorious game indeed! However, it’s going to appear more like the stunning Aron’s Adventure using Unreal Engine 4 that will ensure the game is playable from an immersive 3rd person perspective while also enabling the camera view to be toggled between that and a more top-down view to be able to see one’s entire plot or settlement, including while building is occurring. This means it’s not going to look like your typical RTS game but whose mechanics will include RTS elements. It will be more of an adventure MMORPG with building and PVP competitions and challenges but no battle component. There will be a “breeding” component but it will be very different from any other that I currently am aware of, as I alluded to in my previous comment.

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Exciting project, hope to see this grow and reach its potential.

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Thanks! We have our first 10K generative collection for the first root race, Cosmic Wizards, being released on October 18th (more info on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram). We anticipate this collection will sell out quick given they are more graphically advanced than anything else on Harmony right now.

Each character NFT will be gamified within Cosmic Universe.

Also, we’re onboarding a new Unreal Engine 4 game dev based in Germany on October 14th so I anticipate we will have the land map set up to have land NFT sales for the 4 main regions sometime towards the end of Q4.

Pre-alpha will likely be moved to early 2022 to ensure it’s not rushed and is developed properly. With this grant, we’ll be able to go full-steam ahead!

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This looks really fun. NFTs and RPGs are a natural match. Thank you for building this on Harmony!


This project looks awesome.

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Thanks! Two out of the 3 Unreal Engine 4 devs we’ve recently onboarded (we’ve decided to assemble our own team) will be delivering some early examples of the different regions in the game (Elysian Fields, Enchanted Forest, etc), within the next week so stay tuned to our socials for that news! We already received preliminary images of what part of the Elysian Fields region is going to look like.

We’re adding some areas of varying elevation that can result areas within the same region having differing degrees of value for people, since having a lookout across the region from a hill, for example, that is on someone’s plot could prove to be beneficial…and also make for some great in-game videos like watching fireworks off in the distance, having an excellent view of what other people have created on their land plots and settlements, panoramic camera panning, etc.

Besides elevation changes in varying terrain, there will be more value to having land plots nearby roads, rivers, and lakes, and we will provide more details on those aspects soon as we approach our community land sale which is currently slated to be sometime in November if we can get the entire Cosmic Island land map developed by then to be able to sell land plots using the standard grid system but fit to an island shape like The Sandbox has done.


@wizzardblizzard I see you’re aiming for an investment, we’ll drill down on the project here

  • What is your team members’ roles and experience? GitHub/Gitcoin/LinkedIn profiles required
  • How are the funds in ONE going to be deployed? Is it via token swap, or some other form of distribution?
  • What are the funds going to be used for? $250K seems a lot, especially in underdeveloped regions
  • The NFT character art needs to be close to perfection, I sense that the base art still needs a bit of polish before generating more characters. What are your plans there?
  • DeFi Kingdoms have DeFi integrations in a modal. Are there plans to integrate DeFi activity within the game (rather than taking them outside)?
  • There’s obviously a lot more depth here, with the P2E component. What is the key inspiration behind this game, especially the game mechanics?

Hi Jack, thanks for the questions!

I will send you that info via DM on TG in regards to those profiles. Here’s the Cosmic Universe GitHub as it exists right now:

Currently, the core team consists of myself, a web designer, and the Troll Guild leader Mr. M who is our lead strategist. We also have an in-house NFT designer for our current collection Cosmic Wizards, plus 2 Unreal Engine 4 devs plus 1 more that is a temp while we are onboarding another full-time dev later this month. We are also looking to expand our team even further once we raise more capital with our upcoming NFT collection to develop the blockchain aspects of the game, such as the NFT marketplace, land NFTs, etc.

I’m unsure of the second question. I would assume however you normally distribute funds so whatever that would be would be fine. Harmony multisig wallets still haven’t been fixed so I cannot access any of our treasuries, nor have I ever been able to. Jenya has informed me he’s working on fixing it since there was a database crash in August exactly when we deployed everything that needs to be manually fixed but it hasn’t yet. If it was to be resolved, I think it would be best if the ONE would be sent to our project’s development treasury in the Harmony safe multisig.

Cosmic Universe is going to be the most immersive and advanced game to come to Harmony. There isn’t any other project as ambitious as ours when it comes to blockchain gaming. This means it will require significant investment, and we prefer not to pursue VCs but rather receive funding from NFT sales and the Harmony grant plus an Unreal grant. I’m unclear of what you are referring to when you say “undeveloped regions”?

The $250K will go towards devs, designers, animators, advertising. Unreal Engine 4 game development, senior blockchain developers, music & sound design, and game asset design. Other games like Axie Infinity are looking to raise millions of dollars while their game are far simpler when it comes to developing them. We could have developed an Pokemon/Axie-style battle-breed-win game for around $100K most likely but what we’re looking to develop will excel beyond simple 2D games like that.

The Cosmic Wizards NFTs are a collection of 2D gamified avatars representing customizable 3D root race characters within the game. Here’s a bunch of info plus examples of the these NFTs if you’d like to learn more. I believe Cosmic Wizards is the best-looking NFT collection to be released on Harmony thus far.

I will say that we are also looking into the feasibility of creating 3D animated low poly NFT characters in 10K collections that can directly be integrated as playable characters within the 3D immersive open world of Cosmic Universe, and with free airdrops of corresponding 3D characters to those who would possess 2D characters up until the point of those being developed. Again, we will have to look at the feasibility of that given I am not aware of any other project that has animated 3D low poly NFT characters that are playable in-game.

DFK is a DEX. Cosmic Universe is going to be a 3D MMORPG. I don’t see why we would build a DEX for our game or am I misunderstanding the question? We will however have a marketplace within the game and on the game’s website, like The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, etc. This native marketplace will be for land NFTs, character NFTs, items, loot bundles, Badge NFTs, and potions. There will be ONE, MAGIC, and COSMIC used as tokens within the marketplace (MAGIC = AXS, COSMIC = SLP but hardcapped). Additionally, we will have limited, but integrated, use of other partnered Harmony projects like RAVE for admission fees into raves, festivals, and events.

The key inspiration for this game is The Sandbox (except low poly instead of voxels and with predefined structures being able to be built rather than create-anything Minecraft style, at least for now), as well as Axie Infinity’s non-PVP mechanics of harvesting and mining, plus a little bit of Hash Rush. We also take inspiration from non blockchain games that include Aron’s Adventure, League of Kingdom, Elvenar, and Kenshin Impact. The key difference between all of these (minus Aron’s Adventure) is the 3D immersive low poly open-world design.

Hope that clarifies things!


I did see this, and I feel that the theme departed from the 3D game itself. It’s too clean in the 2D art and the art styles are different.

I meant that the $250K ask is quite high, while if it was developed with frugality in mind, you might not need to spend as much. How is the breakdown of the cost and over what time periods? What is your roadmap like, for example, what are you releasing in which week or month?


There’s no product-market fit at this time (meaning it hasn’t been launched) hence it’s difficult for us to categorize this as an Investment nor a Partnership. It will be categorized as a Launch which caps out at $50K based on the guidelines here – Apply for Grants or DAO

Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product. Harmony helps incubate these founding teams with product development, fundraising, and talent recruit. We recommend a $50K equity-free contribution each: $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet, $10K after mainnet launch, $10K after forming a DAO with its community, and $20K for after 10K users.

This is going to be an amazing addition to Harmony. Will you be able to accomplish for first few milestones with a $50K Launch grant based on the guidelines above?


Thanks Jack! You’ve given us some excellent feedback and we’re going to deliver something that I don’t think has ever been done before, and definitely not on Harmony.

We have a dev that we’ve tasked with creating animated 3D low poly NFT characters who would be designed in Unreal Engine, so that everyone who owns a 2D character NFT would literally be able to play the exact same character within the game, since they’ll already be a 3D animated asset that was developed using the same engine as the rest of the game. We’re creating a test model in around a week or two. If all goes well, we’ll do a FREE airdrop for everyone who will have a Cosmic Wizard NFT with the corresponding 3D NFT since I’ve asked the 3D animation dev to create the same traits as the 2D static collection but in a 3D low poly style. If everything goes as planned, all subsequent root race collections will be developed as 3D NFTs

We’re having a meeting with our team once the Cosmic Wizards NFT collection is released that will help us formulate a clearly-defined roadmap and budget for what will be accomplished over the next 3 months. I think categorizing it as a Launch is something that we can work with. Should I create a new thread in that section once we’ve developed the prototype? I’ve got devs working on it right now, in fact. The prototype of the non-blockchain game side of things should be ready within the next few weeks.

Thanks! We’re incredibly excited to launch Cosmic Universe on Harmony and bring immersive 3D gaming to the ecosystem. Yes, I strongly believe we can adhere to the guidelines and accomplish the first few milestones with a $50K launch grant.


@wizzardblizzard Approved for $50K Launch grant. We look forward for your first milestone on a fully functional Testnet launch ready for 100 users to test on. Please review the KYC guidelines in the FAQ and also attach your multisig wallet on this thread