DeFi: The Gods! Grant Proposal

DeFi: The Gods!

Play to earn, open world MMORPG. Community supported and driven Game-fi project.

Proposal Overview

DeFi: The Gods! Is a classic style, open world MMORPG built on the Harmony blockchain. Starting in Harmonia, players will have to skill, battle and quest their way across the lands in search of strength and resources as well as allies! We utilize NFTs and DeFi to create a fair environment for players to control their own gaming experience by voting through Guilds, fair trade of their items, resources, characters and tokens.

Launch Stages:

  1. Initial Champion NFT sale on our website. This will be the entry to the game. (Done)
  2. DeFi: The Gods! Mini-Game where players can earn non- liquid $DENARI by questing their NFTs and use an in-game marketplace to stock up on boost items in preparation for game launch. (On Going)
  3. Token launch with Unite Finance in June. (On Going)
  4. Idle quest Mainnet
  5. Users playing and earning from Mini-Game

Proposal Ask

This project was created on the basis that it would be community funded and driven. We are very close to finishing the mini-game idle quest series and are about ready for testnet. In just 2 months we will have live-action PvP. We are seeking funds to assist with development and to earn the respect of Harmony’s community through successful grant proposal and project.

We are looking for $50,000 USD worth of $ONE Tokens, which should be split into portions and released by milestones:

  1. Launching Mini-Game contract on test-net = 10k
  2. Form a multisig (ideally 5/9) = 10k
  3. Launch Mini-Game to mainnet = 10k
  4. After 1k daily active users (with video launch and full PR promotion) = 10k
  5. After 10k daily active users (with detailed roadmap and governance process) = 10k

How funds will be used

Metrics for Success

DeFi: The Gods! biggest asset is its community. Comparatively, our metrics are great. Out of 1200 NFTs sold so far we have almost 500 unique holders! Fortunately MMORPGs have a large audience that will continue to grow.

MMORPGs are categorized further into revenue models, Free to play(F2P) and Pay to Play(P2P). Further, Pay to Play can be subdivided into One-Time Purchase, Subscription, or Hybrid. The average one-time purchase is $36, while subscriptions are $15/mo. The average player spends $229 on in-game purchases (Sullivan 2020). This is outside the one-time payment or subscription structure of games. These expenses are made with no hopes of gaining a return on the players money, unlike the potential of the GameFi industry. This presents a massive opportunity for spending, especially with the ability for players to have ownership and tradability in-game.

In 2018, 13.5% of those who played video games or watched eSports gamble once a week or more (Macey et al. 2020) among the same group an average spend of US$108.27 was reported. In traditional sports betting, 12% of adult Americans bet once a week and 14% of bettors say their average bet is $100 (Front Office Sports 2022). Contrary to expectations there is no relationship between the consumption of video games and esports betting activity (Macey et al. 2020). This presents an avenue for growth and revenue.

Public Roadmap

1st Quarter

  • Hire Artists, Developers, and Web Designer to create the minting website. (DONE)
  • Complete NFTs and Website, release minting to the public. (DONE)
  • Hire more developers, artists and team members. (DONE)

2nd Quarter

  • Complete the whitelist of the first 500 wallets to hold Champion NFTs. (ON GOING)
  • Launch Token through ICO and IDO. Add staking and LP rewards. (ON GOING WITH UNITE FINANCE)
  • Hire more artists and Unity developers with proceeds from ICO.
  • Begin Beta testing.

3rd Quarter

  • Release playable version of DeFi: The Gods! to the public. This will PvP in the PvP Dungeon under Harmonia’s Castle.
  • Receive feedback from the community about gameplay and make updates according to the results of the feedback.
  • Continue growing our team by adding artists, Unity developers, full stack developers, writers, musicians and more depending on the team’s needs.
  • The core team will outline the specifics of the DAO that will run the game/community and decide how voting will work in the community and on our team. We will then work on writing contracts for Guild.

4th Quarter

  • Deploy Guild structure.
  • Continue growing the team and game through voting in the DAO

External Links:

Website- DeFi: The Gods!

WP- The Gameplay Vision - White Paper

Discord- DeFi: The Gods! Official

Mini-Game Assets:

Players connect wallet after clicking play

Players must click “Choose a Champ” to start a quest.

Players will then pick the Champ they would like to quest with and begin their quest. This page will be updated slightly before finally release.

Players will be able to spend rewards on items in the market and much more!

Live Action Game Assets (Sneak peaks)- Early Demo video.

Mainnet ETA:

Our Champion NFT minting website is already live on Mainnet and the Mini-Game will be live this week (May 23-28) after some testing. All assets are done on the art side. Coding is complete as well. We are just setting up UI and testing!


We strongly believe that NFTs and DeFi are the future of gaming. Gamers can take control of all their characters, assets and gameplay. And we believe Harmony is the perfect place to do it. We are providing a unique experience to Harmony by bringing back the classic fantasy style open world MMORPG with GameFi.

Core Contributors:

For our core contributors, please check out the “About” page of our website. DeFi: The Gods!


Defigods has a very competent team who have already proven they are here to deliver!

Its also a REAL game!!!


Amazing, friendly team, awesome partners and best of all: the game actually looks fun!


I have been following DTG! in their Discord almost from the beginning.
Founder has done amazing job building this project and I would love to see the full game released!
All the love and support towards the mastermind behind the idea of this project and everyone who works hard to develope and deliver this game behind the curtains!


Thank you so much! That means a lot!

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Thank you tons! Glad to have you guys as one of those awesome partners!!


The DTG team are very professional and communicative with the discord community. Any questions are answered fully.

They consistently provide updates with the project as development continues so each person in the community is aware of what is taking place and not left wondering.

They provide a welcoming environment for new members to join. The grant would go a long way to helping this very unique project grow and succeed.


The lead of this project is a great asset to our community and has been very upfront about his dream for this grassroots project- to make a playable MMORPG that demands player’s time and skill before offering high APR and ponzi tokenomics. This project is born of passion for gamefi and fun, which is sorely lacking in the Harmony ecosystem. I would personally recommend that this game be funded in such a manner that accelerates the DTG team’s ability to launch this game in its most complete edition as soon as possible.

One thing I would challenge is the way the grant is used, as I do believe that players in defi expect ROI, therefore maybe some of the grant money could be used to bolster the LP/ earning aspect of the game. I believe that would make the model more sustainable and keep the playerbase interest for a longer period of time.


We will have a liquidity pool and rewards very quickly after token launch with Unite Finance in June. We just haven’t made any of the tokenomics public yet. I appreciate the support and am glad you’re apart of the ecosystem!!


I’ve had a chance to work with the team. They’ve been developing something special and the vision is massive. Looking forward to everything DTG can bring to Harmony.

High hopes for this one :flying_saucer:


:heart: Thank you so much!! Means a lot coming form you!


I’ve been following the process along in the DC for a while. As a less technical person I really enjoy how easy going the founder is with explaining everything, and also with how active he is in the chat itself! Together with the community lead and moderator they make a warm community!
As to the game idea itself I must say I see great potential! From the plans and art they’ve already shared to the dedication of the teams, you can feel (and see) that they really want to create a great game.


I’m very excited about playing DTG game, looks like real fun! I wish you guys luck!


Defi: The Gods! Is yet another project I have followed extensively in the Harmony Ecosystem. I am happy to see they have officially submitted their proposal for a launch grant. This project has received a ton of notice within the ecosystem community of which little to none of that has been negative.

DTG is constantly building and advancing both its game and community. At a first glance it appears “simple”, which to me is inviting as it means a less steep learning curve. As you get involved you learn that the project, ideas, and gameplay are far from being “simple”, but yet they are extremely understandable and elegant. This is a huge accomplishment by the project to be able to take something in depth and make it simple for the lay-person (me!). It is also incredibly encouraging to see the constant building and design updates that are shared on a consistent basis. It helps to make community feel more involved in the process.

With my in depth involvement in the ecosystem, I am also fortunate enough to have spoken with Austin (the CEO) both personally and hosted him in an AMA format. I believe it is important to note how honest and community driven this individual is. His desire to build something that people will play and utilize is refreshing from the constant cash grab styles we see on the daily. I would also like to commend him for the team he has built for this project. It is often said you can judge someone by the company you keep. He proves this to be true in every sense with the transparency in communication and hard driven work from his team and himself.

My name is Aaron B, Community Leader for Hermes Defi. I support this proposal!


Can’t describe how great this makes the team feel. This is the kind of thing that motivates us and we strive for it. Thank you!

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I have been with the project for a little while now and love the focus they have on actually building a game that the community would like to play. This project is bound to do great and establish itself in the GameFi space of Harmony. The team is really hard working and passionate about the project and deserves their proposal to be considered.


Thanks pal!! Means a lot coming from a skilled individual like yourself.


I believe in the goodness of people, and after I met the guys behind this project and heard how passionate they are about it. I am very much on board to help promote, spread the good word, and play the crap out of this game.
I am passionate about the things I am in, and I love passionate people who do the best they can, learn from others, and are always looking to improve.
GO Team DTG.

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the biggest thing that worries me here is the lack of using a SMART framework or a proper set-up on metrics. What makes this project a success? The statistics used are biased, sketched and do not hold up a single metric in regards to DAU/WAU besides the (long shots ~big numbers…):

  1. After 1k daily active users (with video launch and full PR promotion) = 10k
  2. After 10k daily active users (with detailed roadmap and governance process) = 10k

means that you would receive 30K for 0 metrics shown on actual traction.

As much as I would love to see something unique pop-up on h1, im doubting the actual business background/mindset on the project.

Quick questions that pop up to me:

  • plans to mitigate any bear market? How are you planning to pay the team if traction is low and h1 ecosystem performance is sub-expected?
  • What’s your estimated addressable market on h1 in the coming months? (comparing to already existing competitors on this chain)
  • How are you planning to hire unity devs with only 50K grant total? most will ask a looot more to be working for you on a regular basis as far as I know :frowning: Can you imagine the problems that arise when you have your main dev’s leaving (unity) because you cannot pay them anymore? Seems very death-spiral to me.
  • Why is the feedback from the community part only scheduled in Q3? Seems like you guys are still looking for product-market fit and therefore would have to test out a lot more (one of m biggest concerns with any project proposed here is the lack of transparency + creation of feedback channels…)
  • How does a DAO exactly contribute to this game? seems like its more of a buzzword to grab attention here. DAO’s to vote for game growth and team growth could already be done via Snapshot like services.

Yes, I’ve been a member of your discord for a long time and have seen a lot of the progress and communication you guys made. Just looking for more business minded answers/sensible metrics since we have seen so many projects rug lately (mainly due to a lack of proper management from those who grant funds… @frwrdslosh )


I appreciate the in-depth response. The team and myself will create a doc to answer all these questions for you! A lot of these questions have been answered in AMAs we have often, I hope to see you at some upcoming ones :heart: