"Create Wealth In Harmony" video campaigns

In addition to working on new videos for the community (working on releasing a “Roadmap” video shortly…) I will be making a series of higher end narrative based videos. One of those concepts was for “Creating Wealth In Harmony”. Attached I present to you my final draft of the treatment for that video concept. Would love any community feedback! Cheers, Adrian

See Stephen’s outline for the video: Video campaigns: create wealth in harmony

See Harmony’s “Decentralized Basic Income” on $20M Grants & Bounties on Wallets

Link to treatment: 21 0826 Harmony Video Treatment v3.0.pdf - Google Drive


Hi Adrian,

Amazing looking treatment, can really imagine all the single shots. Really great idea to update the main video on the website. I really like the aesthetic of the current one, but the message is kinda unclear to me.

I love the ideas with building bridges, NFTs, people coming together.

What I am not such a big fan of is, that it feels like any other video about the American dream: foreign guy comes to Us, struggles, works hard and in the end everything works out.

I would love to see different cultures / part of the worlds benefitting from harmony or bringing those people together, but I see that doesn’t fit in the current story.

Looks great overall! :sunglasses::+1:

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I’m currently taking your feedback and trying to see how I can make that work. Hopefully I can come up with a solution. Cheers.

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I agree with Severin’s feedback. No doubt about treatment and artistic merit of this but I personally feel uncomfortable with the cliché American dream trope. A poor non-English speaking guy trying to make it in the US eventually succeeding by way of approval and support from a white American guy art dealer who owns a traditional physical art gallery… seems extremely contrary to what crypto actually enables and even does away with.

Just my two cents.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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I was thinking about this feedback and the feedback from Severin - I have a thought or two.
@adrianrobison - there is nothing in the treatment that say’s the Art Dealer is white, is there? The way we talked about it when we chatted, it seemed like the Art Dealer was going to be a black man.

The other thing I was thinking is that - why does this guy have to be “poor”? Some of the establishing shots could be him sketching during meetings, at his desk at work… it’s not that he is a starving artist, it’s that he WANTS to be an artist. May miss part of the impact of “growing wealth in Harmony”… but it may be valuable to defang this American dream trope.

Finally - from a location point of view… is there another location that combines these four cultural phenomenons? World famous bridges that people cross everyday for work. Pick-up basketball games. Thriving, contemporary art scene. Strong, thriving non-native cultures.

Honestly - I do think New York may be unique in that.

My bad, it wasn’t specified that the American guy is white :relaxed:

Anyway, thank you for taking these inputs into consideration. Appreciate it.

Looking forward to Harmony’s creative output. Love Adrian’s work, never been more bullish :sun_with_face: