Introducing Gallery DAO

Hey Harmonauts! Hope you’re having a
great week. I’m part of The Mynt, an artist lead
web 3 lab. We aim to redefine the art experience and help show
the power of community backed initiatives in the new creative economy. Over the past few months I’ve been inspired by the commitment to social change that’s at the core of the Harmony ethos.
We want to not only form a deeper connection with the Harmony Universe, but also serve as an ambassador as we help to grow the ecosystem.

Next week, we will host H.E.R. DAO and
Minority Programmers in the gallery for their
2222 generative NFT drop to raise funds for travel scholarships.

Here’s a link to our grant proposal:

If you’re as excited about this project as we are
please leave community and a Harmony emoji ! :harmony:

Also if anyone needs help with experiences,
community, roadmaps, copywriting or need a DJ) feel free to reach out!

Thanks for checking us out and wishing you an amazing rest of the week!

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Great concept. Love this concept so much. NFT space growing through Harmony protocol

Hey, this Gallery DAO , can we see virtual or its stick to offline ?

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Thanks Meshack! Harmony is definitely poised
to be a strong catalyst for a wider NFT adoption

Hello Grey! It will be digi/physi so a component will
be available from anywhere in the world.