Call for Candidates: Creative DAO

Hello my friends and my fellow Harmonauts!!

We need to kick-start the Creative DAO. The community has been doing a great job up-leveling the marketing in the last few months. Personally, I have loved the content that both bigwhle and @adrianrobison have been creating and I want to see MOAR!, @giv, @BRUNO, and @frwrdslosh have been talking on this thread about the CreativeDAO and getting it started. They have proposed some mandates, but I don’t think they have crystalized what the Creative DAO would do - but take a look and talk it out below.

Fundamentally, I believe the Creative DAO is the place where product marketing and sizzle comes together. Where all of you fine folk can flex your creative talents and create something that echos through the community and folds so many more crypto curious folk back into our fold.

So - take a look. Have a conversation. If you would like to be a governor - put your name in the hat (there are several posts you can find for the basic format).

Let’s see if we can generate enough interest in the creative DAO to have the elections by the end of October!


@Sam can we create the subforum as mentioned by @BRUNO so candidates can write their nomination in?


@Sam I posted here, but lmk if you create a specific subforum for candidates.


Glad to see a field of talented individuals :heart_eyes:

I would like to invite more when is and closing date to submit candidacy post ?

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I think you’re looking for someone like me.

About myself, I have a degree in Visual Arts with an emphasis in Photography from The University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). I also have a minor in Computer Science. I intended to be a web designer, but I ended up pursuing a career in wedding photography (Steven C. Bloom Photography | Wedding Photographers - The Knot). I loved the independence I had. I did this for several years, won some accolades. I ended up burning out, moved onto the corporate world for job stability and reliable income. I mostly used Lightroom for editing, made and ran my entire website, did my own design work.

First stop was Pearson Online & Blended Learning. My department was responsible for integrating lesson plans made in Microsoft Word and inputting them into their CMS. Additionally used Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and tagged pdfs in Acrobat for WCAG standards. In my free time, I made an app in javascript that input the Word lesson document output the correct html and completed most of the job. A lot of regex. ( It wasn’t adopted by the company despite its major efficiencies and cost-saving. I ended up moving on because of this.

I went onto TEKsystems in Hanover, MD as a Project Operations Associate. I was responsible for accurate revenue capture, so a lot of Excel work. I ended up getting promoted to a Business Process Analyst on the Center of Excellence team. Even more excel work, some SQL, Peoplesoft. I started at the beginning of the pandemic, but also burned out at the end of 2020.

I’ve since stepped away from the workforce, focusing on my mental health. I discovered smart contract and dapps during the r/wallstreetbets fallout early in 2021. I had dismissed bitcoin when much younger – I did not get money then though, and I didn’t think proof of work was a great consensus method. This entire year has been completely dedicated to crypto. I “did my own research” and I can proudly say I live and breathe Harmony now – like obsessively.

I asked myself how can I contribute. My coding is not up to par. I don’t have much liquidity. So, I decided to try to engage with the community on Twitter (@bloomin_one) mostly for a while. I have almost as many followers as Leo (2000+ as of this week). DaVinci Gallery was an instant favorite of mine. Eventually, I came up with a light painting photography technique using glass layers and cut out masks to create hundreds of paintings in a couple of hours

I bring this all up because the wife and I just discussed me getting back into the workforce. So, a couple naive questions:

  • I presume this is primarily volunteer work?
  • What sort of time commitment would be expected?
  • If I were to get unwell again, would I be able to step down if necessary?
  • How long are terms?
  • Would I be able to continue to “be myself” on social media?

I really think I am what you are looking for in a governor. If we could hash out these questions, or if you have any questions or concerns, let me know.

Sorry if this is all over the place, but it’s 2am here, and hadn’t planned on doing this. But it feels like a call to action. I assumed we would have many viable candidates for this but apparently not.

Talk to you soon.

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