CryptoDFS - Daily Fantasy Sports for Web3

Awesome, thanks. Will do!

Weekly Update 4/18/22:

Working between the design and production sub-orgs we have come up with an updated user flow for the aiSports website that will make it feel more intuitive for existing “web2” DFS players. Our goal is to onboard some of this massive user base. You can see our user home page flow below, and if you’d like to see the entire doc I am happy to share.

In the upcoming week, we will be getting the code set up to start rebuilding the site, as well as coming out with wireframes from the design team. In order to garner interest in the DAO, we will be posting daily updates on twitter and TikTok.

Lastly, we have filled out the Grant funding app for the last funding milestone about a week ago but haven’t heard anything back. @lij let me know if there is anything we need to do from our end, I want to make sure the app went through properly. Thanks!

funded: 0x28cf6dad1d4338e7c68bead48579fbac1543a941bfed928391d9ecb888f817c3

Received, thank you!

Weekly Update 5/2/22

We have completed wireframes and are heading into HiFi design. See below for a few of our lofi wireframes.

From a development standpoint, we have integrated for user login. This allows a crypto user who doesn’t have a wallet to create one upon sign-in, and for our app to make transactions on their behalf. This is key as we want to onboard as many web2 users as possible.

Lastly, I have applied for the Sportsradar accelerator program. This would grant us a year of free sports API access. This would be huge since other providers have asked me for upwards of $15k per sport per year.

Goal is to launch on mainnet by the end of the month, just in time for the NBA FINALS!

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 5.21.27 PM
Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 5.21.45 PM

Weekly Update 5/18/22

Okay so I am a little late on these updates. We are working hard to get the beta version out on Harmony mainnet by June 1st! This will be just in time for the start of the NBA finals.

We have hired a front end developer, and she is cranking away at the front end while I spend time updating the solidity code and configuring the new sports data API.

This version will have significant upgrades from our original demo.

Here is our last built version of the website, it’s not functional yet, but you can get idea of some of the progress:

Hey man. Appreciate the progress reports!

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Weekly Update 5/26/22

Still on track for mainnet launch of aiSports beta on June 1st! Working round the clock to get this beta version out.

Users can now sign up through just an email (no metamask). We then make transactions to the Harmony network on the backend. Should make it really easy for web 2 native DFS users to play.

Here is the latest site:

Glad to hear! Reach out if you need anything. Come to the Dev DAO for help.

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CryptoDFS is now live on Harmony mainnet! We are going to be hosting games for the NBA finals. Check us out at

Game 1 is tonight, and we will be doing some tests to make sure everything is running smoothly (it was working great on the testnet).

One of our best features is the ability to use a Metamask or just your email to play CryptoDFS. Using, we were able to make a wallet on the backend and make transactions on behalf of the user. This will be great for people who are used to a “web2” DFS experience.

Unfortunately, the while works great on Harmony testnet, they have not updated the approved rpc urls and Harmony mainnet does not work correctly.

I’ve been in contact with support and they said they will be fixing this issue. I was really hoping for the site to be 100% working by the start of the NBA finals, but we should be in good shape for game 2 on Sunday.

In any case, if you have a Metamask wallet, CryptoDFS works 100% so please feel free to check it out! I will update this thread on the results of testing and how we are doing with

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Pretty cool. Im liking it.

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Not much of a basketball fan but everything worked seamlessly in selecting a team for one of the free entry contests utilizing MetaMask. Looking forward to American Football Season. Nice work!

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Im pretty surprised that it works.

Awesome, thanks for testing it out! Yes, the NFL will be our first major launch. These finals are were a goal to get get beta out and help to stress test the app on mainnet.

Awesome, thanks for testing it out!

We have now resolved the issue and we are running tournaments on mainnet! Check us out at

The Harmony Contract Address is: 0xC97820fCcCaaB5e496Fb390eba4a17Ed30ED37Fd

Users can login with a MetaMask Wallet or just with an email. This is key to on boarding existing web2 DFS players who may not be crypto native.

We will be running free contests for the remainder of the NBA finals. While the entry is free, we will be looking to give $ONE prizes for the 5th, 6th and 7th game.

Here is the rest of the NBA schedule. You can sign up for a contest anytime before the game.

• Game 3: Tonight - Wednesday, June 8: Golden State vs. Boston, 9 ET

• Game 4: Friday, June 10: Golden State vs. Boston, 9 ET

• Game 5: Monday, June 13: Boston vs. Golden State, 9 ET

• Game 6: Thursday, June 16: Golden State vs. Boston, 9 ET (If necessary)

• Game 7: Sunday, June 19: Boston vs. Golden State, 8 ET (If necessary)

@giv could you help to verify this milestone? Thanks!

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Update on the schedule above. With the series tied 2-2, game 6 will definitely be happening on Thursday, June 16th at 9ET. aiSports will be running contests for it, so join in!

We made it onto DappRadar! Check us out here:

Yeah, good idea, I’ll definitely reach out to them!

Demo video is here, check it out on youtube: aiSports Beta (v1) Demo - YouTube