Cryptoroyale game review - Harmony - ONE blockchain game where you can earn tokens

Cryptoroyale game review - Harmony #ONE blockchain game where you can earn ROY tokens

Link to the game:

So I played this game a little bit - as it’s better 1 time to see than 10 times to read.

Also if you like blockchain games - I advise you to play it yourself

Then I did a transfer of 0.005 ONE to my wallet

And if you check my account more, you can see that I have 5.52 ROY HRC20 tokens, this amount I withdrew from Cryptoroyale when I played last time.

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I’ve noticed that I had recently views on this video

Anybody plays this game still?

I checked it seemed I had some ROY tokens, but I don’t have them now

One more recent example

and text version:

It’s been a while since I played this game first time

Still, Cryptoroyale remains on of the best crypto games!

Just curious - anybody here play this game too?

I still play CryptoRoyal from time to time and I need to say that’s one of the best crypto games available for now

Also that’s probably the easiest way (if not the only way) to earn Harmony these days

Could you please post the update so we know if you are still playing this game?