DAO - Token in everybody's hand

Project Name: DAO - Token in everybody’s hand

Grant Proposal - Project Y Grant

Project Description -

We present the “Token in everybody’s hand.”

The project was developed with the aim of creating Tokenized “Favelas” (poor communities) in Rio de Janeiro, which has more than 1,000 underserved communities.

Through the token, we will create social projects that, in addition to helping favela residents, will increase their level of awareness of the blockchain market.

Pilot project, First community: Bandeira 2

Our Goals

Educate: teach about economics and the cryptocurrency market;
Raise awareness: show the possibility of change and other opportunities that the blockchain offers away from the slum life;
Collaboration: through our help, residents will lead by example to collaborate

Metrics for Success

Three months

First Tokenized Favela with three shops accepting the token
200 Facoin token holders
Utility token launch
Creation of social networks

Six months

Five communities reached which will use and accept Facoin
Creation of DAO with 9 governors
Governance token creation

One year

DAO Voted Communities Reached;
Five headquarters with social development;
Education and focus on entrepreneurship favela residents


Harmony blockchain utility token: Facoin

Create a token for the community to use on a daily basis in local establishments. The asset will be developed to bring a decentralized economy to the residents of “Bandeira 2” and other needy communities in Rio de Janeiro.

It is important to point out that people from underserved communities usually talk and often go to other communities to shop.

For example, residents of “Bandeira 2” can not only shop in the community they live in but go to the Jacaré community, which is one of the largest in Rio, to shop for clothes and food.

Another community close to Bandeira 2 is Mangueira, which can also be an excellent hub. After all, it is the place that many tourists will visit because of the samba schools.

In this way, we can put the token to spin in more communities, increasing its visibility.

The token can count on the possibility of passive income through DeFi. THE
although the subject may seem complex at first, we will educate people so that they can learn the concept of saving money on a day-to-day basis for greater profits.

• DAO governance token: Fachain

The focus in choosing more than one token is to have qualified people from the market who can help in voting on strategic communities for the project and the value that would be directed to the region in question.

*Importance of votes according to the number of tokens.
Token creation: Check out the group created on Telegram

How the project and Harmony can be disclosed during the process

Request for proposal: US$10,000

Metrics for success for the first year:
1 full operational website;
10.000 active members on our Telegram;
10.000 followers on our social media channels;
5 physical headquarters;
10 project partnerships;
NFT 100 piece art collection by favela artists;
Project face-to-face event, 50 - 100 people;
Staking for the partner investor

Action Steps

• Step 1: Awareness

The conscience of the people in the community needs to come.

In order for you to learn more about the cryptocurrency market, we will be holding an intensive event for three.

A lot of content will be presented and there will be a retention process, such as fun toys for children, lunch distribution, and *food Stamps.

In addition, we will teach how to buy in practice with the token created through an airdrop that will be offered according to the development of each person in the intensive.

*Food Stamps will be distributed only on the second day and to those who were present throughout the event.

• Step 2: Merchant

Talk to the local merchant and present the project.

The goal is to have at least three shopkeepers embracing the idea.

One objection that could be raised by workers is how to transform the tokens into Brazilian real. We need liquidity for that.

• Step 3: Pursuing dreams

During the third stage, we will rent a place for activities to be developed by children, teenagers, and young people who seek to fulfill dreams, such as arts, acting, and playing football.

A study will be done with the demand of the community and we will focus on the main ones.
Parents of this target audience will be able to do the service at the community center that will be created and receive tokens to circulate the asset in the community.

The longer we can keep people out of the community and away from the bad examples that come out of the place, the better.

To be part of the project, school-age children and adolescents must be enrolled and attend school.

For this reason, we are going to invest in tutors so that they can take tutoring classes so that children can improve their school grades.

Workers will be paid with tokens, and top performers students will be rewarded with tokens as well.

• Step 4: training entrepreneurs

Through the Cultural Center, we will get to know the talents that are paralyzed because of the lack of opportunities that a community offers.

With these dedicated young people, we can talk to big names in the market so that they can be an investor for each new entrepreneur, bringing more visibility to the project.

An important point for the success of the project is having a lot of visibility. In this way, it manages to attract more people and investors who can help needy communities even more.
Therefore, Larissa Barros (Agenda Crypto) and Sabrina Coin will be ready to take care of the dissemination through their own social networks, partner networks, and news portals.

Several actions can be taken, such as the creation of NFTs Art by artists from the community itself, thus generating more community interest with our project as they see its fruits, as well as raising more investment for the project through sales and visibility.

• Step 5: follow-up

Monitor the project to see what is working or not working and which paths we should take. The entire process will be done through a decentralized organization.

Get to know the Head of the project

Larissa Barros: Login • Instagram

She has experience in digital marketing and strategy development for companies,
digital influencers and projects.

Larissa is currently working with content production for companies in the blockchain market and developing Agenda Crypto, a project aimed at the main market releases.

Sabrina Coin: Login • Instagram

Sabrina started her journey in the cryptocurrency market in 2016, when she first heard about Bitcoin.

However, her journey of entrepreneurship with blockchain began in 2018, the year she decided to dedicate herself to producing content about the market.

Since then, her trajectory in the crypto-assets market has stood out with interviews that she conducted with the main personalities in the market at various events throughout Brazil.

Sabrina has caught the attention of cryptocurrency exchanges, news sites, courses, and foreign blockchain projects who are interested in her educational content for the sector.

Matheus Felipe: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matheus-felipe-28218615a

Matheus Felipe is an English teacher and text translator. He also has experience managing social media as well as being a cryptocurrency market enthusiast.

Team Structure

social networks
1 content creator
1 Designer

What are your steps for gaining social media followers?

Steps for gaining social media followers and adoption:

• We will do live streams with influencers from the Crypto market In addition to materials with journalists.

• A Crypto Market News Portal will be launched next month with the structure to be the second largest in Brazil and we will use it to publicize the project.

• We have partnerships with great players in the market who have already been ready to help.

• We will also boost social media with paid ads.

• With the launch of the community’s nft arts gallery, we will carry out gamified actions to bring people closer to the project and organic dissemination: we want to launch the first collection in the second month of the project’s operation.

Head office- sede
. Educational
1 person to help with educational continuity
. Social
4 people to develop and carry out social actions together with people from the community assisted by the project
. Entrepreneurship
1 person to teach and promote the elaboration of projects focused on Blockchain. (example: nft art collection)
. Economy
1 person to raise awareness of establishments and monitor the adaptation process of receiving the token at partner establishments.
1 Person to look after investors, making our project interesting and sustainable.

1 developer (freelancer)
How much will this freelancer cost? $1500 dolares

First action

• Develop the website and the visual identity;

• Part of the money will applied in liquidity.

• Carry out the first action of 1 week in the community. Space rental, promotional material (such as shirts and banners) and food for donation.


It’s been a pleasure working with your team during this process. I approve of this proposal for the Project Y grant from ETH Rio.

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Hey @Larissa_Barros and team, thank you for your proposal!
Looking at your success metrics, I want to edit a few things:

  • Given that the timeline is set for a year, let’s aim for 10,000+ Twitter/Telegram members?

  • For the face-to-face event, please update the forum with the # of attendees and some pictures, when you do have it :slight_smile:

Do you agree to these modifications that form part of your success metrics?

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thank you so much, glad you liked it

I agree, and they are more than possible.
I will change

Great! Approved per Project Y from ETH Rio. Congratulations!

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this grant has been funded