dApp Referral Bonus

Preface: We have an active community who is also active in other chains, and other projects. How do we capitalize on this and encourage our community members to let those projects know about Harmony, possibly generating a lead for the team’s BizDev to follow. The intent is to save the team member’s time, and have our community begin to provide leads. A good word or mention from a developer’s community will likely carry far more weight than another chain just cold calling.

Solution: Incentivize our community to apply some pressure, and spread the word about the opportunities of porting to Harmony. Reward the community member if it is proven that they were an important part of influencing the project to port.

It should not be difficult to prove. When following up on a lead, we could ask the project how influential @xxxxxx was in helping them decide to come over to Harmony. We would also need some metrics, as having a horrible dApp port, with no following, would not help us.

What level of integration the project has is also obviously important. Is the dApp running on chain? Has it simply integrated $ONE as a payment coin?

Engagement is also an obvious metric. How many on chain TX has the dApp generated? How many DAU/WAU/MAU is the dApp maintaining on the Harmony blockchain?

I would propose a tiered scale. Simply convincing a dApp to integrate $ONE is nowhere near as useful to us as one who is completely on chain. Additionally, the dApp would have to remain active and growing for 90 days before any referral bonuses are paid. This aspect would help incentivize the referrer to help spread the word about the dApp on our chain, and attract users.

Referral Tiers:
Tier 1:

  • dApp is running on chain with 5k+ DAU, 7k WAU, and 12k MAU
    Tier 2:
  • dApp is running on chain with 1K+ DAU, 2K+ WAU, and 5k+ MAU
    Tier 3:
  • dApp is off chain with 5k + DAU, 7k+ WAU, and 12k+ MAU
    Tier 4:
  • dApp is off chain with 1k+ DAU, 2k+ WAU, 5k+ MAU

This is not at all intended to be final proposal, but a launchpoint for discussion and ideas.



We should talk about this, seems very interesting idea

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