Is there a plan to create incentives for Community DAO?

There has been trouble getting community members to join into the Forums.

Is there a plan to reward community members for participating in the ecosystem governance?

Where incentives are, users go.

Issuing Community DAO tokens for making quality posts on
Creating Community DAO Bounties for community outreach or community Involvement?
Creating Community Made/Donated NFTs which could only be purchased by DAO tokens?

What do you think? @HarmonyCommunityDAO


I think it’s a great idea. Even if it’s something done for a limited time just so people get to know the platform and create an account here. After they really see that their voices matter they will not need incentives anymore. Just the result of their engagement will be enough.


Love this idea. I’d like to rephrase the question, and look at it from a different perspective.

How do we get more people on here using it?

Incentives at Meetups and Events would be a good way to drive people in here. Give out business cards with a link to the forum.

Incentivize participation, and let everyone know about it.


I think this is a fantastic idea. I also propose that projects on Harmony could be used as incentives as well. Possibly purchase different tokens from different projects in the ecosystem and use those as incentives for things community members do as well. This not only incentives’ community members, but supports these established projects throughout the ecosystem.


I think this is a great idea, incentivize participation initially until the general HODLers see the benefits play out in their favor.


I love the idea!! Great tips in the reply’s, participation is happening :wink:


I like the idea that a user on Twitter said. We can start a “Learn & Earn” campaign through the @HarmonyCommunityDAO. “Learn & Earn” can lead off with “What is a DAO” or “How to maneuver through Talk.Harmony.One”. This can be done through ONE or through a DAO issue token system.


Let’s get it, I support the idea :bulb:

POAP would be my choice for a way to drive participation! Involving both governance and community engagement :100:


I would love to see some sort of incentivized task or bounty board.

Task1 - Bounty 100 ONE
Task 2 - Bounty 50ONE + 5 Viper + 1 JEWEL

There must be some quality check after the task is done but this could attract quite a few people.


I was just stressing the importance of putting more effort towards teaching others about Harmony the other day (just yesterday iirc). I had mentioned creating and leading an eDAO focused on educating the community about Harmony, and making sure there is always detailed, easy to comprehend, and up-to-date documentation available on As well as many other ways of helping the community learn about Harmony. I’m sure we would eventually come up with many great ways of accomplishing this.

It would help to clear up a lot of the confusion, uncertainties, and fear that people have, and would ultimately benefit Harmony greatly. Especially with growth and adoption at these early stages. It would also free up a lot of time for those who currently spend a lot of time helping others that are new to Harmony and have questions. This, combined with something like the idea the OP posted, would probably work well as a solution to all of these issues, and quite possibly issues that we aren’t thinking of atm or even unforeseen issues that we haven’t run into yet.

I’ve been around the Harmony community for quite some time now, and ONE thing that I have noticed is that even with the documentation available, people have lots of questions, are confused or unclear about certain steps to doing things with Harmony, not sure how it works at all, are afraid that they can lose their ONE by staking with a new/unestablished validator and all sorts of other misunderstandings, as well as being totally unaware of certain things such as, or other things that are going on with or available on Harmony.

I do believe that educating others about Harmony is of utmost importance. Rewarding members of the Harmony family for learning about Harmony and participating on the forums, voting, etc., now that sounds like a great way to accomplish that. Question is, how can we go about doing it? In regards to the “learn to earn” idea. More ideas from everyone in regards to this would be great.

We could make it as simple as having a “ONE rewards system”. Where users earn ONE for completing daily tasks such as checking in on the forums, voting, delegating to unelected or upcoming validators, participating in events and activities, and so on. And occasionally we could throw some NFT rewards out there for completing special tasks or perhaps make the reward system give ONE by default, but sort of like a lottery system it will randomly reward users with an NFT every once in a great while.

I feel like that would help draw in two huge but somewhat separate communities based on Blockchain technology to learn about Harmony. Those who want to earn $$$ or ONE, and those who are more interested in NFTs and art. If we make the NFTs a rare enough thing, they would be highly sought after and that might bring a lot of attention and growth for Harmony. The end result will be a huge, exponentially growing, highly educated community behind Harmony.

“People fear what they do not understand”… and when people have fear or uncertainties about something when it comes to dropping $$$ into it, it goes without saying that most tend to be hesitant or absolutely refuse to invest in it or utilize it. So let’s eliminate the fear at the source by addressing the lack of understanding issue with an eDAO and a “learn to earn” and participation rewards program.

I’m interested in hearing some feedback on the eDAO idea and would love to hear from you guys in regards to this. I would like to get a few good people together to start this with me. If it’s something that Harmony might be interested in backing, I would be glad to start and coordinate the eDAO (if that’s how we end up going about doing this and end up naming it accordingly). I do not want to hijack this thread about an eDAO, so if this reply gets enough likes or simple comments, especially from the right people, I will create a new thread in regards to the eDAO idea, come up with some ideas, find others who would be willing to help and then create a good solid plan and proposal for it.


I opened a new Topic exactly about this yesterday night.

@StakeIt.ONE It seems we came to the same point at the same time :smiley:

We can follow up over here or over there, I don’t mind. The idea could really kick in and bring a lot more people. The whole space loves “free” tokens, but when you combine it with a learning program then you kill two birds with the same shot.

I start to think that there is enough written documentation out there to learn about all kind of stuff around the protocol but we have to go to a different level and “knock on peoples door”. Learn to earn is the way to go IMO.

And yeah, NFTs, I forgot about that. Here a little example of what to include:

  • Wallet creation
  • Dashboard
  • Sending and receiving coins
  • Staking
  • Delegators and Validators
  • NFTs

Bounty Board would be REALLY COOL!!


excellent initiative–love Harmony since long time ago…Looking for my first 10 $ ONE to participate in the #ONEquest ??

harmony address: one1h9l5yzyxkld675av77p44x9qxy53yt2d3rspas


@HarmonyCommunityDAO This might actually be something that would work well automatically on if we could setup some kind of structure that basically has posts and activity spotted and co-signed by volunteers and eventually governors.

Not sure if the Community DAO has already started looking into which DAO interface they’re planning to use but I would suggest at least looking into Coordinape.

Not sure when we should expect it to launch on Harmony

@Sam Sorry if this has been answered a million times… but do you know anything about when Coordinape should have support on the Harmony network?


How are things looking, any updates @HarmonyCommunityDAO @Sam ?


I do apologize I’ve been extremely busy, a bit overwhelmed with things to do over the past week or so, but I would love to further discuss this with you and move forward with the ideas that we have. I have created a keybase team named with the team name: harmonyvalidator, if you can join there that would be great (all Harmony validators are welcome to join it’s a great place for us all to meet). If not, message me on any of the other platforms and we can talk. Lets do this!

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@HarmonyCommunityDAO Any updates on this initiative?

Seems like the community is onboard enough to create a DAO token and start bringing active community members into the fold on a DAO interface tool like Aragon, DAOHaus or Coordinape

It wouldn’t initially have any CASH value but would allow for Governors to accept requests from the community for CDAO tokens for something they did for the community.

Has anyone from the CDAO used one of the DAO interface tools which are building Harmony Support?

What can the community do to get this moving forward?

Are we waiting on a Vote? or a Governor to have the time to commit?


Something like Coinbase Earn where you learn about various crypto and then receive rewards at the end?

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The Trustwallet did something on their forums. There was some tasks to be done via “learning bot” and after some prerequisites filled the users joined a pool to earn a good TWT airdrop, 1k TWT if I remember correctly.

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Agree 100% - great docs, still afraid to risk the money. Why it happens - psychologically trust comes faster when you get to know someone from the system, and with trust, the relationship becomes deeper.
To get this trust we should speak with people, answer their questions and we need to do it on a daily basis.
So for that, my suggestion would be to have Community DAO Twitter spaces open daily:

  • taking into account the timezones ( so many times I missed the calls with great regret because of the timing only- love to be there actually)
  • for specific subjects ( eg. “Why should I start a Validator” or “Is the staking safe”, etc.), but consistently on the same days of the week, same time, so people start getting the idea that their consultant (Community DAO) is available for the subject in need and the meeting is easy to be planed, no need to go anywhere.
  • implicate regional DAOs for this project ( we solve the language barrier, time zone barrier, cultural barriers).
  • use more platforms: Twitter, Clubhouse, TG audio chats, etc.

I believe that the Harmony Community DAO should become a Front-office for all the other DAOs ( Validator DAO, DaVinci DAO, etc.) and as a Front-office, it should use regional DAOs as local branches and coordinate their activities to accomplish a harmonious interaction and communication with people all around the world. :blush: :blue_heart:

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