Harmony Marketing DAO

Name of Project-
Harmony Marketing Dao

Application type:
Dao Formation

Proposal overview:

Hello Harmony Community,
Hope you all are doing great, So let me start with a brief intro about myself. I am a 3d modeling artist with 3 years of prior experience, a social media marketer and a content creator.
So basically I have a Plan to promote Harmony on Social Media.

Although there are already several accounts of Harmony present on social media and they are doing great work but all those accounts are engaged with mostly those people who are already present in Harmony Community.

My perspective is to target the general audience who don’t know about Harmony and are not much involved in blockchain/crypto.
I want them to start their crypto journey with Harmony.

My plan to promote Harmony:

  1. We will create new Instagram, telegram, and Discord accounts.

  2. There will be four Instagram accounts

  • Harmonyone_news
  • Harmonyone_nfts
  • Harmony1_community
  • Harmonyone_crypto

for the mass promotion.

  1. New members will be added to the telegram group for further assistance.

  2. We will encourage the audience to create Harmony Wallet. (explained below)

Goals and Activities:

  1. We will further grow these accounts. Our main perspective is to increase engagement by increasing the number of members in Harmony community.
  2. On Harmony1_community account we will create Giveaways every week, where we will ask simple 5 questions about Harmony, the person who will answer all 5 correctly will win the reward and the reward will be sent in Harmony1 Wallet only.
    Once the audience will create a new wallet, they will get familiar with Harmony.
    And this will increase engagement.

I believe that this idea will catch a lot of attention from the general audience.

  1. 10-12 posts will be uploaded every week on each account and 3-4 engaging stories every week.
  2. One article about Harmony will be uploaded on telegram and Discord every day.
  • We will provide our analytic and growth data every month to see the activity.

Proposal Ask:
Since we are just starting, I propose a specific amount for each account holder for the
first month. From May onwards the rewards will be granted as per the growth of accounts.
For April:

  • Harmonyone_news Handler - 200$

  • Harmonyone_nfts Handler - 200$

  • Harmony1_community Handler- 200$

  • Harmonyone_crypto Handler- 200$

  • Telegram Handler - 150$

  • Discord Handler- 150$

  • For Quiz Contest - 20*5 Quiz - 100$ Reward

  • Quiz Organiser - 100$

  • Instagram ad promotion - 100$

Content Creation - 600$

Total Budget- 2000$

Metrics of Success:

By the end of April, we are expecting to reach

  • 100-150 followers on each account. Obviously, each account will grow at a different pace as they will be set up in different fields. So results of some accounts may vary.
  • 20-30 members on telegram and discord.
  • Creation of 5 new Harmony Wallets.

Opportunity :

I would like to invite you to become a member of this Project and handle the one of these

You can fill out this form and join this telegram channel to contribute your efforts to this project.


Form- https://forms.gle/vtEm2SvMrPWBN5669

Telegram - Telegram: Join Group Chat

Looking forward to start the activity after approval. :hugs:


Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:


Great initiative,
Happy to be part of this project :raised_hands:.


Hey, @Myrefox
We are also glad to see you as a member
of Harmony Marketing DAO. :hugs:

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Can you please share details of other members😅


Thank you @Myrefox for your question

All the members are present in the telegram group. I also received joining proposal from some people.
Will assign them to work after the approval. :hugs:


This is a great initiative because this will really bring in new members into the community from different angle of the world.

And regarding this community quiz, many people will be eager to participate and this will also make the community read more about the project.
And many harmony wallets will be created every week.
I will also join you in achieving this mission.
Good luck


Thank you so much @Dr_drake for your support.
I am glad to see you as a member of our project.

Welcome to Harmony Marketing DAO. :hugs:


great proposal, thanks for applying for $300 million harmony grants

also, as there’s nothing mentioned on dao mandates, 9+ governing candidacies, deliverables in this proposal, I’d recommend you to review "ONE to Earn" for Builders & Creatives


I really appreciate your effort to make this project happen whether it is planning or budget.
All the best to our team.
Really excited to start the work.


Thank you @Myrefox.

Let’s wait for the council to review the proposal. :raised_hands:

Hey there. Really appreciate you proposal for grant funding in this much needed area of improvement in the Harmony ecosystem. While social media comms for Harmony are problematic im not sure if more SM channels are the solution, nor do I feel that you all have a wholistic conceptualization of overall marketing strategy. Of which, SM management is just one leg of. I’d like to see a proposal for something as all encompassing as a MArketing DAO that takes a broader high level strategic approach, to solving the biggest marketing and branding issues facing Harmony today, instyead of a singular solution to a bevy of problems. Additionally, I’d like to know who the team is made up of by more than just name and position. What i mean is, when it comes to something as important and misunderstood as marketing, it’s important to know past successes and experience of a teams make up: what and where has each member marketed in the past? what level of sucess and experience havew they had? And whats their unique vision for a protocol like Harmony?

I can agree that Harmony definitely needs some new eyes on it ,however a far reaching approach and more complex of a strategy (i say this as a very experienced marketer/brand developer is needed) i would start to explore the various ways to accomplish this. After getting a better handle on the specific make up of the issues hendering harmonys growth and detaching them from the community. Look forward to seeing some updates

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Thank you @Chak_Raam for your reviewing my proposal.

As I can see that you are a marketing expert and you are already working in a firm, your vision for Marketing of Harmony is good and satisfactory. But it is so exorbitant, as you want the starting from the broader perspective. But I have seen many expensive start-ups failing to reach their goal and also seen many small startups growing and reaching the heights of success through engaging with smart marketing strategies. Don’t get me wrong but I could have asked for 50k budget and hired some freelancing marketing experts, keeping their LinkedIn profiles on the proposal. Harmony council members could have liked the proposal and accepted it. But in my perspective, this isn’t going to work. As you also said that harmony needs improvement in marketing. I believe that Marketing is more than putting ads on videos and websites, it is to engage with them, helping and supporting them on the ground level.
I and my team have a vision for explaining and spreading knowledge about Harmony by creating a friendly environment where people will not hesitate to ask. We will assist them till they find their space in Harmony community And I believe that giveaways and drops will surely make people think about Harmony.
I know that Our project seems to be small at the beginning but once we will go into a growing phase we’ll push it further and make it broad.
I and my team are so passionate about this project, all the planning and everything are already done.
We’ll feel highly obliged if we have been given a chance to prove ourselves.
Thank you
Looking forward to starting the activity after approval. :raised_hands:


Hello team, can you provide the team background? Any social media link? Linkedin?

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Love and appreciate your enthusiasm and ambition in wanting to onboard new users to the Harmony ecosystem, with a goal of providing much needed education to these new members.

At a base level, there is a large amount of community members already engaging in similar style activities as those that you have laid out in your proposal. In addition, the intended value of adding 5 wallets to the ecosystem is underwhelming. We encourage you to tackle this effort and perhaps show the scalability of your efforts in a later proposal.

As far as this proposal goes we decline without prejudice, and thank you for your time and efforts. Hopefully, in the future, a broader adoption of macro marketing strategy as it relates to the applicable micro marketing strategies that you’re proposing may be considered.

my guess as for a dao governors should pass voting - is that in your plans? how do you see that?

Thanks, @Chak_Raam for your kind words.

It seems that our perspective didn’t match your marketing strategies. However it is more disappointing for us to not get approval for the project we were excited for, but we’ll not stop here. We are motivated and will surely find our space somewhere.
For now, we are leaving Harmony community. Looking forward to getting an opportunity in another ecosystem.
Happy to had a great time with the people of this community.

Thank you

слава україни :fist: @nickv


you should not to be disappointed as on my understanding the rejection is a new opportunity for you and your team

  1. if you anyway decide to go the DAO way then carefully read this DAO Funding Guidlines. Following the statements in the funding guide will help you to prepare your dao proposal in an appropriate manner to be approved.

  2. for the your whole marketing gang, guys, please, be more attentive with all things that are possible for individuals to interact with the team and ecosystem. we have a specific income section on our forum (everyone free to apply for $75 hourly rate if he can propose and produce kinda valuable activities for harmony) - "ONE to Earn" for Builders & Creatives


this is not the dao style, when we onboarding teams instead of the individuals passing voting


@Chak_Raam if the decision made and final, should we archive this thread?