DeFi Kingdoms - $1mm Grant Application to Partner with Harmony in Impact Initiatives

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Name of Project / DAO / Company
DeFi Kingdoms

Application Type

We are big fans of the innovation happening in DeFi and in blockchain technology in general,
and we’ve been waiting for a DeFi project to fully embrace the potential of the blockchain in
game form. Traditional investment opportunities can provide satisfactory results, but we want it
to be more enjoyable and exciting. We envisioned a place that would enable anyone to engage
in a game in dynamic and creative ways, and to level up to increase their returns; to do daily
quests and collect rare NFTs that actually augment and impact their rewards and returns. Once
we decided it needed to be built, we jumped head first into production, and DeFi Kingdoms was

DeFi Kingdoms is a game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, a market of rare utility driven
NFTs, and includes an entire ecosystem of features, including the JEWEL token, the Gardens,
NFT assets (Heroes, Equipment, Kingdoms, and more), as well as a multitude of in-game
activities that can be performed with these NFTs. It all plays out seamlessly in the incredibly
nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art.

We’ve quickly grown and surpassed milestone after milestone, to become the largest and most
popular decentralized game and exchange on the Harmony Network. We have strong goals to
continue this growth and reach $1bn in Total Value Locked and 1,000,000 daily active users,
while bringing hundreds of thousands of new users to the Harmony blockchain. We are pursuing
a strategic partnership where Harmony could provide capital, expertise, collaboration, and
marketing support.

Our DEX allows holders to not only hold a monetary token, but to own a token that is usable,
valuable, and gives back to the holders. We’ve packaged DeFi elements into a fun and
synergistic game, providing JEWEL token holders with an engaging and meaningful experience.
We’re here for the long term, planning features for phases soon to come, and some very
exciting things a little further down the road to provide the best possible experience in DeFi.


❖ DEX, JEWEL token, Staking Garden, Bank
❖ Hero NFTs with Summoning, Hero Marketplace for Buying and Selling
❖ Preview to Questing via the “Wishing Well”, with Fishing and Foraging initial quests live

Winter 2021:
❖ Full-featured Questing (Mining, Gardening, Fishing, and Foraging)

Early 2022:
❖ Harmony Land NFT design and initial rollout
❖ 1st expansion realm, “Cyrstalvale”, launch with related roadmap

Beyond: Buildings, Equipment, PvP & PvE Battles, additional realms, pets, and more!

When asked “Why Harmony?”, founder and CEO Frisky Fox responded,

"We chose Harmony as the primary home for our project for a number of critical
technical reasons. The insanely low gas fees are so critical for an on-chain game
such as ours. The 2 second block finality was another major deciding factor.
Harmony stands out amongst blockchains as the perfect ecosystem for play to earn
games to come, build, and thrive.

Apart from that, the ethos of the chain, being in harmony, working with other chains,
building bridges, community outreach, etc, are all very much aligned to our vision
here at DeFi Kingdoms. We look forward to working hand in hand with the amazing
people on the Harmony Team to further these efforts."

Leadership Team Overview

Our leadership team are the individuals integral to the direction, momentum, growth, and
trajectory of the project. They are dedicated to the values expressed from Harmony as well as
the general goodwill and fundamental desire to do what’s right and take care of our fellow

Frisky Fox, CEO

Responsible for making and finalizing top level decisions. He
spearheaded the interface, the analytics, and API servers that support
the game and dex. DeFi Kingdoms is the brainchild of Fox and above
all else he is passionate about its success and the impact it will have
on the world.

Professor Tango, CTO

Oversees all technology operations, evaluating them according to
established goals, adjusting and managing goals for the Technology
Department. Professor Tango has many years of experience in the
technology realm and is a true old school gamer.

Sinstar Necro, CCO (Chief Creative Officer)

Directs the overall creative output of the project and develops the
artistic design strategy that defines the company’s brand. Sinstar is
an exceptionally talented artist and responsible for a large portion of
the art in game and the driving force behind the aesthetic we present.

SpicyMapleCat, CMO

Manages the marketing process from research and planning to
execution and analysis. Spicy has had a long, successful career in
marketing making her a great asset to the team while also being a die
hard gamer. Her attention to detail makes her an unbelievable asset
to the project in terms of growth but also game critiques.

Dreamer, CDFO (Chief DeFi Officer)

Manages and grows partnerships within the Harmony chain and
beyond, with various projects, chains, and promoters. Dreamer is
exceptionally skilled in finance, economics, and business development. He is a
valuable contributor to the project, leaving his position with Goldman
Sachs to pursue the growth of DeFi Kingdoms. You’re probably
reading this because of him.

Xeno Sniper, COO

Facilitates the execution of the company’s vision and goals by
providing and creating resources, policies, protocols, and strategies.
Xeno has been working in operations for over 10 years in the fiat
realm and brings a number of unique skills and experiences to the
team in addition to playing and beating every numbered Final Fantasy

We believe all team members and contributors directly contribute to our future success and
growth, and our team is excited about this opportunity to partner with Harmony.

DeFi Kingdoms Interface Examples

DeFi Kingdoms - Harmony Partnership Overview

Partnering through Impact Initiatives - It is our desire to have an effect on participants,
projects, and communities in ways that bring about positive change, create opportunity, and
teach users the skills to play the game, earn, and enhance the overall experience on Harmony
through DFK. These initiatives will deeply enrich communities close to DFK and Harmony, but
our vision extends beyond that to underprivileged individuals and communities. We hope to
utilize our combined resources and efforts to make meaningful change where it is needed.

Requested Amount - $1mm from Harmony with DFK matching an additional $2mm in JEWELs

Initiatives In Focus- Please review the below initiatives and the percentage breakdown of the
requested $1mm. To ensure our priorities and intent are consistent with those most important to
Harmony, we can be flexible on the exact breakdown.

❖ Grants (35%) - There are three branches of the DFK grant program: Grants,
Bounties, and Special Projects.

➢ The purpose of the DeFi Kingdoms grant program is to drive innovation on
and off the block chain for the benefit of the community, Harmony, and the
DFK project. It’s our way of listening to the needs and desires of the
community, in addition to reinforcing their efforts and supporting their ideas.

➢ Ideas for projects are submitted by the community but can also come from
DFK or Harmony. We choose which projects to focus on and determine the
most effective method to see them to fruition. Grant applications will be
reviewed and granted to the best proposals.

➢ Bounties will also be posted to engage the community in a task that will
benefit them, DFK, and Harmony.

➢ At times, creating special projects and recruiting specific members of the
community will be the approach, especially when there is a time sensitive
demand needing to be met.

➢ Harmony will be involved in supporting and influencing specific projects that
have shared areas of interest and support. We will monitor and report
progress together and collaborate on decisions and overall direction.

❖ Events (20%) - As partners we will attend events in a unified approach, present
sessions together, and create events with areas of focus and geographical locations of
shared interest.

➢ This includes partnering with booth space where we will demonstrate our
products together.

➢ Submitting to present at conference sessions together which will include
demonstrations of how the Harmony blockchain technology supports the complex
gaming process of DFK, thus showing the unique strengths and creativity we
achieve together.

➢ We also hope to partner at least once a year on creating unique events together.
These events will focus on identifying shared desires for increasing awareness
and creating change in underprivileged communities around the world. Examples
include themed vents with speakers, workshops, wifi and laptop training
sessions, and charitable fundraising events.

❖ Humanitarian (15%) - Our vision is to combine efforts with Harmony and their current
DAOs such as HER and Harmony Africa to provide new opportunities, valuable
resources, and access for people in areas where connectivity or technology is limited.

➢ We feel inspired by the ways we have seen Harmony make significant efforts for
the betterment of the world by creating opportunities where they are out of reach
for so many people.

➢ We plan to partner with Harmony and their affiliated DAOs on the identification of
potential areas, communities, and groups to target these efforts and leverage the
extensive experience Harmony has in current and planned initiatives.

❖ Community Workshops (10%) - We will offer live domestic, foreign, and virtual
workshops that focus on educating about blockchain, NFTs, providing liquidity, playing
DFK, and possibly some coding.

➢ One of our main values and goals is to provide education to anyone who can
benefit from engaging in the world of decentralized finance and playing DFK.

➢ We will partner with Harmony to identify communities who can greatly benefit
from the opportunity to engage in and learn how to use a play-to-earn process
like this. We are currently talking with Harmony Africa and exploring ways we will
coordinate efforts in this area.

➢ Our hope is to focus primarily on underprivileged and under-resourced groups,
and secondarily on interested participants who may be new to this world or new
to the idea of gamified decentralized finance.

❖ Hackathons (10%) - We are excited to partner with Harmony to create hackathon
events that specifically relate to the unique challenges related to a gamified Defi

➢ The DeFi Kingdoms project brings together artistry, lore, music, passive and
active gaming, utility driven NFTs, complex and creative coding, in addition to a
Dex, liquidity pools, and the ability to create unique NFTs.

➢ Our vision is a hackathon that brings people together to explore and problem
solve how these unique areas all work together. There is so much innovation
happening within the project that a hackathon focused on it would be an amazing
and new approach to DeFi events.

➢ At times a hackathon could be created from a grant proposal when a bounty
method will be most effective at engaging the community and finding creative

❖ Lower barriers to entry (10%) - Our hope is to make the kingdom available to anyone
who desires to join us no matter their financial situation.

➢ Since our launch, the DFK community has requested support for individuals who
want to enter the game but who have financial restraints that prevent them from
being able to do so.

➢ We will create and fund a scholarship program to lower the barriers to getting
started by providing initial tokens to stake, the use of a hero for questing from a
sponsoring community member, and DFK specific gameplay training.

➢ We are also working on ways to foster mentorships in the community so that new
players could have identified mentors to help support their experience. This could
take place on Discord or specific programs could be supported within guilds.
Efforts by mentors and groups will be rewarded with in-game rewards.

➢ We are exploring creating a paid internship program where mentors help connect
new players to the game and coach them on ways to be more successful.

*We plan to build out an appendix as we add details and specifics each month to these
initiatives. It will be used to provide Harmony with updates on directions and developments

Additional Ways to Partner

Media Support

❖ With transparency on new features, partnerships, and expansions, we co-market the
project to maximize exposure on various media platforms.

Technological support

❖ Identify problems and look for solutions as partners, where both Harmony and DFK
resources can be requested from or offered to the other when needed.

Networking & Advisory

❖ We want to assist in Harmony’s efforts to grow the ecosystem of quality native projects,
increase awareness and reach across chains, and bring players and resources into our
game here on the Harmony Network.

❖ Harmony’s experience and connections on the blockchain will help DeFi Kingdoms
navigate unique difficulties related to growth where ongoing communication and mutual
teamwork will maximize probability of overall success.


I wholeheartedly support this proposition.


I think I speak for the entire Harmony community when I say DeFi Kingdoms has been one of the greatest success stories of the year. Incredible team, vision, and determination. Harmony is proud to call DFK a partner and it gives me great pleasure to approve this fantastic proposal. Congrats! :blue_heart:


this project is how i found myself on harmony !!!
Everything from the team (SOLID&VERY ACTIVE)to the content (amazing nft mechanics) community is very engaging (which I am proud to be a part of) beautiful/ Unique UI especially for a DEX
everything about this screams success!!
if winter is coming the DFK castle gonna be warm!!


This is a strong signal to the DeFi Kingdoms community that Harmony is in full support to help DFK for the long run, with a well thought out partnership. The grants program will benefit the entire community, and I’m also really excited about the joint events, humanitarian efforts and scholarship programs. Bravo! :clap:


You wont regret it !!!
I know i wont :sweat_smile:


This is great news, not just for the Harmony community, but for all of DeFi ! It’s been a joy to watch DFK grow, and this solid partnership provides for an even stronger foundation to be built. Thanks to everybody who has been working on this :slight_smile:


Hey All,

I got goosebumps reading the proposal, this sounds like a great opportunity to deepen the partnership and secure the long term goals of both projects.



Yes! DeFi Kingdoms became such a important part of Harmony that a more tight partnership is a no brainer. Making sure DeFi Kingdoms continues to push on is a must.

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When folks think of DFK they also think of Harmony and vice versa, a pair that is made for each other. I see both grow to be the best protocol and the best game together.
It’s time… to make the partnership official.



New Harmony user here, thanks to Defi Kingdoms! To be honest I wasn’t even aware of Harmony before… :sweat_smile: But really impressed with transaction speed and super low gas fees :+1: Great partnership.

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Welcome and have fun! Take a look at all the good projects on this great blockchain:

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Great initiatives altogether and really excited to see the growth of overlooked community.


Congrats guys… the African market is huge… let’s get DeFi Kingdoms out there! Please contact me so that we can develop a strategy together.

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Defi Kingdom is the reason I love Harmony. I’d be stoked to see this proposal approved.
Meanwhile, I see that the team has just 1 UI UX Designer, and I’d love to support them as a Product Designer (same as a UI UX Designer).

@DreamerDFK Is there a spot for a P2E enthusiast to function as a UI UX Designer on the DFK team?

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So was this approved proposal ever paid out to the DFK Team?


No it was not… Oh well

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