DeFi Tower - Uprising game on Harmony One

Hello Harmony, we are long time fans of Harmony and from the beginning of 2022 we’ve been working on the project DeFi Tower.


DeFi Tower is a cross-project crypto platform in the form of a web based browser 2D game. It enriches already existing concepts on the blockchain such as automated market making and NFT-s with gamified utilities. We aim to make the difference by involving NFT-s from other projects on Harmony inside our game mechanics. So people may gain utility to their NFT’s which otherwise would just sit idly on their wallet.

If you like listening more than reading then you can play our AMA recording on Twitter.

No starting barrier for new players

DeFi Tower can be played by everybody who provide liquidity to the game! In other words, you do not need to own a NFT to play our game. We do have an in-game NFT called Key Card which give players many perks but it is not mandatory to play the game!

Game Mechanics

The core mechanics of the game are about crafting. When you start the game, you have no items and in-game currency. So like in every other game, you have to build your character up from the ground.

Players will be able to participate in a questing system that gives them rewards. And with the items you earn inside the game, you can create yourself stronger and stronger in-game items.

We have different tiers for items and not all of the recipes will be available from the first floor of the tower. So this means, if you want to become stronger and richer, you have to climb higher. And that brings us to a new mechanic in the game: ASCENSION.

It is a concept where players advance to a new tower level that has more rewards and better recipes to craft stronger in-game gear.

Whether you are worthy in the eyes of the tower to ascend higher, depends on the items you have equipped on your player. :slight_smile:

Items have different stats, some of them play a role in earning rewards from questing and some of them play a role in climbing the tower and some even in crafting new items.

Also crafting is something where we plan to involve other NFT projects on Harmony. You can bring in your NFT, dismantle it into new components in the DeFi Tower and use those rare components to upgrade your items.

So this means, you can also upgrade items to become stronger and also you can destroy the items and you will receive back materials which may otherwise be un-obtainable.

Key Cards

In order to support the project and also the starting players in their early stages of the game, there is a powerful and unique in-game item called Key Card which will be useful throughout the core mechanics of the game because of the cheaper crafting and APR benefits. Check out the different variations of them here

We have currently sold out our presale slots for the Key Card but there is a whitelist ticket which you can purchase or get for free by participating in the community. Each whitelist ticket has a unique attributes assigned to it, as you can get a big discount from the Key Card price and if you are super lucky, then maybe even for free!


Our team has 6 people! 2 software engineers, 1 artist and 3 people on communication. If you want to hear more about the team then come listen to our twitter AMA recording!

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This looks like a great project!

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Cool ideas here, like it!

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This looks awesomee!! I really love the idea of reusing nfts from other projects to get some value in this project. It’s just a amazing i wish other projects did this as well.

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Looks good! Goodluck! Will help bringing some TVL to Harmony

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did harmony even acknowledge this?