Developer DAO Kickoff & Elections

We are kicking off the election process for the Developer DAO. The DAO will be set up to increase engagement with the broader developer community. This post will go over the main DAO mandates and election schedule.

Mandates: Builders first

  • Support: resolve daily issues on forums & channels, drive weekly meeting agenda
  • Bounties: prioritize bugs & features w/ task management & contributor retention
  • Advocacy: hold workshops & events, content marketing with talks & blogs


Elections announced

  • Sep 15, 2021: The election date is announced.

  • Candidates will have 2 weeks to introduce themselves and present their qualifications on Forum > Governance > Developer DAO.

  • Ideal candidates must demonstrate:

    • Their experience as web3 developers (LinkedIn, Github).
    • Their familiarity with Harmony and its development ecosystem.
    • Links to their open-source contributions on Github.
    • Description of decentralized applications they have worked on (links, demos, videos).
    • Track record of assisting other developers and community members.
  • Nice to haves:

    • Experience writing technical documentation.
    • Leading and managing engineering teams.
    • Experience running developer talks and events.
  • The community will have a chance to review and ask questions.

  • Sep 23, 2021, 9 am PT and Sep 30, 2021, 9 am PT: AMA for all candidates on the weekly Developer call.

Voting begins

  • Oct 2, 2021, 9 am PT: Snapshot is created and announced across all channels.
  • Elections will be held for a period of 1 week.
  • Candidates are encouraged to promote themselves and share their Forum post across different channels.

DAO commencement

  • Oct 9, 2021, 9 am PT: 9 governors will be elected for a 3-month term.
  • Multisig wallet creation and funding.


Governors of each DAO have delegated autonomy over its assets and initiatives. Harmony helps define 3 broad mandates, recruit 9 governors, define the deliverables and metrics for the first 3 months, and fund at maximum $1M. We recommend $75 to $350 per hour as the self-assessed salary, 3-month election terms, retroactive peer bonus and performance feedback, 80% passing votes, and openly tracking timesheets and deliverables for each member.

More info here

Additional resources


Hello @giv and all,
here is the first proposal for the Developer DAO logo (we need a logo for the snapshot slot) made from Ali Tuhin:

i will propose a new version with Hamony logo in the middle surrounded with binary code
let me know your suggestions.
After we are ready with the logo, let´s create a slot in snapshot, so everything is ready before votation

Here is a version with “developer DAO” in Binary code :slight_smile:

which one do you prefer? 1 or 2 ?

Hello All,
Developer DAO added to Snapshot: