validator dao - run a validator for daos


today i opened my first issue on github :

if this multisig wallet gets fixed, i would suggest the Validator dao Run the one Validator For the Harmony DAO’s (and everyone else who wants to stake there ofc)

In discussion we also realise that once the multisig wallet issue is fixed (if possible) there will be the problem of who should be the ones we put our treasury without being based and centralized"

The best way we figure was to propouse to validator dao to run a validator for the DAO’s in general.


We have been waiting for this!! 100% support!

Hey Biosensei this is a great idea but I think there is another multsig wallet on the way with staking included?

In my opinion the Validator DAO should not run a Validator, I would rather love to give a list of people to bootstrap new validator and so helping the Validator DAO to reach the mandate of decentralisation and get more elected validator :wink:

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Hey Ben , respect your opinion and imcalways open to change mine when i see a better one.
Wasn’t informed of the new wallet and even tho looks like most ppl from the team i talked to weren’t either or they would mention :slightly_smiling_face:
Can you share more about this?
I guess the stake could be made from a list voted by the community

Here we go, sorry was not finding it last time: