Crazy IDEA

Just thinking what if we held people back from participating on DAO’s until there was a select time of record for their talk.harmony account being open and to included engagement visible on the forum

Look what controversy was avoided this week because of fast acting community members!

Lately it seems like a lot of DAY 0 people are jumping in and taking over Funding Proposals and #funding-proposals:daos

My idea seems centralized, it would be great to open to the general public, but without verifiable track record of engagement or work done for community how can we allow these people to simply take funding request.

I’m sure there are overqualified individuals trying to create a DAO with their linked-in friends although, I was under the impression that the Community ultimately decides who organizes a DAO.

Below is an example of a DAO that was trying to start up without even shooting in the gym with the German community, literally just put a proposal and never acknowledged or worked with this community, at the moment the proposal has been withdrawn.

Suspect DAO launch

What type of filters or restrictions can we set without being too “centralized” ? @HarmonyUniverse @Jacksteroo @frwrdslosh and anyone else on the grant or DAO funding team, please take a minute ty :blue_heart:


Hi there! :hugs:
There are many good and promising projects for which it is not necessary to be active on the forum to make a request.

This may seem like an artificial obstacle.

If the team receives funding, the participants and the community will be active in the forum anyway.

hmmm maybe it;s more so directed to DAO’s than to projects.

Just imagine you and your boys say your taking on an initiative for a Community in your region revolving around basketball Games, but there are other members in the region that have not met you, the real members have been there shooting in the gym without you, and here you come asking for handout trying to accomplish what they have done.

The Real building conversations happen on although you and your boys are using snapchat, twitter or instagram (i.e) no ONE would recognize your efforts because its not visible until its on the forum!

Thank you for your time, I hope you understand the context and if i insulted you or a friend I cannot apologize, yet!



I’m new here and i was about to do the same “mistake” you mentioned my friend , because i was very excited to my idea so i didn’t think too much , i thought i am he first to promote it.

The solution is simple i guess:
-First encourage people to read what does exist
-Pop-up regional DAOs in the forum to people from same places.

I guess this may resolve half the problematic because i believe they were as excited as i was.