EDUCAR+ Harmony application

Proposal overview


Educar+ was born in 2017, with a small collection of books in a abandoned space and the latent desire of a student who dreamed of creating an opportunity to change the world perspective of children and adolescents from Complexo do Chapadão in Anchieta, Rio de Janeiro.

​Our mission is to expand the world perspective of children and adolescents through education and culture, thus contributing to their social and human development.

To enable the formation of worthy human beings and full citizens, Educar+ is committed to facilitating access to quality education and encouraging a look at our society, guiding the changes necessary to build a better world.

Proposal Ask

We are asking for USD 10k to implement the following solution in the Harmony Ecosystem:

Based on highly successful social projects such as Bolsa Família, the project aims to encourage children to participate in after-school activities through the donation of cryptocurrencies, contributing to the reduction of school dropouts in the communities.

It is a concept that we could call “study to earn”.

The initial proposal as MVP is: donors will send funds in stable coins to a multi-sig wallet in harmony that the owners are the managers of Educar+. At the end of each week the Educar+ managers will make transfers to the wallets of the families of students who have confirmed class attendance.

In the future, instead of donors sending the money to a multi-sig wallet, the donation will be made directly to the smart contract, and in return the contract will send Educar tokens to the donors in a 1 to 1 ratio with the stable token. This token will represent how much a donor has already helped Brazilian education.

In addition, each student’s attendance will generate an NFT, with the student’s name, day and the class he attended.It is possible to send Educar tokens to the contract to receive NTFs from the attendance of students that are within the contract at a 1 to 1 ratio, i.e. 1 Educar token is one NFT.

It is expected that some of these tokens will appreciate in value in the future because in Brazil it is very common for athletes who are born in communities and participate in social projects to become famous, as was the case of Rafaela Silva, a judo athlete who was a medalist in the 2016 Olympics.


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Amazing project! Looking forward to seeing this live on Harmony!


Love the mission and using of the tokens + NFT for this great cause; very in alignment with Harmony’s mission. Checked out your website as well!

Approved for Project Y! - Novell


As a part of Harmony Y, I approve this awesome project! Great Job, congratulations!!!


Great passion makes great projects, this one looks like a winner.

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Great to see EducarMais having resources to fulfill their dreams and take web3 into Rio de Janeiro’s favelas! Keep up the great work :heart:

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Hi everyone! Thanks for all the support! We are stoked to be approved, but we didn’t received the fund yet. I notice that we didn’t posted the address, so maybe this was missing. If you have any update, please let me know!
Multsig address: Harmony Multisig Wallet