Play4Change Brazil

Name of Project

Play4Change Brazil


Play4Change was born with the purpose of generating financial inclusion, educational empowerment and social transformation leveraging blockchain play 2 earn games. We are an organization that focuses on social impact in underrepresented communities in Brazil. Besides giving them opportunities to generate income we also hold educational sessions on a weekly basis covering hard skills such as blockchain, crypto, financial literacy, how to use digital wallets as well as soft skills like leadership, communication and creativity.

People that did not have bank accounts now are leapfrogging the system by using digital wallets and transforming their financial situation. We are seeing these young players find an alternative to improve their lives with crypto and blockchain games. Games offer a door to enter this new web3 world, learn about crypto and our community is changing their realities.


We use decentralized games to impact people’s lives in a positive, constructive and fun way. The new “Play To Earn” model enabled by Blockchain is transforming the way we play online, allowing players to participate in the distribution of profits generated by games through cryptocurrencies.

We have been operating for the past 9 months in 3 states in Brazil with over 100 people being impacted financially and over 200 people being impacted with our education sessions. We are exploring platforms to build our DAO so we can decentralize the organization and issue our governance token P4C to recognize the value brought by the community. We partner with nonprofits located in these regions to support us on onboarding new people into our P4C community, understanding their needs and measuring the SROI (Social Return Over Investment).

More than funding we are looking for human resources and guidance on how to structure the DAO, automate our processes and scale our business. We are expecting to reach over 500 people in the next 6 months and over 2000 people in the next year. We need blockchain developers and support from Harmony to build it. We would also be able to test potential Harmony blockchain games such as Defi Kingdoms within our community and expand the Harmony ecosystem in Brazil, hosting meetups and doing public speaking sessions.

Proposal ask

Play4Change Dao is asking for USD 20,000.00 to finance the growth and scalability of our operations in Brazilian communities by adding more scholars and games, structure of our DAO in the Harmony ecosystem and coordinate educational events around web3. The breakdown of these disbursements are detailed below:

USD 10k to invest in Defi Kingdoms heroes for 50 new Scholars to expand our program to more communities in Brazil. (ETC: 1 to 2 weeks)
USD 5k to create the Play4Change NFT marketplace on the Harmony ecosystem which will have NFTs created by artists from the favelas in Brazil providing alternative income for them as well as our own NFTs exposed to engage the harmony community in participating in our growth. (ETC: 4 to 6 weeks)

USD 2K - Community (Favela) workshop and hackathon events. We will make 10 presentations about Harmony, Blockchain and P2E games inside 5 different communities in Brazil, in partnership with NGOs that are already working inside those Favelas. Community members from Harmony will be always invited to the meetings. (ETC: 2 weeks per community, Total 10 weeks)

USD 1K - Harmony Developer Training. We will select and prepare 50 people from the communities to participate in the Harmony developers program. (ETC: 4 weeks)

USD 2K to maintain the core team and blockchain developers to support Play4Change scaling.

Total: USD 20k

Metrics for success

Current metrics:

Current Players: 108

From zero to crypto: 30

Games: Axie Infinity, Thetan Arena, Wonder Hero, Pegaxy

Education sessions held: 15+

Non-profits partners: 4

Countries involved: Brazil

Core team: 10 people

Discord: 122

Future Metrics (12 months):

Players: Reach 500 players in the next 6 months and 2k in the next 12 months

Players graduated from the program into web3 careers: 50

Education sessions held: 100+

Harmony hackathons: 10

Future Games: Defi Kingdoms

Discord: 1k+

External links

twitter: play4changedao
instagram: play4change.dao


Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:


Hello Victor. It was a pleasure to see you at the booth. We’ll get back to you soon. Thanks for the proposal! It’s a great project.


Great seeing you there too! Looking forward to it.


Thanks for all the support guys! It was really a pleasure to meet the people from Harmony in Rio and I hope we are going to create great things together


Welldone for this job, you have been responding to many proposal in this forum


Great proposal! I enjoyed the conversations we had in Rio and I think you are very well positioned to create real impact!


Thank you Boris! We appreciate all the support! It was a pleasure meeting you and working with the team in Rio! Looking forward to it!

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Hello again Victor. From my side, you have my yes!
I really like this project and would like to have it going.


This is fantastic news! The scalability of P4C’s efforts in underserved communities is a must for digital, social, economic and cultural inclusion. Our youth need bridges like Play4Change to access opportunities through the front door. Congratulations team!!! :facepunch:t5::rocket:


Yeah! P4C is causing real impact in Brazil and developing creative ways to onboard underserved communities into web3. Keep up the great work guys!

Hello Victor! I believe we met briefly in Rio, however I did get a chance to chat with Luiz. I love the project and think it will have great impact in the community!

Approved by Danny and Juan per Project Y.


Thanks for the support @dcarranza ! This grant will help boosting the P4C community and create more impact! Super happy with this news :slight_smile:

Hey Danny! It was great meeting you all at Ethereum Rio, we are really happy with the grant and this partnership is just the beginning of a long term relationship between Play4Change and Harmony! Looking forward to meet up again soon!