Environmental Harmony

Hello @TerexitariusStomp and the Environmental Harmony team.

I would like to tag in @OG_Lemurman to assist with this review. He has been instrumental in building the Sustainable Development DAO for quite some time and we are very excited about his project and the community that he is building for that DAO.

There are a few parts of your proposal that don’t fit our DAO Grant guidelines. While I am very encouraged by the proposal you put together - I want to emphasize that our bootstrap grants are limited to $50,000 (so your request for $1M is, quite simply, too high) and that we are looking at a “minimally viable DAO” as the milestones for funding.

What that would look like is, first, the organization as explained in the DAO Funding Guidelines.

Milestones regarding a “Minimally Viable DAO” are:

  1. Established a multisig wall with a 5 out of 9 signature requirement.
  2. Held an election for those 9 signatories that includes at least 12 candidates and over 100 voters.
  3. Has issued an “Membership Token” of some sort (a DAO NFT, for example)

As this proposal stands, it is (a) requesting too large of a grant, (b) does not have clear deliverables, and (c) overlaps with the remit of the Sustainable Development DAO. For those reasons, I am denying your proposal without prejudice at this time. “Without prejudice” means that, if you put together a proposal that fits within the guidelines and has a unique value add to the Harmony ecosystem, I would be happy to consider it.

My thanks, and I look forward to reading your revision!!


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As you can see this is a 17 part umbrella of sdg nodes for a greater Dao. Each node activates upon reaching our goal of 500k each. Thus why our ask is so high. 50k wouldnt even get us started. So please keep that in mind. BLESS.