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Environmental Harmony DAO

[In the Island17 Metaverse]


Environmental Harmony’s DAO is a node within Island 17 DAO creating a Metaverse meant to gamify sustainable development problems in order to create solutions while creating a nature of collaboration with the youth. We have a proven model called Island 17 that has been, tested and iterated by Dream Tank; a social impact youth accelerator, led by strong women since May 2016. Our primary focus is ocean and water conservation.


Is a gamified youth accelerator that merges IRL and metaverse youth hackathons, globally. We are creating a full on open source, open world global game that solves real world problems. 17 stands for the 17 Sustainable Development Goal the UN plans to accomplish by 2030.

Mandates: DAO

Participate to Earn:

  • Improve education, awareness by applying learning opportunities for others focused on challenges they wish to solve IRL using our Metaverse platform. Grant tokens to active participants in our ecosystem.


  • Connecting students with resources, tools, and people to create actionable steps to solve the problem they care about.


  • Our DAO will use effective and easy to understand onboarding mechanisms, like Discord, Telegram, Youtube, our Metaverse, educational platform(s), endorsements, live events, and sponsorships to attract youth.

Environmental Harmony will be addressing in particular goals #11, 13-15: Sustainable cities and communities, climate action, life below water, and life on land (Figure 1). Each of the SDGs will have their own island in the Island17 metaverse, established by the United Nations.

The Youth in Dream Tank / Island17 made the correlation to group these 17 goals into 4 categories: SURVIVAL, SUSTAINING, LIVING and THRIVING.


In a recent PIMCO study of ESG data across 240 public companies, only 19% of those that referenced the SDGs have set qualitative targets to meet the goals. The need for companies to converge on a common set of impact indicators and make concrete action towards them has never been greater. (PIMCO report)

Island17 empowers youth through social ventures that address one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by building a social entrepreneurship ecosystem, designed for the youth to solve economic, and environmental problems worldwide.

The steps that participants will take in Island17 DAO are the following:


The present invention is a solution to gamify SDG goals, entrepreneurship, cross-sector collaboration and impact investing. Gamification can harness the creativity of children and teens to address defined SDGs. This will direct the gamers towards commercially viable solutions while teaching entrepreneurship. Conversely, gamification can be used to attract impact investors, to create capital and cash flow through means of creative youth.

Throughout the metaverse experience, participants have the opportunity to earn tokenized incentives; a learn, play and create to earn ecosystem around the SDGs. This incentivizes participants for their involvement in a metaverse that facilitates problem solving for issues that have tangible impact in their lives. Participants will get paid to gain STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) skills in a self paced environment…

Multisig Address


Amount of Funding Requested


Budget Breakdown:

$45,000 - Salaries for DAO Governors

$10,000 - Organize and set up the IRL hackathon

  • Equipment, venue, lighting, prizes

$20,000 - Hire Coders, Developers, Analysts

Our DAO, Island 17, will function in collaboration with ReFiDAO to help extend their work to the Harmony blockchain. ReFiDAO was started two months ago and includes representatives from at least 20 different ReFi organizations.

At the moment, we would utilize Minecraft (like NFTworlds). These islands would be created in a metaverse system that is interoperable with metaverses in Harmony and other blockchains. We would utilize Minecraft (such as NFTworlds does) and other easy to understand metaverse builders to enhance the hackathon participants’ experience.

Each of the metaverse components that gets created are distributed to the creators as NFTs. These NFTs allow the creators to sell them and earn royalties for each subsequent trade. They also act as a way for our DAO to start earning a revenue stream. These NFTs and other NFTs associated with Island17 (such as the founders NFT) give voting rights to the holder.

Once the metaverse is established, along with related ReFi materials, participants get rewarded for interacting in the metaverse. The rewards for participating in the metaverse come from the ReFi organizations we synthesized information of. This could include tokenized carbon credits from Toucan Protocol (BCT, NCT) to general ReFi tokens. It could also have the potential to win ReFi NFTs.

Rewards from the hackathon and IRL action will be publicly distributed. This is a major publicity opportunity for us to thank our sponsors. If funding from Harmony is not able to be distributed until after Bitcoin Miami has taken place, we will find another in real life event to attend.

Benefit to Harmony Ecosystem

Parts of the metaverse we create through Island17 would be built on the Harmony blockchain. The tools we utilize to build the metaverse components on Harmony blockchain would be open source and usable by other organizations to create their own metaverses on Harmony. Some of the NFTs created for this metaverse will be on Harmony and when these NFTs are traded gas fees from the Harmony blockchain would be paid for. As one of the first ReFi projects on Harmony, we will attract more ReFi (environmental and sustainable) projects to the Harmony ecosystem.


February: Form Jedi Council (Governors)

April 1-2: Meeting with the Mayor of City of Miami

April 5 - Live on Exo Economy / Xprize community Town Hall virtual meeting (Invite here)

April 6 - Youth Crypto Conference in Miami

April 7-8 - First Global Game Village Activation at Bitcoin Miami

Form Foundation:

3 Mandates: Scholarship, Grant, Collective Impact Oracle

Legally Formalize Island 17 DAO. → Jedi Council

Create Tokenomics

Create NFTs on Algo Gems - Carbon Neutral NFT Platform

Move our community from Telegram to Discord - 90% made the transition. Will complete transition by April 1.

Build DAO Membership on Discord - 300 Members → Harmony Forum Post

Community Gatherings → Three Gatherings → Grow Harmony forum posts.

Educate on Island 17 and how we’re tackling the problem → 1 Person per node in help teaching

Street Team actions with analog spotlight → Six Actions: 50 contacts, 100 wallets, Mint Founders NFTs

Workshops → Bitcoin Miami, Global Game Village, Youth Crypto Conference

Hold Governors election every Quarter → 07/2022 → First Election

Metrics For Success: 3-12 months

In Island 17 we are working with 6 Nodes. All focused on a specific SDG within the DAO.

  1. Labyrinth
  2. Survival Accelerator
  3. Living Accelerator
  4. Sustaining Accelerator
  5. Thriving Accelerator
  6. Full AI Yoda Accelerator
  • Goal: Have 17 Nodes, one node per SDG within 24 months with an interoperable Metaverse.

Build NFTs

  • Founders NFTs for each Node
  • Public Sale: 7,777 → Q4
  • Build Stage 2 for first NFT public sales → Mutanization → Q2
  • Second NFT Sales → Q2

In 2022, driven by the urgent global need to collaborate for change, combined with the convergence of web3 technology, partners and funding, along with momentum for upcoming events where we will be in front of funders and partners, we are now activating.

This includes fundraising and radically collaborating with SDG and other content partners to convert the previous 6 years of learning into a game, and the next steps for the next three months are:


Create Tokenomics - Working with Virgil Bellini - Token Compliance

  • Number of wallets created

Number of countries, organizations, global citizens, and companies in the pipeline post-event

Demographics - Age, Ethnicity, Location, Race

Economic local and global impact
Finalizing Dream Tank conversion into a Foundation, with 3 mandates:

  • Grant Fund

  • Scholarship Fund

  • Collective Impact Oracle

  • Advisory Board Established

  • Annual Operating Plan Complete

  • Digital Assets Conference

  • NFT NY (June)

22-26 World Economic Forum @ Davos - will attend before and after for surrounding events, and based on funds raised, will produce a version of the Global Game Village and Island17 hackathon, incorporating local youth.

SDG Commitments from Cross Sector leaders

Have over 3,000 individuals in the community via Telegram, Discord, and other social media platforms.


Island17 builds on six years of Dream Tank’s iconic DREAM-DESIGN-LAUNCH social impact accelerator programming to create a scalable decentralized infrastructure for collective action. We’ve:

  • Helped 1000s of young social entrepreneurs solve local and global challenges,
  • Changed 3 laws centering around environmental sustainability, conservation and the legalization of entrepreneurship for minors.
  • Created several patent-pending SDG-based innovations


Exo Economy, Exo Angels, Social Stack, Magi, Liquid Light Project, Nuat VR, Maanch, Worldwide Ethical AI Institute, High Vibe Network, Vortex, Indian School of Natural Spiritual Sciences, and the Global Entrepreneurship Network.


  • Reverse Pandemic Hackathon - global hackathon during covid with 40 youth ages 12-28 who designed and ran a month-long online hackathon, culminating in a Collective Impact Summit and Demo Day.

    • Launch Blog Post
    • Summary Blog Post by 15 year old participants
    • Collective Impact Summit Recap
  • Prototype created in Mozilla Hubs, originally named “The Dream Tank Portal”. Later renamed to Island17

    • Youth gamer and Dream Tank co-founder and many-time participant, age 12, along with a mentor and a group of partners providing SDG related content to integrate, created the first prototype (in two weeks!) which was featured at the online burning man in August 2020. He was written up in the burning man journal. Links:
      • Burning Man Journal blog post
      • Dream Tank Portal Tour - by Cody Gould, 12 year old Dream Maker
      • Enter the Burning Man Multiverse - livestream interview of Cody Gould and myself
  • Current Island17 world design, being developed in parallel in Unity and Unreal Engine 5. Developed by Braintrust council which collectively mentored a 2 week software development sprint and mini hackathon with Brown University students in Jan 2022.


We are going to build Island17 through a series of virtual and in-person hackathons with youth in mind around the world. We’ve already conducted hackathons as proof of concept while incubating Island17 through Dream Tank Programs with youth.

|Nov 2018| SDG Hackathon - PoC|
|May - July 2020| Reverse Pandemic Hackathon -|
|May 2021| Gameplay categories/elements developed|
|May 2021| Initial Character Development|
|June 2021| Cut scene and trailer storyboard and script|
|Sept 2021| Set up “Jedi Council” framework for core contributors and researched DAO formation|
|Dec 2021| Create 1 min animated storyboard from|
|Q1 2022| Prepare investment materials, form legal structure and DAO, Corporate for-profit filings, prepare for NFT Drop|
|Jan 2022| 2 week Hackathon with Brown University students developed and Executed

-Funded by EXOS|
|Q1 2022|Founder’s Pre-Sale / NFT Drop

77 Founder NFTs @ $555|
|Q1 2022|Develop plug-in template for Island17 hackathons to integrate into global youth, SDG, Impact finance and web3 summits.|
|Q1 and Q2|Package and develop pipeline and promotion for 2-week Island17 sprint /hackathon for universities|
|Q4 2022|Public Sale / NFT Drop - 7,777 @ $111 = $863,247. 10% Royalty program. $86,324. 5% goes to the Node. 2% goes to Island 17. 3% goes to the kids. NFTs consist of land, skins, PFP, contracts. They will be interoperable.|

Number of participants in each physical workshop

Number of Youth Present (under 30)
Test of understanding before and after workshop
Number of participants that complete online training videos/assessments and interact with the metaverse

Number of Youth Present (under 30)
Projects started from within Environmental Harmony
Partner Projects/Collaborations
Members who gain freelance or long-term employment through the DAO
Social media growth reviewed with weekly analytics
Weekly budget updates and timesheet tracking

Social Connections made within DAO
Number of new wallets created during workshops
Monthly checks for demographic coverage Traffic on proposals
Press (Interviews, Articles, Podcasts)
Revenue Streams
Revenue through staking, NFT sales and royalties
3rd Party Sponsorships
New sources of revenue
Staking participation with DAO validator nodes (start first DAO node on Harmony One)
Funds deployed to support the growth of businesses/ projects started from our metaverse

Island 17

  • Going to be building a Tokenomics structure that is compatible with each Metaverse.
  • Setting up rules, laws, systems, NDA, and compliance forms for all Nodes to follow.
  • The nodes/activation will build a tokenization structure cross compatible.
    • Each Node is focused on building:
  1. Community
  2. Niche problem
  3. Commerce

Total Community SIze Currently: 100

  • Each Node has the goal to raise $500,000

    • According to the developers and coders we spoke to, this is what we need to invest in order to build a cross chain interoperable Metaverse on Unreal Engine.
  • Every future Node will cost approximately $36k to get involved with Island 17, and will receive 77 Founder NFTs. Goal: 17 Nodes/Activations.

  • Public Sale from each Node will begin at 7,777 NFTs at $222 to equate $1,726,494 with a 10% royalty program.

    • Node → 5% = $86,324.70
    • Kids → 3% = $51,794.82
    • Island 17 DAO → 2% = $34,529.88
      • We will use part of our budget to pay for marketing, media, promotion, interviews, to promote our products and services.
  • We believe up to 30% of our NFTs will be sold on the secondary market within 90 days. Equating:

    • $671,932.80 of revenue for the community
    • Royalty: $67,193.28
  • In this example, the Node will have: $1,726,494 revenue with $119,921.34 from royalties in the treasury excluding expenses.

    • We are using, an NFT Bot that has succeeded in helping NFTs receive traction, sales, and avoid scams and frauds on Telegram and Discord.
  • With the money in our treasury, to become self sufficient what we will do is:

    • Add Treasury to Gnosis Vault
    • Create a smart contract with ONE/I17 Pair to add to a Liquidity Pool.
      • Use these profits to add into a stronger LP like ONE/ETH.
      • Use these profits to yield farm.
        • LP Cubed.
        • Klima
    • Use 1-5% of our treasury for an AI bot to trade.
      • Using Killer Whale Bots - Avg: 15% ROI/monthly.
    • Add 1-5% of self sustaining profits to staking coins, arbitrage, investing in other projects focused on helping kids.
      • Ex: YCC: Youth Crypto Conference
    • Grant and ESG funds will be used to be reinvested into the project, until we have 100,000 active users on our Metaverse, solving SDGs in respect to Environmental Impact Node.
      • This is a 24 month goal.


T.R. Price, Drew Peytan, Eric Knight, Heidi Cuppari, Robert Castillo, Virgil Bellini, Boone Bergsma, Taylor Coyne, Stephen Cutter

These individuals actively give each other performance feedback and utilize tools for retroactive peer bonuses. In order for actions that are part of the DAO to be passed, there needs to be 80% consensus. The core contributors to our DAO, actively track the time they spend on each deliverable. For the wider DAO community, we record detailed information about the contributions they made through GitHub, Discourse, and Discord. Our next governor election will be 6/2022. All governors have accepted a self assessed salary of $75 an hour, at a maximum of 10 hours per week. All governor’s plan to apply for Harmony’s income grant.

Governor Descriptions

Heidi Cuppari (Boulder, Colorado)

Heidi Cuppari is a leader in social impact investing, youth and women’s leadership. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of Dream Tank, Director of Cuppari Mondo Bello Gallery and Council member of The Digital Economist, and is now creating Island17, a web3 collective impact game designed by youth to address the United Nations’ SDGs. Her consultancy activates and supports maximizing the global impact of Next Generation and women investors through strategic collaboration and impact investing. Prior to founding Anastasia Impact in 2014, Heidi was a licensed Financial Advisor with UBS Financial Services in the Leonard Social and Sustainable Investment Group. In 2016 she launched Dream Tank. Heidi also serves as an advisor and investor relations consultant to several family offices, as well as emerging technology social impact ventures that she believes will revolutionize our ability to address the SDG’s and enable people and the planet to thrive.

T.R. Price

With a masters degree in Environmental Studies, Sustainable Development and Climate Change and a PhD (in progress) in Environmental Economics, T.R. leads the way in understanding and ideating on systemic issues related to sustainability. They have been globally honored (through the Trinity Challenge) for solutions they have proposed for global issues (such as the COVID-19 pandemic) and have led teams towards action in an international context.

Drew Peytan ( The Prime Meridian)

Drew is a professional jeweler, business owner and ceo/founder of StäK Development Suite, a SaaS company focused on the blockchain. With over 7 years of defi knowledge/research into technology fundamentals and over 2 years of direct experience, Drew is a valuable component in this DAO as his focus is on sustainability of bedrock technology, scalability and the foundational issues that lie within its environmental impact. His vision for the future is not just for carbon zero resolution, but carbon negative by proper implementation of smart contract governance and the automatic facilitation of reforestation. With many innovative concepts and the drive to ensure that as a global community we take countermeasures against the ecological costs inherent within industry, Drew’s laser focus resides within the common ethos present within our DAO architecture.

Eric Knight (KNIGHTiREIGN)

Eric Knight is an entrepreneur and founder of The Rage Room LLC, Co-Founder of StäK Development Suite… He is also an avid philanthropist. He is personally responsible for the H.E.A.L. (Haitians Earning A Living) movement in Haiti where he is helping build necessary infrastructure in disparate regions of the country to provide basic quality of life for its denizens.

Robert Castillo (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Is an Entrepreneur. Robert has a vision on helping A Billion Lives. From 2015-2020, he trained teams as large as 30 people, 15 years of sales experience, spoke across the country on stages, with a few audiences as large as 2,000 people on topics about leadership, relationships, philosophy and economics. Robert has been involved with the Crypto space for 3 years. He currently mines Ethereum. His team placed 13th out of 250 teams in the Hackathon ETH Denver for his ArenaVerse, and top 4 for social impact, He is also an executive for the Youth Crypto Conference with the mission to provide the youth with tools, resources, utility, and people to improve the quality of their life. He believes in helping a billion lives across the world with ideas that surround environmental conservation, media and food production, financial literacy, governance, and sustainable architecture.

Matty Rogers(Nevada)

is a Las Vegas based social entrepreneur focused on bridging the intersection of Finance and Culture. Having created events across the US and Internationally with a lens on education and adoption of new tech he is now focused on bringing the Youth of the world into the decentralized future.

Data Privacy, Personal Liberties and Fair Financial systems are a big part of the work and message behind the Youth initiatives. In 2022 Matty is organizing the first ever Youth focused crypto and blockchain conference and Educators Summit. Visit YouthCryptoCon and register as a speaker if you are a party of this dao!

Taylor Coyne ( Denver, Colorado)

Taylor is an Admin at a law firm, entrepreneur, environmental conservationist, and novice solidity developer. Proficient in Discord server administration, server moderation, bot scripting and design development. Taylor has dedicated his young adulthood to Boy Scouts of America and activism within his community. He has attained the highest rank achievable, the Eagle Scout. He has worked on countless environmental projects like Oak tree and Pine tree conservation, planting over 10,000 trees personally over the years. Taylor has also been involved in mangrove tree ecosystem restoration, and coral reef protection and restoration. Being a Florida native he is extremely passionate about marine conservation and Ocean awareness.



LEEEEETSSSS HARMONIZE! :partying_face::dart::rocket::facepunch::raised_hands::pray::100:

Harmony… I first want to say, Thank you for the opportunity! To follow our HEARTS! :innocent::relaxed::hugs:

As a governor, I’ll do everything in my power to always seek open lines of communication and try to perform at the highest levels of synergistic effort. We only get there together.
May this be our stake in the ground that WE ARE HERE to MAKE WAY for change to take place. TRANSFORMATION IS VITAL to our survival! May we work best togther. Promote Peace, Love, And Harmony! :raised_hands: Bless

@rcast171 @Tcoyne @Ascension_Unlimited @ReadyPlayerMom @WaveMaster @Suede0619 @gabby


Thank you for getting this all rolling. I am way excited for you and for the youth of tomorrow to begin to solve the challenges we all face. Cheers, Brandon


Great to see this proposal. I’ve worked with many of you and this is a strong team, with a beautiful vision.


Its an exciting time!!!:pray::facepunch::muscle::gem::partying_face::innocent::dolphin::hugs::relaxed::gift::statue_of_liberty::100::raised_hands:®:rocket::dart::dark_sunglasses::eyes::facepunch:


Thank you my friend! We will have to work together and make something synergistic with those LIGHTS!! @LIGHTITUPDAO


Super excited to have the first ‘node’ of the Island17 Metaverse be submitted! We will be submitting an Island17 Metaverse DAO proposal this weekend :wave:


There’s so much traction going into this field, and as I research more and more opportunities for all of us - it seems like limitless potential. I’m proud to be a part of this community!


You are making a difference and paving the way for a more harmonious way for our community to gather and solve these most pressing problems. Keep it up my super heroes!


Hello @rcast171

Thank you so much for this. I am incredibly inspired after reading this proposal and what Island 17 DAO hopes to accomplish.

My first question is, which DAO is seeking funding? Environmental Harmony DAO or Island 17 DAO?

My second question is, why are you seeking a DAO bootstrap grant? I wonder if a Launch grant is what you’re looking for?

Please let me know your thoughts at your convenience! :blue_heart:


I love it! Thank you for bringing your passion :blue_heart:


Thank you so much!! I look forward to diving i to this to see if we can make it all make sense! :raised_hands:


Bless! :100::dart::rocket::fire::gem::crossed_fingers::innocent::raised_back_of_hand::open_hands::raised_hands::fist::facepunch::clap::raised_back_of_hand::call_me_hand::metal::love_you_gesture: Thank you for your thoughts! We are happy to discuss this further. We have a seperate larger proposal currently being submitted for island 17 for its entirety. THIS BOOTSTRAP is specifically for the Environmental Harmony DAO. We will funtion autonomously as a “Dao within” Island17. We will be one of many resting in harmony within the Island17 Ecosystem. And we were possibly confused on the bootstrap, so if it would be better for us to pivot to the launch grant we would be happy to do so! Thank you again! Bless :raised_hands:


Thank you Heidi for your massive presence!!


Thank you for allowing me to hold space as we evolve and grow together! It’s such an honor to be on this epic collective hero’s journey together :rocket: :earth_americas: :globe_with_meridians: :desert_island:

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Thank you for your kind words of support and inspiration! :rocket:

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Well you can thank Heidi, ReadyPlayerMom for what you have been inspired with. She’s a single mother working diligently at this for many years.

We are creating layers of DAOs in this ecosystem.
For this specific proposal, it is Environmental Harmony DAO. We are a subset of Island 17 DAO.
We are focused on helping Island 17 DAO solving the SDG problems with relating to water. So everything we will build in our Metaverse, merged with Island 17, will have a focus for Ocean conservation, ocean clean up, water efficiencies, etc.

You will see a DAO proposal specifically for Island 17, the conglomerate of every node. Environmental Harmony is one node within the community of Island 17, working on solving SDGs with gamification and Metaverse technologies with kids.

To answer your second question, you may be correct. The guidelines for all of the different Harmony grants has gotten us a little confused, and what to apply for. What do you suggest?


We are thrilled to ‘join’’ you with the submission of the Island17 Metaverse DAO! Thanks for all of your support and input! It is so very much appreciated and noted!!!



The Harmony DAO Ops team will resume approvals and funding on May, 1st. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we learn best practices and navigate the proposal process. In the meantime, please take a look at the updated DAO Funding Guidelines.

note: this comment is not an approval of the proposal

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With our powers combined we ARE Captain Planet!:call_me_hand::fist_left::fist_right::facepunch::fist::100: