Environmental Harmony

Name of DAO
Environmental Harmony

Growth: Utilize the initial contribution from Harmony to foster a Regenerative Finance movement that is part of Harmony. Investing in ReFi projects that become associated as well as creating NFTs that will help us to grow the resources available in this movement.
Engagement: Support regenerative actions that people care about and partner with large name institutions to help facilitate community buy in. Utilizing transparency and immutability in a decentralized community to clearly portray how we step into this future.
Adoption: Our DAO will use effective and easy to understand onboarding mechanisms to aid in the adoption of what we are creating and believe in. We will constantly strive to make it easier to go from a person that just found out about the work we are doing to an active contributor.

Izzy Storm, T.R. Price, Dylan Shively, Tara David, Matty Rogers, Virgil Bellini, Boone Bergsma, Al Cheung, Robert Castillo, Giezi Ordonez, Chris Freeman, Taylor Coyne, Drew Peytan, Eric Knight, Anthony (Tony) Cherven

These individuals actively give each other performance feedback and utilize SourceCred for retroactive peer bonuses. In order for actions that are part of the DAO to be passed, there needs to be 80% consensus. The core contributors to our DAO, actively track the time they spend on each deliverable. For the wider DAO community, we record detailed information about the contributions they made through GitHub, Discourse, and Discord. Our next governor election will be 5/2022

Multisig Address

Proposal overview
Cryptocurrency has been heavily criticized for years for its environmental impact. Harmony is a major upgrade from the environmental impact of Proof of Work chains; however it still uses energy resources. We aim to establish this DAO to help Harmony and the greater cryptocurrency community offset environmental impact. From there we will help industries outside of cryptocurrency offset their environmental impact. This leads to the primary objective of creating a more just and sustainable economic system, one that leads to planetary regeneration instead of planetary exploitation.
This regenerative economic system is called Regenerative Finance or ReFi. Our DAO would function in collaboration with the ReFiDAO to help extend their work to the Harmony blockchain (this is one of the fundamental tenets of ReFi: collaboration over competition). ReFiDAO was started two months ago and includes representatives from at least 20 different ReFi organizations. There are around 200 people on the ReFi telegram and around 400 people on the Discord. These communication channels act as a conduit to help coordinate different movements within ReFi.
Current actions that ReFiDAO does and that Environmental Harmony would bring to the Harmony blockchain are as follows. Every Friday we organize twitter spaces on different peoples channels that are part of ReFi, this is called ReFiFriday. We are coordinating a global in real life event series. We are organizing an incubator for ReFi projects that are just getting started to be connected with the resources they need to get started and succeed. We are creating an investment syndicate that is managed by people in the ReFi space to help impact investors and venture capital connect with ReFi projects. There are biweekly calls for founders to connect on their projects and see how they can assist each other, facilitated by a practiced mediator. Perhaps most importantly, and what this DAO aims to do a lot of work in, is the creation of impact NFTs.
Impact NFTs help channel funding towards regenerative actions. These actions are measured and verified using semi-automated data collection techniques (along with the benefits from them; air, water, soil) such as satellite surveillance, smart technology IOT and georeferenced imagery from boots on the ground. The NFTs are created using a layer 0 technology, this layer 0 enables our DAO to have 1 quadrillion NFTS at our disposal, ready to be loaded with data about that action and art that supports the beauty of what that action stands for. We aim to bring these 1 quadrillion NFTs to be on the Harmony blockchain.
One of the first projects we aim to support is the creation of NFTs for the conservation and protection of Killer Whales. Killer Whales help to sequester carbon through their ocean movement. These NFTs can increase in value over time as it is measured and verified that there is more carbon sequestered. The inspiration for these NFTs come from talks with Killer Whale AI/ ML trading organization and their desire to create these NFTs. After the Killer Whale NFTs we aim to support further regenerative actions (such as tree planting, algae production for carbon sequestration, and biodiversity protection) as well as further corporations that wish to be part of this movement (we have initial contact with representatives from Google, Skittles, etc. interested in developing NFTs). A royalty fee will be transferred to the artists, regenerative organizations, the people that help to create the system that measure and verify these actions as well as the DAO itself.
By operating on the codebase of Rarible protocol we are able to have the NFTs that we create become part of the Rarible marketplace. Selling these NFTs will enable our DAO to generate financial support beyond the initial contribution from Harmony. These financial resources will then be used to further the ReFi movement.

Proposal ask
USD $1 million in total

Metrics for success
In the next three months

  1. Be part of at least two in person events to bring the Harmony ecosystem to the ReFi movement.
  2. At these events sponsor at least two hackathons on the creation of impact NFTs.
  3. Connect with at least 444 artists interested in creating art for impact.
  4. Invest in at least 4 different organizations doing work in the Regenerative Finance movement.
  5. Be part of at least 5 ReFi Fridays
  6. Create an NFT collection of 10,000 unique Killer Whales
  7. Utilize the selling of these NFTs to grow our initial funding resources 10x
  8. Set up Environmental Harmony communication channels; growing the Discord to 500 members, the Telegram to 1,000 and the twitter to 2,000

We currently have an active DAO we can tap into to bring energy and resources to support ReFi on Harmony. This DAO consists of members that have helped to bring 5% of the global carbon supply on chain, tokenized and supported the protection of endangered species, and created new economic systems of conservation. We have identified initial actions we will create impact NFTs for, and have the start of a surveillance system that will be able to measure and verify that the regenerative actions these NFTs supported occurred as well as the benefits from them. We have identified a partner for the first NFT collection that currently has a community base of 50,000 followers. We welcome feedback to help our community create great movement in the ReFi space in Harmony.

Governor Descriptions
Isabella Comiskey (Izzy Storm)

Our DAO is lucky to have a strong feminine presence including Izzy Storm. Izzy is based out of Denver, Colorado and works directly with Killer Whale Crypto scouting potential events for networking opportunities and has a background in the sustainable and holistic interior architecture field. She is currently working with a woman led and focused DAO to continue to help on-board women into the web3 space. She also co-owns an event management company alongside Tony Cherven that works with local NFT creators and artists with an aim to provide funding for endangered animal preservation with a focus on fun and engagement in the community. Her self-assessed salary is USD $175 per hour at a maximum of 10 hours per week.

Instagram and Twitter- izzystorm13

Wallet Address: 0xC00E2B5E40eCccbF7EDDd3941C5787363A4280a1

T.R. Price

In the spatial surveillance side, T.R. Price helps to guide the way. They have been globally recognized for their work in the spatial field and have direct connections to some of the largest spatial surveillance organizations in the world, including Google Earth and Astraea. Their self-assessed salary is USD $175 per hour, at a maximum of 10 hours per week.

Harmony Wallet: 0x5A6C1AFa7d14FD608af17d7e58e8DB52DF5d66Ea

Dylan Shively is the brainchild of Killer Whale Crypto (established in 2019) he is an experienced trader, software engineer and entrepreneur.

Being an early adopter of crypto, Dylan saw a flood of new traders enter the market, some made it big, others lost everything. What sets the successful traders apart from the majority? They understand market conditions, do not let emotions cloud their judgment and look for the optimum time to buy and sell - in summary they had a strategy.

Dylan created Killer Whale as a way for new traders to have access to the same skills and strategies of experienced traders, leveling the playing field.

Their self-assessed salary is USD $175 per hour, at a maximum of 10 hours per week.

Harmony Wallet: 0x71b3c21E10f42eBb30CdFA4A7e4575743E1Ad73B

Drew Peytan ( The Prime Meridian)

Drew is a professional jeweler, business owner and ceo/founder of StäK Development Suite, a SaaS company focused on the blockchain. With over 7 years of defi knowledge/research into technology fundamentals and over 2 years of direct experience, Drew is a valuable component in this DAO as his focus is on sustainability of bedrock technology, scalability and the foundational issues that lie within its environmental impact. His vision for the future is not just for carbon zero resolution, but carbon negative by proper implementation of smart contract governance and the automatic facilitation of reforestation. With many innovative concepts and the drive to ensure that as a global community we take countermeasures against the ecological costs inherent within industry, Drew’s laser focus resides within the common ethos present within our DAO architecture.

Drew’s self assessed salary is 175 an hour, at a maximum of 10 hours per week.

Harmony Wallet address


MM address


Eric Knight (KnightIReign)

Eric Knight is a full time business owner of The Rage Room LLC, Co founder of StäK Development Suite and is an avid philanthropist. He is personally responsible for the H.E.A.L. (Haitians Earning A Living) movement in Haiti where he is helping build necessary infrastructure in disparate regions of the country to provide basic quality of life for its denizens.

His self assessed salary is 125 an hour, at a maximum of 10 hours a week.

Harmony Wallet address


MM address


Anthony (Tony) Cherven

Tony is a professional writer, with experience in both journalism and advertising. He first discovered cryptocurrency back in 2017 and immediately developed a strong passion for both investing and blockchain technology. Tony has been with Killer Whale Crypto since its inception.

Tony has managed a multitude of successful businesses; many of which were founded alongside Dylan Shively. Tony Cherven and Dylan Shively’s business relationship has proven to be a healthy and fruitful partnership for over 15 years. Tony currently represents the Killer Whale Team through AMA (ask me anything) events, which take place on our Killer Whale Discord channel. Tony answers any and all questions related to cryptocurrency for Killer Whale’s users (AKA our Pod) via live streamed audio. Tony works full time in the crypto space and is excited to govern this project because of its potential for growth, as well as its advantageous connection to the current number of customers that Killer Whale Crypto already has.

Tony Cherven’s self-assessed salary is $100 USD per hour, with a maximum number of working hours set to 10 hours per week.

Tony’s goals within the project will be centralized around providing well written text, which will be communicated amongst the team and all our customers in plain and simple language.

MetaMask Address: 0x15CD9eF2203b23E67643A9D79c0Ef2bDa4Ba3b95

Tara David

Being the National Blockchain Center of Excellence (CoE) Lead and a Senior Technology Consultant at one of the Big 4s, Tara comes with years of experience helping clients solve some of their most complex challenges and has helped many clients define their strategies and implement digital solutions.

In addition to her role with the Big 4, Tara comes from an impact background and is most passionate about leveraging technology to make the world a better place. Prior to joining the Big 4, she was a founding member of Canada’s Development Finance Institution (DFI), now known as FinDev Canada. More recently, she started working on building a DAO focused on addressing social injustice.

Tara brings the skills, experiences and passion to help take this DAO to the next level. Tara’s self-assessed salary is $175 an hour, at a maximum of 10 hours per week.

Harmony address: 0x18B9B8c0c00fBD95BdC8f79D247f3005047d1CA7

Chris Freeman (Sydney, Australia) - Chris, has a passion for conservation and sustainability with the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest reef system within react. He has seen the effects of environmental impact first hand. Chris is an entrepreneurial, customer-centric senior executive who has acquired over 23 years of experience in IT. Success in process excellence, digital and business transformation and operational leadership, integrating business strategy into delivery with exceptional results delivering a superior customer focused experience. With a strong interest in Crypto since 2017, Chris has been involved in several startups within the crypto space, in a business advisory capacity. He has also spoken at local government events around blockchain technologies, and was interviewed by the ABC on “Betting on Bitcoin” back in 2017

Chris currently acts in a business and strategic advisory for Killer Whale Crypto.

Chris has demonstrated success in establishing appropriate technology roadmaps and strategy, whilst leading, supporting and guiding key stakeholders in delivering outcomes to enhance service offerings, technology capabilities, and operational facilities.

A natural leader passionate about technology being an enabler for the execution of business strategy. Chris combines a highly analytical approach with in-depth knowledge and commercial awareness to help organizations achieve specific business outcomes. Financially literate with excellent communication skills, he builds trusted relationships at all levels with an organization and is both confident and competent in presenting to and working daily with C-level colleagues and across all tiers within an organization.

His self-assessed salary is USD $225 per hour.

Harmony Address - 0xD3d465EB6Ad80A1ed4E2A131F088C6632BDf0170

Taylor Coyne ( Denver, Colorado)

Taylor is an Admin at a law firm, entrepreneur, environmental conservationist, and novice solidity developer. Proficient in Discord server administration, server moderation, bot scripting and design development.Taylor has dedicated his young adulthood to Boy Scouts of America and activism within his community. He has attained the highest rank achievable, the Eagle Scout. He has worked on countless environmental projects like Oak tree and Pine tree conservation, planting over 10,000 trees personally over the years. Taylor has also been involved in mangrove tree ecosystem restoration, and coral reef protection and restoration. Being a Florida native he is extremely passionate about marine conservation and Ocean awareness.

Harmony Address - 0xf9d71b5fB8345F2508C1302a74d4362DEAb7D104

His self-assessed salary is USD $125 per hour.


Matty Rogers(Nevada) is a Las Vegas based social entrepreneur focused on bridging the intersection of Finance and Culture. Having created events across the US and Internationally with a lens on education and adoption of new tech he is now focused on bringing the Youth of the world into the decentralized future.

Data Privacy, Personal Liberties and Fair Financial systems are a big part of the work and message behind the Youth initiatives. In 2022 Matty is organizing the first ever Youth focused crypto and blockchain conference and Educators Summit. Visit YouthCryptoCon.com and register as a speaker if you are a party of this dao!

Previous projects include Blockchain Beach, The Global Hackathon, and Crowd DAO.

IG mattyinvenice

TW honeybeedao


His self assessed salary is $125 per hour

Giezi Ordonez (Denver, Colorado) - Giezi has a passion for conservation and habitat restoration. He has worked with the Denver Zoo and multiple conservation programs around the world to reduce human animal conflicts and improve the lives of people in developing nations. He has been involved in the crypto space since 2018 and is an entrepreneur both inside and out of the space. Giezi is proficient in marketing, project management, and product management with an emphasis on data management.

Harmony Address - one195vzrahwkwglrmf6832xkvg0p20kucqmqgxwdc

His self-assessed salary is USD $250

Virgil Bellini (Cheyenne, WY)

(DAO member, Governor role)

Virgil Bellini has been working in crypto since 2016. At Metal, Virgil led operations for 3.5 years while helping navigate the regulatory framework required to launch a crypto neo bank in the United States. Virgil was also responsible for the majority of Metal’s MTL and XPR compliant exchange listings.

Virgil is currently responsible for exchange listings and business development for Project TXA out of Singapore. For Wyoming-based company, Tacen, Virgil leads customer success for it’s compliance services. Tacen Compliance helps crypto projects launch a crypto token compliantly for fundraising within 6 months. Services include entity setup advisory, tokenomics structure, investor/marketing/legal referrals, smart contract deployment, KYC software platform, exchange listings, post-launch services, etc.

Hourly rate $150

Receiving address: 0x79b0842f7C2A15fB19f5dD89Dfd4267E6b1130eC

Boone Bergsma, Founder & CEO

Boone Bergsma is an expert in sustainability, ESGs, and CSR. And strategically started Blockchain Laboratories LLC to create and launch the next generation of Impactful DApps and DeFi platforms that have Triple Bottom Line ROI. Boone will help the DAO with coding and business development.

Hourly rate $150


Al Cheung (New York City, NY) member Blu3 DAO, is a founder of a quant trading firm, BaturMont Capital. As well as a Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company. Apart from for profit experience he is also a treasurer of a non-profit Foundation that provides scholarships to students in need of college funding.

Al Cheung spent his career in the finance industry at both the buyside and sellside firms. With more than 16 years of experience in financial services, he held senior risk management roles at Goldman Sachs & Co., Northern Trust Co., and Citadel LLC. He began his career as a Junior Trader at Cargill, Inc.

His self-assessed salary is $175 an hour.

Harmony Address: 0x54dE248C41107fBFc7315521f34b540C61604ED9

Robert Castillo (Colorado Springs, Colorado) is a business owner running two wholesale businesses for 2 and 3 years respectively. With over 15 years of sales experience, and managing teams of people as large as 30 people for over 6 years, he helped a Miami lending start-up company grow to $3M of monthly revenue in 2020, pre-pandemic. For 4 years, he spoke across the country on stages as large as 2,000 people, speaking about leadership, relationships, philosophy and economics. Robert has been involved with the Crypto space passively for 5 years, and actively for 3 years. Within the space, Robert built 3 mining rigs, totalling 17 GPUs to mine Ethereum, created a series of NFTs, arbitrage, trading, and participated in a Hack-A-Thon.

In addition, Robert has a focus on helping A Billion Lives. In that vision he has helped raise over $100k for The Abilities Experience across 5 years, and participated in Big Brother mentorship with elementary school kids in low socioeconomic locations in Miami. He believes there is a lack of efficiency, which is damaging the growth of our resources as our global population grows. He has a vision to participate in a systematic ideology in providing a constructivist solution to help a billion lives across the world within environmental conservation, food production, financial literacy, governance and sustainable architecture.

His self-assessed salary is $175 an hour for a maximum of 10 hours a week.

Robert believes in participating as a Governor, yet is willing to be flexible in order to build a legacy and be a part of something more significant and generational than himself.

Harmony Address: one1l875wnsvej85j65g03depj5paz29fqramqfrsh

Other Roles

Hannah Verschelden (Bay Area, California) Hannah’s background is in cybersecurity and education is in science & ecology.

Hannah specializes in API Security and is the COO of NFT GIRL GANG; a global ecosystem of women in the web3 space (developers, artists, entrepreneurs and more) who come together to share news, opportunities, stories, and art. Hannah utilizes new & emerging tech to bring awareness, visibility, and accelerate remediation efforts around key ecological problems such as; endangered species, quality of vital food production, access to clean air and water, and sustaining biodiversity in a changing climate, improving. Known for leadership and public speaking, Hannah advocates to amplify underheard voices and is an inclusive ally in all her ventures.
Volunteer projects include, but aren’t limited to; the Boys & Girls club, Last prisoner project, Redcross, women’s shelters, wildlife reservations, habituate restorations and environmental impact projects, encouraging sustainability best practices.

A hobbieset in the blockchain space since 2013, Hannah joined professionally at Art Basel Miami 2021 where she hosted the first ever (2 month) CryptoART + CryptoHACK Hackathon. She’s built and managed a discord community of 400 developers/artists, received 1000+ NFT CryptoArt entries and curated multiple art shows for hundreds of people at The Sagamore Hotel during Miami Art Week.

With a big vision in mind, Hannah is skilled at fine details. She’s managed global partnerships, sales motions, and driven marketing campaigns from ideation to creation, through execution with Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco Systems. Her perspective and experience combined creates her multifaceted approach to marketing; leveraging the digital & physical together she makes ideas tangible in order to convey importance and evoke emotion.

Hannah is honored to be a part of this project and is willing to contribute however is necessary in order to support the mission and build a healthier future and prepare to leave the world a better place than it was in our lifetime.

Heidi Cuppari (Boulder, Colorado)

(member of DAO, non governor position)

Heidi Cuppari is a leader in social impact investing, youth and women’s leadership. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of Dream Tank, Director of Cuppari Mondo Bello Gallery and Council member of The Digital Economist, and is now creating Island17, a web3 collective impact game designed by youth to address the United Nations’ SDGs. Her consultancy activates and supports maximizing the global impact of Next Generation and women investors through strategic collaboration and impact investing. Prior to founding Anastasia Impact in 2014, Heidi was a licensed Financial Advisor with UBS Financial Services in the Leonard Social and Sustainable Investment Group. In 2016 she launched Dream Tank. Heidi also serves as an advisor and investor relations consultant to several family offices, as well as emerging technology social impact ventures that she believes will revolutionize our ability to address the SDG’s and enable people and the planet to thrive.

How two youth-focused social impact ventures were born through her children:

When observing how her son Cody, a lively, brilliant, talented child, 5 years old at the time, struggled with the existing school system, she sought to find a solution to help him. Through a growing friendship with a young recent CU education grad and social entrepreneur through Watson Academy, and having researched solutions, she learned about how being in nature can bring out a child’s innate gifts, talents, and provide a sense of health and wellbeing. She invited Ashley to create a new experimental nature-based program with her kids and other families in the Boulder community, who then invited Kasey Schelling and Garrett Braun to co-create it. They both pitched the River House Universe to provide the space to launch it, and The Kiva Center was born.

Building upon the success of the Kiva Center led by young education imagineers, in 2016 Heidi began imagining how we could apply youth innovation and genius she witnessed at the Kiva center to her other work - achieving moonshots such as the SDGs by 2030. She realized that we needed people with the best imaginations in the world: kids. Thus, she started Dream Tank with Ashley Kulik in July of 2016. Heidi believes the power and creative genius of kids can innovate a better future for all. She thrives in building mentorship and community connection to this end. In all of her work, her dream is to further amplify the voices of youth and their participation in meaningful and bold community change, and is now rolling all of her life’s work, 18 years of impact investing and social entrepreneurship mentoring across generations, and 16 years as a mother, into Island17, a global game designed by youth and a braintrust ‘jedi council’ DAO to solve the SDGs.

Hourly rate for impact investing introductions and consulting: $350. For the DAO I will offer my services at $250/hour.

External links
https://twitter.com/ReFiDAOist, https://refidao.com/


Interesting, first I’d heard of ReFi! PeopleDAO has members interested in environmental impact - maybe we could work together someday. Just a matter of time before we see carbon offsets trading on the blockchain.


Just checked out PeopleDAO!!! Great to see that the energy is continuing even after the Constitution goal. We need more people to hear about ReFi as soon as possible and would love to collaborate with the PeopleDAO on this. Carbon offsets are actually already trading on the blockchain. Examples of blockchain based credits are Moss Earth (MCO2 token) and Toucan Protocol (Base Carbon Tonne and Natural Carbon Tonne). Toucan Protocol brought 5% of the global carbon supply on chain last year (within only the last quarter of last year).


Cool! In retrospect, it’s not at all surprising that offsets are trading on chain. But I am surprised by the on chain share of the market, that’s big!


Is big and with this DAO we aim to continue to do big action that positively impacts the environment.


Thank you for submitting a proposal to $300M Ecosystem Fund :blue_heart:

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Your proposal is under review :slight_smile: Meanwhile, head over to our DAO Funding Guidelines

:heavy_check_mark: Please ensure that your proposal meets the criteria necessary to be considered for a Harmony DAO bootstrap grant.

Note, that even if your proposal meets certain criteria, it does not necessarily guarantee approval or funding :see_no_evil:

Thank you for your time and interest! :rocket:


Extremely interesting! Would love to see this happen and think it’s a great addition to the community. Sent you a DM on discord about potentially working together.


Seems like there is potential to collaborate with Sustainable Development DAO - #12 by OG_Lemurman how could we build on each others efforts?


Amazing guys! looking forward to see your work! :crossed_fingers:


Hey Harmony!! Its Eric from Tennessee!! We have been working really hard behind the scenes dozens of hrs to put together a good proposal!!! We really look forward to this process and understanding what TRUE HARMONY IS! BLESS!:facepunch::raised_hands::pray::dart:

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So true! Great opportunity to be apart of this team!

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Stay tuned for the new proposals we worked on. It’s been a challenge, but it’s worth it if we’re going to save the world.

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So true brother! We really came togther @ETHDENVER! HARMONY WOW… yall showed up in denver in a Big WAY!

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With our POWERS COMBINED !!! WE ARE CAPTAIN PLANET!!!:facepunch::partying_face::grimacing:®:gem::fire_extinguisher::100:

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Yea that is very true. My first community event I have ever been to, and the @ETHDenver community squad, and Harmony, and anyone else involved, truly killed it.

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idek how you got us into VIP all the time bro

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I cant tell you what it was for me… being the first time across the MISSISSIPPI RIVER IN MY LIFE!!! :microphone: MIC DROP

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We should explore the options!! All options of collaboration! :100::raised_hands::innocent::pray::eyes::rocket::rocket::gift:


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hello Environmental Harmony team, and fellow #DAOist Jedi of the Harmony Community!! Happy Monday - as our amazing team is cranking on a full-on #Island17 Metaverse DAO Harmony application… and I work on some divine details to finalize to post here and share with @lij and @OG_Lemurman … I’m listening to :musical_keyboard:music that pumps me up and helps me bring harmonious high vibes to everyone in my life. Right now: “Good Grief by Bastille” - from one of my kids playlists - fitting since we are #standingwithyouth in the #island17metaverse !

:interrobang: Question to the Harmony Community: What music gets you into the same vibe?? :man_dancing: :dancer:
Post a music link here to share the love across this amazing community!! @TerexitariusStomp @rcast171 @KNIGHTiREIGN @brandonjcope @WeAreIsland17 @exoangel @impactcapital @WaveMaster