Community DAO Twitter Space 12/10/2021 Recap


DAO deliverables, Engaging with the broader community, and more!

Hello to our fellow Harmony community!

The community DAO held the 12th official Twitter space to increase engagement and boost participation from the broader community. Listed below are a number of key highlights from the talk that spanned over 3 hours with 50 unique participants throughout.

This is outstanding growth but we need YOU ! Every ONE should feel encouraged to join in the conversation held on Twitter or on the official Harmony forum at .

The importance of this cannot be understated. The community DAO is your way to shape the future of our incredible community. As a Harmony ONE token holder, you have the ability to CREATE & VOTE on proposals that can be funded and implemented by the DAO.

Without further ado, listed below are notes from the calll; in a format we can use to keep you up to date with all the latest conversations surrounding governance and community growth.

Notes taken by Harmonious Dude: (this week, I am trying a new process for sharing twitter space notes. Rather than recap the conversation from scratch, I created a twitter space agenda doc and have reworked it into a presentable format for the public and added any additional talking points.)


“The Community DAO is the DAO that represents the entirety of the Harmony community. The Harmony Community DAO mandates are as follows. These mandates serve as the ultimate role for the Harmony Community DAO:

Growth : board users on missions and culture, pollinate values across communities

Engagement : Amplify content of roadmap and milestones, creative campaigns of products

Diversity : Solicit voices and votes in forums, reinforce strong governance participation

The purpose of these twitter spaces is to inform the community of activities surrounding the DAO, provide updates to the Harmony roadmap, and announce upcoming events and new developments within the community. But most importantly, these spaces are an opportunity for you, the community, to ask questions and provide opinions on any number of subjects that you feel fall within our mandates. Ideally, we would like to limit these discussions to around 2 hours and to keep the conversation respectful and relevant to the operations of the DAO.”

Announcements of work completed in the past week within the DAO and any ongoing governance proposals or votes:

1: HCIP-3 Community Charter

2: Q4 deliverable “What Harmony Means to me?” completed for CDAO governors. What Harmony means to me - #17 by StrongMindsHold

3: Initial working group formed for Landing Page initiative, 4 DAO collab. Initial draft of talking paper in progress.

4: Funding proposal for rest of Q4 and Q1 2022 has been posted to (provide link at top Community DAO Funding Request Q4 2021-Q1 2022)

5: Day ONE- share link ( with corresponding schedule of the day (Day ONE: Web3 Festive Moments)

Updates on roadmap:

1: Chainlink & Bitcoin bridge? Bitcoin Bridge

-From the link:

Action items for the week of Dec 5 - Dec 11

chainlink confirmed that all blockers are resolved now and if the feeds work without any interruption until the end of this week, they can sign off. we are checking with chainlink team on the date for the beta launch for our bridge (and other partners).

while fixing the audit issues, we ran into 1btc contract size exceeding issue. we are currently fixing it by reducing the code size by optimizing the code, meanwhile we are also working on separating out the vault-registry contract from 1btc contract. both should converge sometime mid of this week to finish contract upgrading. this also means that, we are yet to send the fixes to audit firm for confirmation, which will happen in the next couple of days. but, if all goes well, we can expect to have the audit firm sign off on contracts by the end of this week as well, which is about the same time we expect the chainlink feeds become available.

we will launch 2-3 internal vaults tomorrow and start reaching out to externals to also prepare for the launch. we have updated the bridge fees to make it profitable for externals already. external vault onboarding guide is being prepared. throughout this week, we hope to get few external vaults ready to launch.

Upcoming events in the community (core team or community led)

1: ( crypto arcade has created a community calendar. if community members have any harmony related events happening you can get them added to the calendar.

“Now we’d like to welcome anyone that wishes to speak, the opportunity to do so. If you’d like to participate, please request the mic and we will bring you up.


1: Potential Tip of the Week: possible creation of a regular series of helpful hints for new or inexperienced users

2: ETH->ONE indie nft bridge initiative: ETH->ONE #IndieNFT Bridge Initiative - Discussed purpose for the initiative and mentioned that the grant was approved. Asked the listeners if they have ideas of projects to consider and also ask if they have thoughts on barriers needed to cross before part of the grant is issued to a prospective project. Directed them to the forum discussion to offer suggestions.

4: Went into a broad discussion with OG Lemurman (Colin) and other listeners about the overarching goals of daos and the potential possibilities and problem-solving capabilities of them. Colin also shared his experiences from the Day ONE event.

5: Discussion regarding domains: we asked for suggestions on use cases for the domains so that they may be an avenue of profit for the Community DAO to assist in its sustainability. Harmonious Dude suggested making them a display case of sorts for any NFTs purchased on the protocol, regardless of the platform. There seemed to be quite a bit of support for this idea, so follow up will be needed.

6: El del crypto came on and suggested more outreach to spanish-speaking community and volunteered his services for translations.

7: Hank the Crank came on to discuss the Validator DAO bootstrap proposal and it’s goal of onboarding more validators to the protocol. She also discussed the ongoing RPC issues and how they are actively being worked on. Another thing she mentioned was Tranquil Finance and how they are working on utilizing staked ONE on its dapp so that users no longer have to choose between staking and using their ONE in other features of defi.

8: Biosensei came on to announce the formation of the Portugal DAO.


-Went back over the ongoing proposals and upcoming events listed before closing out the space

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Sad I missed this Community DAO Twitter Spaces, sounds like it was a good one!

I recently updated this post asking for Governor volunteers to help setup a IndieNFT-Grant multisig-wallet
And would very much appreciate any feedback about this topic from existing DAO Governors and anyone who knows of any NFT project on an EVM compatible chain which could do more if they were on Harmony (more affordable, more interactive, more environmentally friendly ).