FundsFi Presale Round 2 Finally Live + FundsFi Project Updates

FundsFi Presale is Finally Live!!! + Project Updates

Hello everyone this is just a quick update that we wanted to publish letting everyone know that FundsFi presale is live and everyone can buy in at

We had some issues before but now it’s working great!

Contract Address: 0x9559c36c5A71D3bB45AdCC3EAEE38de3F063fE4E FundsFi Presale Round 2
FUNDSSale2 ipfs://QmUfrC6Lbsvjm3BNQSAPJz6KB6FgLZyiHD2hApSYKsm4hd/

FundsFi Project Updates

We have some amazing updates coming for the Harmony Ecosystem and other blockchains!

Trading Competition

We started a trading competition on Harmony! The rules were to have the starting account value to be 1 $ONE.

Wallet Address: 0xcDb1bD2833ecDf74A542FA00c0E0A22D16D3aC0B

So far @mercenary Has a made a whopping 16% gain after 1 week of trading. Starting Account value 1 $ONE.
Current Value: 1.16 $ONE
(Congratulations on the gains)

if the starting account value was 10,000 $ONE 16% gain would’ve been 625 $ONE in one week . Most likely for just 1 hour of focused trading.


Wallet Address: 0xE57b7e20da1b8Bf6a061B60FEeD913dA68216466

So far @0xDAO 0xE57b7e20da1b8Bf6a061B60FEeD913dA68216466

Has lost: — 14% after 1 week of trading.
Starting Account Value: 1 $ONE Currently:
0.86 $ONE

There is still time to trade and win @FundsFi Trader Role. Let’s see who wins! Good Luck Trading! This competition ends today 4/16 7:00 PM CST.

Introducing Guilds

Hello everyone we are introducing guilds: FundsFi

There are currently 3 types of guilds: (Check Images) FundsFi HOLDER & FundsFi Member & Presale Buyers.

There will be lot’s of perks for being in the guild member.

Make sure to connect link your wallet address with your discord account.
The guildz platform is completely decentralized and opensource.

Newest FundsFi Branch Launched

We just launched MetaEstate! This is a 3D Land Trading game. Assets from this game will be connected to the 2nd part which is coming up a 3D open world game where you will be able to view your land in 3D while playing around.

You’ll be able to trade land in the NFT marketplace and in the 2nd part and list it on the market through the game.

This means we are creating more Jobs/Freelancing opportunities for everyone across Defi.

Social Media Manager:
Twitter — For Meta Estate

@Community Fungers
For Meta Estate

To Lead Metaestate Project

To Lead the MetaEstate Project

To Network and partner with other investors and other Harmony projects for MetaEstate.

@Developers :
To Develop products for MetaEstate.

@Innovators :
To set up the roadmap ahead for MetaEstate.

More info for all of these roles in coming out soon! Also, the 3D land game will be launching first and after that the 3D open world game!

Learn more about us:
About Us: https://about.fundsfi. fund
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