FundsFi Presale Round 2 + Project Updates

FundsFi Presale Round 2 + Project Updates

Hello Everyone and welcome new members! Round 1 of the presale of $FUNDS went well, we sold over 4600 $FUNDS for a price of $0.10 and for Round 2 the #IDO price is $0.20.

Presale Link:

We have some great updates coming up for FundsFi! One of the main things that FundsFi does is it creates massive networking opportunities for everyone.

$FUNDS supply will likely be cut in half after the presale. So, if only 5M $FUNDS gets sold during the entire presale out the 100M presale supply, then out 995M $FUNDS then 497.5 Million $FUNDS will be burned and the rest will be allocated towards Partnerships, Grants, Investments, Staking Pools & Our Games.

Our whitepaper will be updated with more details later!

Here is a reminder of what’s coming up after the presale:

We are currently working building P2E Games & Betting Games. They will likely launch during April!

More details about the image above can be found in this article.

Updates Coming Soon…

  1. We will be moving most of our links and documents to one single website under pretty soon. Meaning our P2E games will launch on the website!
  2. FundsFi Project Supporters NFT minting will be coming out soon again! The cost will be 500 ONE and if you buy this NFT you will get higher staking rewards in vaults, banks, staking pools and higher rewards in our Games & private chat with the FundsFi Core Team & the Founder.
  3. We are currently working on launching some P2E games and a massive jackpot betting game where if you enter you will have a chance at winning whatever amount is the pot entered all of the players.
  4. Massive Networking Opportunities Coming Up for everyone within our community Discord. Some roles coming up are Founders, Funders, Innovators, Developers. We will create project’s that will be branches of FundsFi and you will be the Founder of your project. We will be here to create opportunities for users to join/create/fund/develop projects with the massive support of FundsFi.
  5. We are still developing the staking pools Dapp and will take some time but we will try to launch it as soon as possible. There are 10 confirmed staking pools!

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