FundsFi Project Updates + Round 2 Presale

Round 2 Presale Is Live + Project Updates

Round 2 Presale Info:

Hello everyone the Round 2 Presale is Live and Everyone can Buy on our presale website.

Project Updates

First of all we launched a fun mini trading competition:
Starting Account Value Must Be 1 $ONE
Start Date: April 12th
End Date: April 17th

Winner gets the the FundsFi trader role! You will get to create trading proposals using some funds from the treasury.

Enter Event: FundsFi

We have some very amazing updates coming up in the near future. We will be launching a game a open world 3D game and the first part of the game will include a 3D earth model where you will able to buy land and trade it. All lands will be traded in $FUNDS only. So buy them during the presale for a cheap price.

The 2nd part of the game will be a open world 3D game where you will be able to move around and explore the land you bought. This game will be connected to the first part. While you’ll be able to trade land in the first part you’ll actually be able to play a 3D game. In the future the game will have lot’s of features like:

  • Various in game tasks to earn money
  • Quests
  • Voice & Text Chat
  • Vehicles
  • Much Much More

We are currently working on launching the main website and making a better cleaner UI and we will launch the website very soon. We are so working on launching the prototype of the game as soon as possible.

Domain Update

We’ve officially switched our domain to it is no longer

Learn more about us:
About Us: https://about.fundsfi. fund
Presale :
Partnership Request Form:
Sponsor Giveaway Request Form:

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Looking forward how it’s evolutioning🙌