Ghana Unity DAO July

Following the success of our Web 3.0 Panel in Accra we are now preparing for our conference in July following the immense support from the Ghanaian Web 3 community and government institutions such as GIPC, Beyond the Return and B.O.G to continue to building awareness and commercial opportunities in web 3.

The date for the next event is scheduled for the 29/30th July which we plan to host 1000 - 1500 attendees.

We will be hosting an all day conference showcasing 5 panel discussions at the Kempinski hotel alongside Web 3 related pop ups & activations alongside 7 selected curated spaces through out the city showcasing & bringing more awareness about harmony & the Ghana Unity DAO vision for Ghana Africa and making good of the promises/goals/targets stated in our meetings with government officials.

Surrounding + Activations

  • Harmony Blockchain

A full tutorial of the harmony blockchain eco system.

  • Harmony Products

A full tutorial of the harmony one wallet

  • Ghana Unity DAO & Harmony local web 3 community

Announce of the 10 shortlisted projects to be funded.

  • NFT drops & activations

NFT drop for 1000 people

  • Virtual Reality Metaverse Simulations

Showcase harmony blue Metaverse

  • Defi Camps

Tutorials on Defi Kingdoms with incentives for early Ghanaian Adopters

  • Hackathons

Attract 100 builders to build on harmony blockchain

Marketing & PR

Through promotion and marketing of the event we aim to digitally reach 1million people + across the entire continent

within the Web 3 space.


• CNN Africa

• BBC Africa Focus

• Bloomberg Africa

• Tech Crunch

• Business Insider

• CNBC Africa

Target Blog Platforms- Ghana and Nigeria

• Ghana Web

• Ameyaw Debrah

• Myjoyonline

• Pulse Ghana

• This Day

• Opera News

• Independent NG

• The Net NG

Newspapers- Ghana and Nigeria

• Vanguard Newspapers

• Daily Independent

• Telegraph Newspapers

• Punch

• The Sun Newspapers

• News Direct

• Daily Guide

• Graphic Showbiz

• Business and Financial Times

Our objective is to replicate the Harmony ETHdenver experience in Accra July.

Our target panelists include the following names -

Keynote speaker - Head of fintech for Bank of Ghana - Kwame Oppong (Whom we met on this trip)


Peace Hyde (Forbes Africa)

Dentaa Amoateng - Guba President

Abena Sereno - Radio and talk show host

Kudzie Tazavi - Harmony

Host - Jerry Adjorlolo

Prospective Special Guest - Ghanaian Vice President Dr. Bawumia

Speakers & Panelists

Steve Tse - Harmony Founder

Zi Wang - Harmony Co Founder

Jack Dorsey - Founder Twitter (Prospective)

Bozoma St John - Tech Exec

Deleram - Coinbase Creative Director

David Feinstein - Superrare

Larry Osie Mensah - Digital Artist

Prince Gyasi - Digital Artist

Kweku Mandela - House of Mandela

Melita Moore - Global Esports Federation

Yele Bademosi - Founder Nest Coin

Kwame Opoku - Crypto Enthusiast

Berima Adjie - Founder Float

Jessie Ghansah Founder Float

Nana Amoah - Meta

Fatima Tambajang - Blockchain Eco system builder

Karla Kirk Cohen - BTC trust (Prospective)

Ojoma Ochai - BTC trust (Prospective)

Jake Bediako - Head of Youth Engagement office of the President

Niyi Ola Otese - Koin Koin Exchange

Princess Culberson

Benjamin Boateng - Monument Corporate finance

Annabelle Mackenzie - Beyond The Return

July event Summary -

At this event we will be showcasing Harmony products and will announce the 10 winners we have shortlisted from the Ghana Unity Sub DAO’s submissions…

We intend to introduce the Harmony one Wallet & Announce our inclusion in the

Bank of Ghana Sandbox initiative.

We will announce our educational program partnership with Government institution and private organisations such as Elevate Network who are seeking partnership to roll out harmony blockchain/web 3 curriculum nationally.

We have the following targeted sponsors interested in participating in the July event.

  • GIPC
  • Visa
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Coinbase
  • Afrochella

Please Note

Due to the heavy influx of private events during this period we need to secure venues and logistics whilst assembling teams as we have just over two months left which is limited time to market and design the program and need to start planning

right away.

Our objectives after our event

  • Is to obtain a blockchain license with the BOG in order to operate locally and build local products.

The opportunity in Ghana and Africa are surrounding launching the One Wallet and building a local exchange.

  • Grow our current community in Ghana to 10,000 members in 6months through telegram, discord and social media.

  • Match fund another $1m in addition to the existing DAO within 6months from two parties - SINO Global & Bracket Capital (LA) - Preliminary conversation’s already underway with Patrick Loney of SINO and Jihan Bowes little of Bracket.

  • Start building first product.

The first product to start with after we obtain a license should be the one wallet which can be rolled out at the local universities, Web 3 Accra and the upcoming Afrochella which attracts 15,000 to 20.000 attendees each year.

Following my meeting with Afrochella

Ghana (Entertainment & Media Company) they would like curate a partnership to roll out the One wallet to their users (16,000)

Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

This has been assigned to @essalacher. What is the funding amount you’re requesting in the proposal? @Deltitusbawuah

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.