Golden DAO

It is with the sentiment so aptly captured by Amanda Gorman’s verse, that we embrace the Golden DAO and approve the $500,000 investment per Harmony X (@lij, @adrianrobison).

> We seek harm to none and harmony for all
> Let the globe, if nothing else, say this is true:
> That even as we grieved, we grew
> That even as we hurt, we hoped
> That even as we tired, we tried
> That we’ll forever be tied together, victorious



$100k initial funding to bootstrap DAO — immediate disbursement
$200k after 1st milestone in Q1
$200k after 2nd milestone in Q2

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the $100,000 initial funding has been completed: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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What are the specific funding milestones?

How does this investment benefit Harmony? I see the DAO is on Ethereum, NFTs minted with ETH, etc


At EthDenver, Jack and Theo shared their “land & expand” plan for GoldenDAO. While the project started on Ethereum, GoldenDAO partnerships are not limited to one specific chain. Please take a look at their roadmap (May and beyond).

High volume micro-donation is a prime use case for a fast & low fee network such as Harmony. Li & I are on the GoldenDAO advisory board; we will continue to share our inputs. Many of our core platform initiatives include Blue Metaverse, cross-chain NFT infrastructure, 1Wallet … can be deployed within the GoldenDAO community.

With that being said, I strongly encourage the rest of the Harmony community to share more recommendations on we can work together to strengthen our support of diversity & inclusion


I think it is a fine DAO with a great mission

However, I don’t see how this DAO specifically benefits Harmony. The funding proposal doesn’t appear to follow Harmony’s own DAO Funding Guidelines

"Radical Transparency and Accountability"

What are the specific milestones needed for the DAO to receive funding? What are the specific “deliverables”? What guarantees are there of future Harmony integration within Golden DAO?

These are necessary questions that need answered. I understand that you and Li are on the advisory board. But if Harmony is in the DAO’s future, why was Harmony not mentioned once in the funding proposal?

I realize this may be receiving funding via “Investments” instead of “DAOs”. Either way, there still needs to be something specific that Harmony is investing in, and that the DAO will be using the funds for, no? See Mars Colony’s Investment Proposal, for example. Mars Colony’s proposal states what the investment funds will be used for and what Harmony will receive in return for its investment. I don’t see that from the Golden DAO proposal


Request for Q1 and Q2 funding deployment:

NFT Launch:

Raised $1MM (ETH/USD equivalent at time of sale) via founding membership with majority of funds deployed to community treasury. 300~ Founding members.

Discord, Social:

10,000 users across our social platforms (Twitter, IG, Telegram, Discord), roughly 3,000~ in Discord (currently private link to build more collaborative, tight knit community)

NFT LA Launch Party:

Over 1,000 attendees that night hosting web3 founders, API creators, entrepreneurs, celebrity talent. Average event feedback of 4.5/5.0 stars based on Luma event details. Harmony brand activation, press and promotion, founder association with AY + GoldenDAO.


@lij @frwrdslosh @Sam @Chak_Raam

Can someone explain how this received an immediate funding of $100,000?

Has anyone looked at these metrics?

Private party
Bitcoin Miami
Gold rings given to founders

I just went to their twitter page…
Hardly no social engagement at all…
Just retweets…

Harmony core team members serving on this Golden DAO board?

This isn’t decentralization!!

This is a charity donation guys.

None of their discord links work.

This should NOT be approved by the Harmony team.




This isn’t an investment, it’s a donation. A donation to a project with no Harmony-specific use cases or objectives in its road map

How many new users has Golden DAO brought to Harmony? … Zero?


So…most of the roadmap goals are simply parties and meet ups. The rest has practically no semblance to providing any value to the Harmony ecosystem. And no, selling NFTs and using it for donations doesn’t count, you could do all of that without any funding from Harmony. Anyone can do that.

So, essentially Harmony is just funding parties.

If Harmony Team members want to support this why don’t they just use their personal funds? I seriously fail to see how this is a good use of ecosystem funds?

Man… 100k… that is pretty unfair. I can’t believe they actually approved this.

Hi folks, Golden DAO was one of our Project X grants at EthDenver.

These links will be helpful to understand the full context. Our Project-X program was an experiment in attracting promising teams at EthDenver to Harmony. That said, and like any experiment, we learned some lessons here. One lesson learned is that we should have been more communicative about Project-X, but like most lessons our goal is to learn and adapt from them.

With that said, we will ask the GoldenDAO team to write an update and their plans working with Harmony going forward.


Thanks for the update @lij!

This is certainly a very important lesson but I think an even more important thing to learn here would be that the Harmony Team needs to vet projects a lot more thoroughly before approving them. This entails revising acceptable metrics for success, gauging community sentiment, having detailed discussions about project viability and the value it might add, etc.

And of course, post-approval, it’s extremely important to actively track how well the metrics are being met.

If these are the things being kept in consideration when making updates to existing proposals or any future proposals, I’m sure Harmony can turn these mistakes and the lessons learnt into an actual golden opportunity.


$ 100k 1st tranche: Initial fundraising used for bootstrapping DAO infrastructure and community activation. Primary focus for initial launch has been to build community foundation and ensure Harmony users for success in the long term:

Hosted a dozen AMAs between Twitter Spaces and Discord. Some E xamples:
Twitter Space: //
Women in web3 space:
NFT 101:

Closed out NFT LA with Andrew Yang as th e last speaker for the entire conference, where he spoke on behalf of GoldenDAO about the future of web3. See at!,, and also

GoldenDAO launch party with over 1,000 attendees throughout the night with Andrew Yang as our host - during the first hour, founding members received VIP and early entry access to be part of a collaborative and intimate environment. We opened up the venue to cultivate a more inclusive experience with others wanting to learn about GoldenDAO, Harmony and the web3 ecosystem. Some photos from the night: Golden Dao - Google Drive and the event link: GoldenDAO Launch Party.

**Established partnerships and sponsors with over a dozen communities and brands including LVMH Hennessey and Liquid Death.
Sharing an active designer for LVMH merchandise who crafted the 18k gold member ring:

Activated community-led and hosted dinners and small scale meet ups like this:

Part of the mission is to acclimate AAPI individuals and allies to web3. Our founders have called over 750 people personally to try and activate folk unto our project and a web3 ecosystem. We are committed to lifting one another up in the AAPI community, highlighted as one of the first DAOs for social activism: Andrew Yang Launches New DAO for AAPI Advancement

Rallied 2000 people in-person at NYC including GoldenDAO members in attendance and our very own Jack Liang as a speaker to help prevent the world’s tallest mega jail slated to be built in the heart of Chinatown NYC.
See here: Login • Instagram
And here:
As a direct result, the city has cancelled a planned homeless shelter in the neighborhood: https :** //

Hosted a GoldenDAO pre-launch party with 150 attendees at one of the most premier venues in NYC: See here:

Continue to build an inclusive team of advisors including Harmony members.

Partner with SuperDAO for founding member tooling, governance, airdrop and voting for treasury funds

Secured a fiscal sponsorship with Asian Pacific Community Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - we’re now able to receive DAO treasury funding to sustain funds, in addition to the NFT founding membership sales.

$200k 3rd tranche: Plans including further expanding community and Harmony x GoldenDAO member integration. Member voted opportunities include but are not limited to:

GoldenDAO x Harmony Fellowship program: deploy ONE to activate the broader community and be more inclusive for those who don’t have the fiscal means to contribute and buy into the founding members community but have created rippling change, impact, and influence. One of our community pillars is to close the gap on economic disparities and demystify the AAPI model minority myth.

GoldenDAO x ONE bounties: Set up bounties and bounty infrastructure for the community to earn rewards for contributions that one makes for community — a tangible way and fair way to compensate community members for their time and efforts, receive ONE.

ERG Activation: We know how important it is to activate employee advocacy to advance DEI initiatives internally. We are partnering with different internal corporate ERGs where we are invited as guest speakers to speak about GoldenDAO and AAPI initiatives. We currently have a few corporations in the pipeline, including JP Morgan, Yelp, Unqork, and Uber. Harmony team members, advisors, can be involved in content to ensure ecosystem education and scale user onboarding across corporations. Speaking fees and donations received from these organizations will also be used to fund the GoldenDAO treasury.

Season 2 NFT: Cast member vote on using Harmony’s HRC721 for GoldenDAO Season 2 NFT

NFT NYC: Hosting multiple events - collaborating with Harmony events team and other DAOs in the ecosystem on marketing, events, and founders meet-ups, community activation, user onboarding. Deploying the 18k gold plated members signet ring during week of 6/19.

NFT Asia 2023 pipeline for NFT Asia’s programming in Singapore, sponsored by the Singaporean government, providing free access for GoldenDAO and Harmony users.

Harmony x GoldenDAO Metaverse : Set-up outpost and branding initiatives to better build community and promote cross platform user collaboration

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I’m trying to look at this with an open mind but I still don’t see what anything you have done so far has to do with Harmony. Yes, building a community is very important but the community needs to care about Harmony for this to be valuable.

Cool. Didn’t see any mention of Harmony.

Cool. Web3 is a vast topic not specific to Harmony.

You say this but in the Google Drive pics and event link I still see no mention of Harmony. Somehow I spot Ripple here lol-

Cool. No mention of Harmony.

Cool. Nothing to do with Harmony.

Again, nothing to do with Harmony.

Cool. No Harmony.

Think you forgot to mention the 2nd tranche.

Okay, based on above, so far there has been practically no promotion of ONE nor any actual application of ONE.

The upcoming goals you mention do seem to have application of the Harmony ecosystem so that’s good. I guess you guys have some Discord community? No way for me to check since I think it’s not open to join.

The only optimistic way I can see this is if you guys truly have an active, dedicated community (which, again, I can’t check) and you truly will utilize the Harmony ecosystem for whatever you said you will.

Based on the track record so far though I have low confidence. @lij why not split the tranche into smaller parts? The ask amount is massive and there doesn’t appear to be any clear metrics of success I see here. At least with split tranches it’ll be easier to follow if certain goals are being met and will keep the community more up to date. I feel that’d be way more in the spirit of clearer communication with the community about projects like these where we seem to mostly be in the dark.


I would like to second @sick_of_this

If you have sustainable DAO treasury funds via NFT sales, why do you need more funding from Harmony at the present moment?

Pretty much everything you aiming for are promises. For example, “a pipeline including JP Morgan, Yelp…” well let’s either see some paperwork for that. I can guarantee you that if this was put to a vote, Harmony users would not only ask Harmony to stop funding this “DAO” but even request the Golden DAO return the money. Very few things Golden DAO had any impact on Harmony-specifically. For example, stopping a mega-jail being built is admirable, however, it is not Harmony-specific contribution. The Harmony ecosystem is not stronger because of the funding to get the Golden DAO to help host a meeting to stop a mega-jail built in NYC, USA.


These are valid points you raised @sick_of_this @GeorgeofEmmaInterest. Every builder has an opportunity to enrich their community. So lets let some light in. A sun can peak through clouds with time.

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Golden DAO - I am on the Harmony DAO Ops team and need some info from your DAO as well as get you in the 1DAO Alliance Discord. All funded DAOs are required to be part of the Alliance and participate in weekly meetings. The link to the Discord is 1DAO Alliance. Please have all signatory governors join the Discord and I can assign you a role and add you to your DAO subchannel. This Discord will be where all DAO communications are conducted.

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Tim, this DAO is inactive. Have you scrolled up? And checked what they did (or in their case, didn’t do). The amount of money that was wasted? @sick_of_this can you comment because, maybe we can add a sentiment tracker on this thread…

Hey @GeorgeofEmmaInterest, I’m pretty sure the intent here is to hold the Golden DAO more accountable and allow the DAO OPs Team to more easily track every funded project in one place. That is to say, if this DAO doesn’t report transparently and positively on its workings, that can be held to its detriment. I just had a quick look around the Discord (and now the forum) and it looks like there’s an ongoing drive to get especially all the funded DAOs on so their work can actually be accounted for. I think this is a good thing and not a “Hey join in, we will keep funding you” kinda thing.

Case in point- Meta Gamma Delta $1M Fund for Women in Web3 - #18 by StrongMindsHold

Everyone knows this project has been abandoned for months but as part of standard ops it is still good practice to involve them in conversation so you can clear things up once and for all.

@StrongMindsHold of course correct me if I’m wrong here

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