Grant: Kulfy - A Vernacular Micro Content Platform

Mainnet Launch:

We are happy to announce that Kulfy’s Decentralized meme creator is now live on Harmony Mainnet at

Hence we finish at, mainnet launch milestone and our whole team is excited about the launch event!
@Jacksteroo can you please validate the milestone?


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Great to hear, Congratulations!

@gkolluri any instructions that might help users understand the flow of Kulfy will help. I believe the use and integration/connection with WhatsApp may be necessary?

@Jacksteroo thanks for your inputs. I will create a short tutorial on the life cycle of meme, in terms of how to search and share Kulfys via different platforms (Web, iOS, Android & Keyboard).

It’s been 10 days since the mainnet launch, our early meme creators started minting meme NFTs. We are currently aggregating feedback from the community. As part of feedback there is a request to demo how memes minted on this creator can be searched and used across other application.

Please review the short video on how to consume Kulfys across iOS, Android, Web & GIF Keyboard :

In addition to this, within 2-4 weeks, these meme will be indexed by Google web and Image SEO.

Google Image Search Results

Google Web Search Results

Hope you are all having great experience using our platforms for sharing Kulfys.
Please let me know if you any more information for a smooth onboarding!


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@lij @Jacksteroo we have submitted the milestone validation request for the mainnet launch of Kulfy’s decentralized meme creator. Did you get a chance to review it? It will be great to wrap this milestone so that we can move on to launch campaign with our community and also to the next phase of development. Please let me know if you need any more information regarding this milestone.
Looking forward to hear back from you!

The images load half the time. I’d highly advice to use a pinning service like Pinata Cloud

@Jacksteroo thanks for the feedback on the loading time. We are using pinning service since the initial deployment. Every Kulfy we maintain 3 endpoints.

Original (Hosted on IPFS):
Gateway (Pinned on Pinata):
CDN Cached (via Kulfy): (Optimized version of asset for performance and easy to share)

All versions are provided as part of APIs and developers can use appropriate version in the context.
At the time of your testing, website UI is pointing to IPFS version. We have fixed the issue and started using cached version. Please review the current site at and let me know if can see the improvement in performance in grid as well as detail pages.

Appreciate the feedback and insights. Let me know in case of any other concerns.

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This loads way quicker now! Amazing :blue_heart:

Love this walkthrough video


Since the mainnet launch we able to onboard meme creators from South India, Nigeria and Pakistan. We request Harmony community members to check and tip the content you like the most. Please watch the detailed video about minting memes and GIFs as utility NFTs using Kulfy’s smart contracts on Harmony One Mainnet.

@Jacksteroo @lij

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the port milestone has been completed and funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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