World's first glow in-the-dark comic + street mech mint disk - an NFT art project


Proposal overview

  1. Introduction

Dear Harmony Team,

Three Fold Comics is attempting to create an innovative art project that adds value to the Web3 community;

  1. On boarding new users and creating wealth

Promote ONE by minting and distributing free Harmony 220K HRC1155 NFTs. Each is a combination of artwork & music.

  1. Think of it as a subscription / NFT yield farming

Launch 6,200 multi chain NFTs for “World’s First Glow In-The-Dark Comic + Street Mech Mint Disk”. Includes physical and digital editions at mint, annual airdrops, 10+ years worth of B&W 50+ page comics.

  1. Mecha in a story influenced by Blade Runner, Mad Max and Akira

Mint disk allows mint of high quality Mech Avatar PFP and eventually metaverse ready, fully rigged 3D mecha. NFT features bimonthly airdrops by incredible artists paired with music, colour editions of the comic.

Grant allows us to promote the project properly, encouraging 220k people to create a ONE wallet to access the utility of the Harmony NFT. Both NFTs include high quality art;

  • 200K HRC1155 features an unlockable electronic remix soundtrack to the Akira anime
  • 20k HRC1155 includes full commercial rights to 4 track Forward EP

Ethereum addresses are collected, free airdrops are distributed. When the holder connects their Metamask to access the files for the NFT at the Harmony Mainnet is activated. Now they own an active Harmony Wallet.

This is a cyberpunk/mecha story influenced by Blade Runner, Mad Max and Akira. The hero is a pacifist fighting to stop people getting killed; I believe we need these kinds of stories now more than ever. We hope to share this inspiring narrative with the world, and hope people can experience the power of real utility.

By providing random airdrops we can create excitement and gamify their chances of pulling a rare or desired piece, similar to a generative art drop. We respectfully request a Partner/Launch Grant ($50K) to help us promote and launch the project. We have begun the project and require assistance with Twitter marketing budget, project launch discord moderators and Smart Contract Audit.

Yours Sincerely,

Nima Afshar

Comic GIF CROPPED 50% size 40% compression

  1. Executive summary

In preparation for ETHDenver 2022 Harmony One spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase blue fur Bored Ape Yacht Club Avatars to celebrate the launch of Twitter Blue; for obvious branding reasons (Harmony Blue) and as certain members of the Team have connections with the BAYC.

Why? It’s about reputation. Bored Apes are the Number One PFP Avatar. If you rock one of these on the socials, people know you are the real deal. Want to come across as a serious player? As an OG? It must be an ETH NFT from a major and famous collection, e.g. Crypto Punks, Clone X etc. Premier PFPs are recognised when they’re on Ethereum. No other chain comes close.

What if there was a way to onboard and introduce ETH Maxis and the almost exclusive NFT Ethereum marketplace to another blockchain?

This project aims to do just that. By taking a multi-chain approach the proposal can reach the widest audience.

Mint Disk GIF CROPPED 50% size 15% compression


The antithesis of quick cash grabs, the hyped Mekaverse and RTFKT Studios Clone X showed there is huge demand for high quality 3D Avatars. These raised the game with first-rate graphics that took NFT PFPs to the next level. We aim to create superior 3D Mecha in that vein. The story of Street Mech Breakbeat, in the making for over a decade is filled with depth and emotion. By creating a strong narrative we hope people are more involved with the world creation and the avatars that populate it.

The aim is to create a ten year epic that explores deep philosophical questions. I.e. How do we live in the world? Learn to conquer our demons? Strive for peace while we search for meaning?

“Art is communication, and communication is essential for human beings.”


The comic is complete, ready for NFT release. No one has every been crazy enough to make a full length glow in the dark comic. But sometimes crazy is good, and the feedback received so far is very positive.

What’s even better, the Comic + Mint Disk and Mecha Avatar PFPs yield a continuous flow of tokens; it’s all about great art and utility.
break run youtube with logo


A viral marketing plan and ads successful in promoting the creation of the Glow In-the-Dark Comic. This approach will be paired with media outreach and a large budget allocation for intensive Twitter promotion. Discord to build and manage the community. Viral campaign; four packs ($4.5k) I.e. books, art portfolios, rare toys and original art from Akira manga.

220,000 total Harmony tokens airdropped for free to people who apply for WL or share on socials.


Phase 1: Comic + Mint Disk includes randomised covers for the annual airdrop to gamify experience (16 different covers). Royalties paid to all creators, including cover artists (cover artists never paid royalties.)

Phase 2: I.e. Street Mech PFP with bimonthly airdrops from new talent and premier names in anime, manga, mecha design, comics, illustration, gaming and film recruited. 30% of funds reinvested in treasury to maintain ongoing competitive rates using DeFi yield for generous pay. Electronic music hand picked and paired with artwork.

As there is a lot of FUD, even outright hatred in the comic/gaming worlds; important to show how an innovative NFT comic project can give tangible ongoing value.

Projects We Love


The customer focussed skill set of the creator crafted to a razor sharp point working in small business, Grants Management at University of NSW and City of Sydney Libraries. Leadership skills essential to lead, train staff and manage small teams.

  • As a result of his efforts, multiple awards for excellence in customer service won by the project lead throughout career
  • Award winning DJ who played milestone events at the legendary Frigid club in Sydney, Australia
  • Played support for electronic luminaries Squarepusher and Luke Vibert (collaborators with Beeple’s favourite musician the Aphex Twin)
  • Performed at Retro Gaming Weekend (80’s Are Back Exhibition) and Game Masters: The Exhibition, both at the Powerhouse Museum
  • Creating art and comics since 2007

Has been cited by Brendan McCarthy/Mad Max: Fury Road as a creator to watch. Creature designer Simon Lee/Spiderzero (Pacific Rim, Kong vs Godzilla) calls his work “Fantastic”.

  1. Statement of need

Gary Vaynerchuck keeps warning NFT community “98% of NFTs will become worthless.” The industry as a whole in its nascent state needs to do better. At their best, NFTs provide value to create an asset that increases in price.

The team requests a $50K grant to launch Stage 1 Free distribution of 220K ONE NFTs for promotion and Stage 2 the NFT for the Comic + Mint Disk. Budget requested for smart contract audit, discord moderators at launch, and most important; advertising and promotion.

One thing the creator learned from years of working in bookshops/libraries; marketing is absolutely crucial to find an audience.

In-kind support of $50K invested by creator including purchase of 3D assets, reference material, prizes for giveaways, technical infrastructure, key video image.

  1. Goals and objectives

STAGE 1: Promotion

  • Use Harmony ecosystem to mint and distribute 220K ONE tokens to the Web3 community
  • Launch a viral campaign for over $4.5K worth of prizes to incentivise follows and shares
  • Twitter advertising

STAGE 2: Release NFT Comic & Mint Disk.

  • 6,200 ERC1155 includes a physical copy forged at mint
  • a square bound book printed on high quality paper posted worldwide
  • UV blacklight torch (includes batteries) for optimum experience
  • Digital Hi-Res Comic
  • Annual B&W comic airdrops with randomised covers

STAGE 3: The mecha avatar PFP, which is the main NFT that yields the following;

  • Quarterly art & music airdrops
  • Annual token airdrop of colour comics
  • Annual token airdrop of large format 12 page comic
  • Eventual access to a rigged 3D model of the mecha ready for the metaverse
  • Annual forging events to access print edition of colour comics and art portfolio with experimental inks (various GITD inks, blacklight)

Potential collaborations with The Metakey, create metaverse wearables / games; for now, the focus on art utility.

  1. Budget information

Budget Amount

Twitter Marketer
$16,000 $50Hour x40 Hours Per Week (8Weeks)

Discord extra staff for final launch week
$3,500 $50Hour x35 Weeks (1Week x2Staff)

$20,500 Twitter Advertising

$10,000 Smart Contract Audit


  1. Organizational background

Nima Afshar - Project Lead, Artist, Writer

Nima Afshar AKA Three Fold Comics trained as a graphic designer, and studied drawing and painting at the National Art School in Sydney. Followers; 2200 newsletter, 1400 twitter and 600 instagram. Social media manager; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Worked/taught STEM classes at City of Sydney Libraries; Nominated for Employee Recognition Awards in 2016, Won 2015 award for outstanding customer service, selected by colleagues. Grants Management Officer at University Of NSW; administration of 450 research and commercial projects for the Faculty of Law, Engineering, Built Environment and Australian School of Business.

Victa Phu - Project Engineer

Victa has had a career at EY as a Blockchain Technology lead and architect building Ethereum based solutions. Harmony - Victa lead Smart Contract development for DeFi and Tokenomics; Infrastructure and Backend engineering and operated as a Harmony Partnerships Support. Engineer Powerbomb Finance is a Defi application aiming to simplify access. Victa operated as Tech Stack and Smart contract integration and DevSecOps Lead.

Cool Matt - Discord Moderator

Advisor for 6 sold out NFT collections and ran over 10 Discord channels. The Discord moderated before this project, Homies in Dreamland by Cheech & Chong, sold out in a day and received excellent feedback for the user experience in the channel.

Cooper Prately - 3D Artist

This 16 year old wunderkind and Blender artist has already listed and sold work on

Proposal ask

$50,000 Launch Grant

Metrics for success

Plan of evaluation

STEP 1: $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet with audit

Comic & Mint Disk NFT launch contract tested. Test ERC1155 contract. Comics minted through

Airdropping HRC1155 tokens successfully tested.

STEP 2: $10K after forming a 5-out-of-9 multisig DAO with its community with Harmony our DAOs

DAO Members - council of nine using
(already activated) to ensure each milestone is fulfilled.

3 governors - project team

  • Project Lead - Nima Afshar
  • Project Programmer - Victa Phu
  • 3D Artist - Cooper Pratley

3 governors - project community

  • Caitlin Wallace
  • Rob DiCosmo
  • Anthony Edwards

3 governors - Harmony DAOs

  • ONEcommunityDAO
  • ONEdeveloperDAO
  • ONEincubatorDAO

STEP 3: $10K after launching on our mainnet with audit

220K HRC1155 tokens distributed. 6,200 ERC1155 Comic & Mint Disk launched, contracts audited, project live to mint.

STEP 4: $10K after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion)

After the first 1000 ERC1155 NFTs are sold, a full promotional campaign underway, YouTube appearances, articles published, at least 1K HRC1155 NFTs distributed.

STEP 5: 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)

After 10K worth ERC1155 NFTs are minted and 10K HRC1155 NFTs distributed.

External links


Roadmap and homepage:

Current Akira Competition:

Premint site with White List registration and ONE token for every entry:

Download preview of comic:

Admin Tool setup to connect wallet for minting tokens, assigning royalties, transferring airdrops, 20K HRC1155 minted, 500 tokens already sent:

Active “Access Owner-only Content by unlocking the secret NFT content” for accessing exclusive sound files. When Metamask connected Harmony Wallet activated to obtain the DJ Mix and unlock licensed music;

4000 member Discord:

In Closing

The Team hopes you consider funding this project for The World’s First Glow-In-The-Dark Comic + Street Mech Mint Disk. We aim to continue countering the short term focus of projects, thereby setting an example. By creating high quality art we help bolster and increase exposure of the brilliant Harmony One ecosystem. In the end this can help everyone win.

glow in the dark comics 640 x 480


great work! I love the comic and the art!

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Oh cool, thanks so much, really appreciate the positive feedback!

Hey there! Thanks for such a detailed proposal. It looks very nice and we are excited to see this coming to Harmony!

Your grant proposal is pre-approved on the condition that your KYC is submitted and confirmed.
Please email identification documents to

Team members must submit a photo displaying full face and photo ID to the address above.
Reply to this comment once submitted so that we may proceed.

In addition, please keep in mind that the Launch Grant conditions are as follows:
– 1K users meaning 1K unique users
– 10K users meaning 10K unique users

Can we agree to the above terms?

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Hi, thanks very much, that’s amazing!

I have just submitted my KYC as instructed.
Victa has already submitted KYC.
Cool Matt is more of a contractor for this project and will be leaving shortly after launch (he’s freelance like that).
Coopstap has already completed his obligations to the project having fully completed the NFT render.

In regards to Launch Grant conditions:
– 1K users meaning 1K unique users
– 10K users meaning 10K unique users

That is 1K then 10K unique Harmony Wallets are set up? Of course! I will keep detailed spreadsheets of the unique Addresses (as I require these to send out the tokens).

Many thanks for the opportunity, I look forward to helping build this ecosystem!
Best regards,

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Apologies for responding late!

Correct, 1K unique users means having 1K different customers. I understand that it’s hard to gauge who might have more than 1 wallet, but with your promising collection, I am confident that you will have no problems reaching this milestone :slight_smile:

Cheers. And thanks for the update above.

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:white_check_mark: $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet

:white_check_mark: $10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with our DAOs

$10K after launching on our mainnet with audit

:white_check_mark: $10K after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion)

$10K after 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)

Hey guys! @giv @lij @HarmonyUniverse

We have hit the milestones 1 & 2

Link to our feature complete testnet smart contracts

Link to our website (verify / mint etc)

Twitter and proof we have sent 1k users, along with promotion video etc

Quick update:

Firstly KYC confirmed for myself (Nima Afshar), Victa Phu has already been confirmed.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Details for milestones:

:ballot_box_with_check:STEP 1

Testnet deployment:


Mainnet deployment:


Website homepage ready for minting/forging:

Link to mint & send HRC1155:

Link to verify:

:ballot_box_with_check:STEP 2

Set up



Ready to go, just waiting on Harmony ONE members, who have been invited by Victa. Everyone one else is in place and ready to vote.


Confirmed! Thanks for the update and congrats on reaching these milestones.

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‘‘on boarding new users and creating wealth’’
This statement seems like plain buzzwords, akin to claiming that throwing pillows at a wall stops climate change, utilizing the (disastrously bad) marketing stunt with the BAYC purchase does not justify supporting more decisions like this.
all NFTs already technically ‘‘glow’’ in the dark considering that they are on screens that utilize light to function, a story is good, but adding in buzzwords in order to get money is a dishonest action.

Firstly we are on the Harmony forum and your name is Serenity. I think we should try and provide a good example to the community and act more in harmony, rather than like internet trolls on Twitter. Compassion, respect, empathy. This illustrates a good example. If one is name calling and making unfounded accusations, that’s completely the opposite of harmony.

How much business experience do you have? I’ve been working for 40 years in various business (I started early). Either the location of the business is the best, i.e. they are the first, i.e. at the forefront, then they get all the traffic. Otherwise it’s all about marketing, marketing, marketing. I’ve worked in souvenir shops for my parents since I was six years old. Those business were about location. Good location means the tourists will find you. Then you make sales.
I transitioned to bookstores - 7 years and libraries - 7 years. Not so much about location. It’s more about who is reading what, what books are capturing the attention and imagination of the mass populace.

You can have the best book or service, if no one knows about it? Either you have to be a star novelist for the Publisher, they print lots of copies of your book, they are at the front of the store and they sell simply because they are there. Or your book catches fire, it’s on podcasts, people are talking about it, your taxi / uber driver is talking about it, your friends are talking about it.

If these conditions don’t match your book is destined for the remainder pile, or worse, to be pulped. Marketing or Location. Does your product feature either of these?

It’s similar with cryptocurrencies. There are literally thousands of them. What sets Harmony apart from Cardano, Fantom, Tezos, Polygon or some of the other POS/Layer 2 chains? How do you stand out? Marketing is a large part of it. (Besides ONEs brilliant integration with all chains, the cross chain/ multi chain use cases is extremely powerful). If you want to be adopted you have to market your product or service.

If you’re really tuned into NFT market share and who is leading you would know that no one is close to Ethereum, they have won the NFT market share already, they are first place. BAYC purchase was a genius marketing decision. It shows Harmony ONE understands and allies with success. Being allied and having a stake in the most successful NFT project in the world is not a hilarious marketing stunt, it’s good business, it’s good branding, and it’s cool.
If you look at the cultural zeitgeist, the monumental shift in web3 is currently being led by NFTs, not DeFi. It is through this cultural shift that society comes to adapt and integrate web3 into their daily lives.
Harmony understands this. Ally with success and bring people over. Show them how you can be adopted and integrated.

I see NFTs creating mass adoption of the technology, with it, DeFi games, GameFi like DeFi Kingdoms and Mars Colony being adopted by the mass populace who may not have a head for economics. GameFi makes staking and investing fun. This is onboarding new users. This is creating wealth. Trading NFTs, and the model this project uses, hold one NFT that generates multiple NFTs, some of which are rare and can be sold is another way. I may also introduce staking and a DeFi component in future too, but one step at a time. One must crawl before one can walk.

These aren’t used as buzzwords, these are words to live by.

I see Harmony as playing a major part in the cryptocurrency revolution, but in order to succeed in the field of NFTs it really does have to work in harmony with other chains to create mass adoption and a relevant use case. If, in the NFT world, Ethereum is king, why not introduce a Knight or a Page to help lead us to victory. You have to go in with eyes open. Is Twitter, Facebook or Instagram recognising NFTs from other chains for a profile picture? No. It’s only Ethereum for now. So we have to be realistic and work within that framework.

All NFTs glow in the dark. This is not just an NFT, this is a new model of publishing. We are showing how NFTs and web3 can be used to empower artists and create a new road to finding 1000, or even 10,000 true fans. This is the way artists can thrive and grow. No one has ever published a book like this, and creating NFT integration with 10+ years of utility is revolutionary. It hasn’t been done before.

No one is using buzzwords to get money or be dishonest. The project is working with Harmony to showcase its incredible utility. You do it your way, I’ll do it my way. I’ve been in business almost all my life and I’m doing my best with my understanding to share innovative, rich and unique culture with the world. If we can help introduce and onboard even a few Ethereum maxis into the Harmony ecosystem we will have won. It would have been much easier for me to copy other ETH projects and use one of the many existing layer 2 solutions but I believe in the Harmony ecosystem. Because it is so gas efficient, the main NFT project can provide thousands of airdrops to its holders on a regular basis using Harmony. And because it’s so gas efficient and “green” it dismantles the argument from the world of comics publishing that says NFTs are evil and just want to cause environmental destruction. It makes frictionless transactions possible.

Don’t overcomplicate things. The whole point of this 300M project grant is to onboard users and create wealth in harmony. It’s that simple. Everyone will have a different approach.

milestone 1 0xcbfd87894140ed69b044fb7ef14f79f2b9f5596e26c4ba1e336e875536ee6f8a
milestone 2 0x68eeb1e0025fa8fd4e48ea9b777d0e995c43b369e187748ed6191ae00491058f
milestone 4 0xf5bb03dc181dc9af0c382ff8b28713d3e30028a813e43d15f81087a88a6d82a5


Thanks Lij, much appreciated.


Thanks @brianfelsen ! Victa already launched the two harmony tokens on mainnet and we have distributed about 5k HRC1155 tokens and in the process helped set up over 3k unique ONE wallets in metamask!

Regarding milestone #3 it is also now complete @giv & @HarmonyUniverse . We have also successfully audited the smart contract (Ethereum) with no errors , great job again Victa!

To update new launch date is May 18, with number increased from 6200 to 8765. We are also giving a free NFT for each mint at launch, which is a little used but effective strategy, let’s see how it goes!

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Hi Folks,
Milestone 3 complete @giv & @HarmonyUniverse. We have also successfully audited the smart contract (Ethereum) with no errors (see above), great job again Victa!

Contract successfully deployed for milestone 3 by @sprect8 on Ethereum Mainnet too.

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Looks good, thanks @threefoldcomics !

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milestone funded: 0x808cf01e4ba48509ada8da03abb16f9dc7100e50ddeba0482ee2b095b7aac2e8

Dear @lij ,

Thanks for transferred funds however request was made about 15 days ago the amount is now almost half the $10k milestone (#3 out of 5 for $50k total) at only $5,733.12.

Is there any chance you could please also transfer balance of $4,267 please?

I know such delays were inevitable given the recent developments, however our team has gone into significant expense to cover campaign costs and it is important for us to recoup project expenses.

Best regards,

Hi @giv thanks for yours and Harmony’s ongoing support - we have not only hit our final milestone, but almost doubled the deliverable goal!

:white_check_mark:STEP 5: $10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)
After 10K worth ERC1155/HRC1155 NFTs distributed.

Roadmap on website is in action. The focus is distribution of free Harmony ONE NFTs to build community and garner interest in creator whilst raising awareness of Harmony ONE ecosystem, and selling NFTs along the way. This has been extremely effective, at the beginning of the project the creator only had a few hundred followers, currently up to 22.7k followers on Twitter.

19,998 Unique Harmony ONE wallet addresses set up, almost double that of the milestone goal of 10K,

ERC1155/HRC1155 contract address

One of the most recent transaction records:

40,779 NFTs on Harmony ONE network distributed to 19,998 unique wallet addresses.